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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1973 Message List
Thoughts on the afternoon of my 10th Rolling Stones concert - 18
06/09/15     David Young  (1973)      BYoung1441@aol.com
My first of nine Stones shows was almost exactly 40 years ago (TOTA '75, Greensboro, NC). I was 20 at the time. If you had told me then that we could flash forward 40 years to the point when I was 60 years old, and I was about to see the Stones again, I would have said you were out of your mind!

I remember the day after the '75 show, the concert reviewer of the Winston-Salem paper writing something to the effect of "the Stones proved last night that they were far from burnt out," and so on. Even then, a rock and roll band that had been together for 12 years was, as Keith says, in "uncharted territory."

Stones memories, as I get ready for my 10th (and most probably, last) Rolling Stones concert:

Hearing my first Stones song on the radio, in 1964 - "It's All Over Now" - on WHEE-AM radio, in my hometown of Martinsville, VA, and rushing out the next day to purchase that 45 as well as "Tell Me." Listened to both of them over and over for days. My friends were saying things like, "oh, they'll never amount to anything, they'll be gone in a year," etc., but I was hooked.

Hurrying to the record store to listen to "Time is On My Side" when it was first released, and deciding not to buy it (it's still not one of my favorite Stones songs. Don't ask me why, it just isn't).

The release of "Satisfaction," and friends saying things like "oh, listen to this new band, aren't they great," and just smiling at them. By then, I wanted to dye my hair blond to look like Brian. My parents didn't think that was a good idea for a ten year old....who knew?

Listening over and over to the single, "She's a Rainbow" b/w "2000 Light Years From Home," sick at home with tonsillitis. Looking at the 45 cover sleeve of the Satanic Majesties cover and all the details in it. (Remember when you did your best to buy those singles with the picture? Otherwise, those plain white 45 sleeves were pretty boring).

Scraping up pennies together to buy the "Let It Bleed" album from the J. C. Penney's store. I did what the record sleeve said to do. I played it LOUD. A LOT. My all time favorite Stones album to this day.

Listening to "Exile on Main Street" at my dad's house in Blacksburg, VA, and writing up a review of each song as I heard it for the first time. Wound up being about five pages of notes. Wonder what happened to that?

My favorite pair of jeans when I was in high school? The ones with the Stones tongue logo patch on 'em.

Concerts, Greensboro (TOTA '75, and Some Girls '78), big parties in Winston-Salem after both shows. Birmingham (Steel Wheels '89, the single best concert by anyone that I have ever attended, and then later, the Voodoo Lounge show). Both tours also in Atlanta. Bridges to Babylon, and then two shows of A Bigger Bang. Winning tickets for the '89 Stones show through a restaurant contest (Ruby Tuesday's, of course).

Keeping a scrapbook (and an electronic file) of reviews, ticket stubs, set lists, etc. from all nine shows.

Getting to meet both Chuck Leavell and Nicky Hopkins in the 80s. Having my band, the Amazing Mongooses, get to play at the same festival as Karl Denson last year (Roosterwalk, in Virginia), which is my Kevin Bacon "one degree of separation" moment from the Rolling Stones.

Am I fan? You bet.

And, although I know the chances of hearing them play a song I have never heard before tonight are very slim ....

(maybe CYHMK? Heck, I'd even be happy to hear them play "Time is On my Side!" at this point. Private prediction: the Ray Charles version of "Georgia." You heard it here first!)

..... I am still very excited to have one more chance of seeing the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World.

Look for me at the Varsity around 6:30 pm, with a small sign that says "IORR.ORG." and come over and say hello.

(We might even sing "Time is On My Side together!)
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