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Class of 1963 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Passed away - 10
01/14/04     Melvin D. Smith  (1963)      melvinsmit@msn.com
Has the class of "63 passed away? I don't see that we are getting any messages here as we should. I feel that either the class has died, people don't care or everyone got senile and can't remember any of their school mates or activities. Class of "63, are you out there?
01/22/04     Greg Norton  (1963)      sgnorton@hotmail.com
Re: Passed away
Melvin - the last thing I can definitely remember about you is the fight you and I had in Ms Shuffelbarger's english class where we both got sent to explain our actions to Mr Richman - as I recall we were best of friends by the time we got there. He handled the situation pretty well too as he let us off with a hand shake and promise to never do it again. Thank goodness this did not happen our senior year when Mr Fraiser was principal - we probably would have been sent to jail.

All is well, living in Florida - enjoying the sunshine and warm weather - Greg
01/22/04     Melvin Smith  (1963)      melvinsmith@msn.com
Re: Passed away
Thanks Greg for remembering. It's hard for me to remember the fights since I was and still am better looking than anyone else they were/are jealous. If you don't beleive me then come to the "ole dawgs" reunion in Oct. Good to hear from you and that all is going well for you. Again thanks for the memories. I can't say that, Bob Hope will haunt me, I''l just say thanks.
01/22/04     Greg Norton  (1963)      sgnorton@hotmail.com
Re: Passed away
Melvin - I am planning to attend the reunion next year - and I may pass thru Martinsville on the way north in the summer - will definitely give you a shout and maybe we can grab a cup of coffee somewhere - Greg
01/23/04     Melvin Smith  (1963)      melvinsmith@msn.com
Re: Passed away
Sounds great Bruce. It will be good to see you.
02/05/04     Greg Norton  (1963)      sgnorton@hotmail.com
Re: Passed away
Melvin - my name is Greg but Bruce is OK if you prefer it - Greg
02/05/04     Melvin D. Smith  (1963)      melvinsmit@msn.com
Re: Passed away
Greg, I see you're still as observant as ever. No wonder you did so good in school and avoided falling into be president. Sorry about the Bruce thing.
03/12/04     Jane Kirk LaPrade  (1930)     
Re: Passed away
I really wish the class of 1963 would get together for a reunion. I remember when we were thinking about a reunion 11 years ago I was having both of my hips replaced but responded "yes" to our reunion 'cause I thought I would be able to be there. Only 16 people signed up.....it was canceled which I thought was a mistake. We still should have met. It's now 41 years and I think we ought to get our-selves together and enjoy hearing about what is going on in our lives. I live in Mount Airy, N.C (better known as Mayberry) now and have for the last 32 years. I would be glad to get things rolling if I can get some help with the planning. Take care and let me hear from you.
03/12/04     Jane Kirk LaPrade  (1963)     
Re: Passed away
Hi,it's me again,
I noticed I put in class of 1930......thank goodness I'm not quite that old. It's 1963.....Again, I would love to help get a class reunion organized...as I said I would need some help. Hope all is going well for everyone!
03/13/04     Melvin D. Smith  (1963)      melvinsmit@msn.com
Re: Passed away
Hi Jane, Good to hear from you. I think that a reunion is needed and would be willing to help. You can reach me @ melvinsmit@msn.com or 276-632-7823. Also we will have the "ole dawgs" 3rd reunion in October. It's spicy to ask, but how are the hips doing. I know you loved your physical therapy. Take care.
03/15/04     Jane Kirk LaPrade  (1963)     
Re: Passed away
Hey Melvin,
My hips are doing great....I can do the electric slide, etc. I can't ride a horse though. My hips would likely pop out while trying to get on the 4 legged beast.
I will continue to monitor the boards to see if we can get more support to get a reunion together. Thanks so much for your support. Surely I can get Kitty Lea, Anne Mattox, and the Carter twins to help. Can you think of some others?
My days are filled with working full time. Plus I play in 2 handbell choirs and sing with the Chancel Choir at church, deliver Meals on Wheels every Monday and have for the last 18 years......and have a son and an adoreable granddaughter and a great daughter-in-law!!
Keep in touch and we'll see what happens.
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