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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Christmas in M'ville Long, Long Ago - 11
12/22/09     Judy Crews  (1964)      jcrews123@hotmail.com
I read Debby Davis Gagliano's (1967) post about Christmastime past and it made me reflect on my memories as a child growing up in M'ville. Christmas was such a special time for my siblings and me. I remember the carolling and choir performances at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church. One of my fondest memories was the most beautiful rendition of O Holy Night sung by Buster and Suzanne Kitchell. I remember Jean Branham and me sitting in the front pew of church totally disrupting the minister's sermon and being severely reprimanded for it. I remember a life-sized nativity scene on the front lawn of the church where my brother painted the angel's eyes cross-eyed. I remember those parties put on by DuPont for the children of employees held at movie theaters where we would get all sorts of goodies and a visit by Santa. Does anyone out there remember one very snowy Christmas eve when someone arranged for Santa to land in a heliocopter at the bottom of Prospect Hill Drive or am I making that up? I do remember the city blocking off traffic to our street and Gratton Road so we could sled down it--what fun that was! It was truly a winter wonderland back then. I hope some of you will post your fond Christmas memories. Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!
12/25/09     Ken Wilson     
Re: Christmas in M'ville Long, Long Ago
I remember those same wonderful days. The big red mesh stocking filled with candy, given to all of the children at the Dupont Christmas party...Rives theater. I also remember Bill Smith, Jennifer hill,Jean Branham and I walking in the snow to Dianna
wray's house...looking back, that was a long walk. but lots of fun.
01/31/10     douglas finney  (1964)      douglasfinney@cox.net
Re: Christmas in M'ville Long, Long Ago
I remember being in the MYF and being in the Christmas parade in the back of wagon? singing christmas carols. I remember one Christmas Eve when we had a big snow and I was lying in bed and hearing what I thought were raindeer on the roof; but later I realized it was icicles falling from the tree outside my window. I remember being in the Children's choir and singing for the special Christmas Eve service. I remember going to Forrest Park CC and sledding down the hills and boys making snow jumps so their sleds would fly up in the air. I remember a winter dance at Forrest Park when we were about 10 and boys wore suits and girls wore formal gowns! I remember decorating the tree and having all that long tensil we were supposed to drape over the branches and we would end up balling it up and throwing it on the branches.I remember being so excited I could hardly fall asleep. the best Christmas of all was when I was 10 and my parents bought me a horse!! I woke up that morning and all I had asked for was a horse. When I came downstairs I had lots of presents so I KNEW I wasn't getting a horse. I opened all my presents very despondently. finally after opening all my gifts, I thanked my parents with no enthusiasm b/c I was soooooooo disappointed. My Mom said, there is a horse statue you haven't looked at; I just glanced at it and said thank you. My Mom insisted a read the card which said, please come to get me, I am in Roanoke. My Dad had found me a horse and bought her on Christmas Eve! I was the happiest girl I knew! I had great times growing up in Martinsville and snow always made it better!
01/11/11     Jerry Poff  (1964)      jdpfoff@charter.net
Re: Christmas in M'ville Long, Long Ago
Judy, thanks so much for taking the time to share with the rest of us, the things we all have in common. Thanks to Ken and Douglas, also. My bother and two sisters still live in Martinsville, and we talk of childhood days often.
Please have a wonderful new year. I am enjoying my first grandchild (girl)who is now 14 months old.....a great delight. She smiles at me all of the time........you gotta like it!

Regards to all who read. Jerry
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