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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Farewell, Bill Cotty, our Senior Class President - 11
07/26/16     Ann Carter Gardner  (1964)      anndink@gmail.com
William F. "Billy" Cotty passed away Saturday, July 24, 2016, at home, in Columbia, SC, following a valient battle with Stage 4 lung cancer. Bill was unforgettable as a young man with high ideals and a sense of humor that was unequalled. He was a member of the South Carolina State Legislature for a number of years. We will miss you, dear friend, but we shall not forget the joy you gave us while you were here. We will look to Heaven and see your bright star shining down on all of us whose lives you touched. You were one of our brightest and very best!
07/27/16     Bill Stone  (1964)      bncstone@comcast.net
Re: Farewell, Bill Cotty, our Senior Class President
Very well and beautifully said, Ann. You captured his personality and humanity so nicely. I count myself very fortunate to have known him and I imagine that that same feeling is shared by us all. It's going to be a sad day.
07/27/16     Vicki Campbell Heitman  (1964)      vicki.heitman@gmail.com
Re: Farewell, Bill Cotty, our Senior Class President
Such sad news for everyone who knew Bill Cotty. He is gone much too soon. He will be deeply missed by all of us. Bill was one of the best, and one of a kind! He could light up a room with his presence, and make anyone smile, even a teacher who was really mad at him. I can only imagine him in a courtroom!! Our class reunions will never be quite the same without him. Bill was bright and caring and inclusive. He never met a stranger. Our hearts and sympathy go out to Amelia and all their family.
Here are links to Bill's obituary and an article in The State:

07/27/16     Andy Geoghegan  (1964)      onewag@hotmail.com
Re: Farewell, Bill Cotty, our Senior Class President
Thanks for the link, Vicki. It shows how Bill was an independent thinker with a sense of fairness that went beyond his party loyalty. Anyone who knew him must read it. I also have a copy of an interview he did in 2007 with a political blogger. It focuses on his fairness and application of conscience that probably cost him support within his own political party, but should make us all prouder of him as a Bulldog with a heart and a mind to match. He was an original. I will send a copy of the interview to anyone that asks. Rest well, my beloved classmate. You lived well.
07/28/16     Ken Wilson  (1964)      kennwilson@embarqmail.com
Re: Farewell, Bill Cotty, our Senior Class President
I sent Bill's wife, Amelia a composit photograph of our 2014 class reunion. I included Bill's photo while he was speaking to the group as well as his senior photo. The message on the photo read: "Billy, we love you. Always have...Always will." Bill was a special man with a kind heart. He used his gifts of intelect and compassion to serve so many. A friend, father, husband, statesman, soldier and man of faith. the sorrow of his passsing hurts, but if you take the time to remember, you will laugh...and cry until tears roll down your face. We were all blessed the day we met Billy Cotty.
07/29/16     Will Franck '65  (1965)      wfranck@mindspring.com
Re: Farewell, Bill Cotty, our Senior Class President
Since yesterday when I heard of Billy's passing, he has been on my mind. I was on the fall 1963 football team. In the game at Drewry Mason, he went long as a pass-receiver out toward the goal. Billy had outrun the defender but had to dive flat-out to make the catch, hitting the ground in a sliding spread-eagle hard bounce, still clinging to the football. I saw it better on the game film the following week. That extreme effort has always inspired me through the years. Not a year has gone by that it hasn't crossed my mind at least a half dozen times. When I read of his lifetime of accomplishments, I was amazed. Thinking back though,,,,I shouldn't have been. Thanks for that gift Billy. I miss you being here.
Will Franck
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