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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Answer the following questions - 11
08/05/02     Jerry D. Poff  (1964)      poffjd@aol.com
I am interested in you when you were growing up---as well as our senior year. Answer the following questions about your childhood memories for fun and to give each one of us more info about you.. 1. Where did you live in Martinsville... early years and while at MHS? 2. Where did you attend elementary school? 3. Where did your parents work? 4. Where did you go on vacations-- long and short trips? 5. Any television heroes at an early age? 6. Favorite places to shop in Martinsville early age and later? 7. Favorite places to hang out in Martinsville? 8. Who influenced your life for good at an early age? 9. Good advice you onced received? 9. Did you go to college and where?...10. Which were your favorite places of entertainment at early age? Please answer any or all of the preceding questions and add your own. WHAT WAS IT LIKE GROWING UP IN MARTINSVILLE , VIRGINIA ? Thanks Jerry
11/22/02     Melvin Smith  (1963)      melvinsmit@msn.com
Re: Answer the following questions
Jerry, I was raised on north side by my parents, Robert and Eula Smith. My father was an inside salesman for Lester Bros. and my mother worked at JC Penny's as a seamstress. I enjoyed Globmans. A fun store to shop. I didn't finish high school but attended PHHC collage. I "hung out at Jones's creek, Ayer's, Druid Lanes, Sportlanes. I worked for Harold Wilson at Druid Hills Gulf. I moved to California and managed a Goodyear Store. I have retired now and live on East Church St. here in good old Martinsville. I've been back a year and really enjoyed the "ole dawgs" reunion last April. Those that did'nt attend missed a lot of fun. Boy the others really look old now. Speaking of old I forgot the rest of the questions. Must have been a test. I attended North Martinsville Elem. Then Jr. High. Our vacations were down at the farm in Penhook. I use to enjoy Myrtle Beach each summer till my money ran out. Best vacation was to Washington DC for two weeks when I was 14. My Mother and Father influnanced me the most. The advise I received was from Mr. Lane and Mr. Lawrence. I enjoyed the dances at Fieldale, Liberty hts. pool, and Club Martinique.
12/29/02     Jerry D. Poff  (1964)      poffjd@aol.com
Re: Answer the following questions
Melvin, thanks for your reply. I have been off line for several months, but am back now. I found your information very interesting and enjoyable. I grew up on the north side on Greyson Street from the 6th grade til graduation at Martinsville. I attended Clearview thru seventh grade. My father owned Poff's Cabinet Shop on Liberty Street. My mother worked as a seamstress at Sale Knitting Co. While in college at Emmanuel College and Lee University , I worked summers at Sale Knitting. Our vacations were to the Smoky Mountains, Virginia Beach area, and Washington D. C. I did more playing than studying in High School, but finally settled into the studying mode and obtained a Masters in education at North Georgia State University. I taught school until drafted into the army at age 24. I have been in the Dry Cleaning business since 1979 here in Gainesville, Georgia. We are one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia. The Atlanta Falcons have their headquarters and practice facilities here. We also have Lake Lanier, a large Corp of Engineers lake, used for fishing and recreation. I enjoy golf, but stay busy with the business. Thanks again for writing. Perhaps others will enjoy this and write also. Jerry Poff
11/20/03     JERRY POFF  (1964)      JDPOFF@CHARTER.NET
Re: Answer the following questions
Sure did hope more replys to this writing. jerry
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