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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
What a Great Find ! - 11
01/13/01     Andy Geoghegan      onewag@hotmail.com
I just discovered this site, thanks to a note from Will Franck ('65). What a great find! I want to hear from any of you Bulldogs that are out there. I really enjoyed reading some of the messages on the Class of '65 board ( even from the legendary Martha Anthony!), so I'm hopeful that their esteemed mentors ( that's us) can generate a little communication as well. Since I gather that this board is relatively new and having trouble finding its way to others' attention,
does anybody have any ideas about how to get other classmates on board (so to speak)?
Andy Geoghegan, Lee's Summit, Missouri
07/28/01     Susan Strachan Giles  (1964)      ssgiles@aol.com
Re: What a Great Find !
Hi Andy,
What about Dink and Anne Gardner. They have a lot of info from previous reunions. Maybe they have some email addresses in that info.

08/06/01     Anne Gravely Shropshire  (1964)      starling46@aol.com
Re: What a Great Find !
Hi, Andy!
Thanks for blazing the email trail for the alumni of 1964! The best way to get others on board, I think, would be for everybody to pass the information on to their friends and encourage them to drop a line and catch up with old friends. The question that seems to be on everybody's mind, though, is: what are you doing in Missouri? Anne
08/08/01     Ben Stanley  (1964)      purpled@flash-pic.com
Re: What a Great Find !
Quite a few of us have posted our names on the classmates.com website. I just found out that this one even exists. Looks great!!

Ben (Benny) Stanley
09/05/01     Ann Carter & Dink Gardner  (1964)      agardner1@martinsville.k12.va.
Re: What a Great Find !
Dear Andy, How great to know that you are connected here. I just got a new computer
in my classroom and so this is my MHS headquarters. You were always one of my very
favorite people in school even since the 3rd grade. I am still teaching English and drama
at MHS. I direct the musical every spring and Miss Pace is still the best musician any-
where around. I certainly hope you will be at the next reunion. I know that you are
the most asked about of any guy in our class every time I hear from a classmate. Please
call us the next time you are in town. Dink and I would love to see you.
Much love, Ann Carter
09/19/01     Ann C. Gardner  (1964)      agardner1@martinsville.k12.va.
Re: What a Great Find !
Dear Andy, We are so sorry to hear about your mother's passing. She was a lovely
person and I always enjoyed seeing her, and speaking to her through the years. I
am also so very sorry that I did not see the obituary in the Martinsville Bulletin. Now
that it has become a morning paper, I seldom see it because Dink takes it to work.
Dink's mother passed away in Nov. of '99 and my mother passed away in Aug. of '88.
Dink and I send our love to you and your sisters. Thank you also for your lovely
message regarding the tragedy of Sept. 11. Love, Ann Carter and Dink
09/19/01     Anne Gravely Shropshire  (1964)     
Re: What a Great Find !
Dear Andy,
I was so sorry to read the news of your mother. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts. Sincerely, Anne
12/06/01     Ann C. Gardner  (1964)      agardner1@martinsville.k12.va
Re: What a Great Find !
Dear Andy, After all these years, I remember your birthday is Dec. 13. I hope you
will have a great day. Ken Wilson's birthday is Dec. 6th, and mine is the 7th. I hope you
will read this next week so that you know that I remember.

No news here except we have found Flora Rislow in Florida and also Ken Oakes in
Tennessee. Dink and I are going to London to visit our daughter Elizabeth and our
son-in-law, and our only grandson, David for Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Ann Carter
12/08/01     Wes Shumate  (1965)      ses2@optonline.net
Re: What a Great Find !
Hi old buddy and esteemed mentor! I wanted to add my best wishes on the occasion of your birthday. Andy, too many years (and birthdays) have passed since I visited you in MO. I hope you are well and enjoying the best of life. Any chance the Three Blind Mice might stage a concert at the Class of 64 reunion? You and your classmates are fondly remembered by me and my young bullpup brethren in the Class of 65. Yes, you were our mentors. Despite that, most of us have avoided incarceration. Best wishes!
06/16/02     Jerry D. Poff  (1964)      poffjd@aol.com
Re: What a Great Find !
Andy, thanks for your response to " DO YOU REMEMBER". You and I were in band together. In the symphony band I played Bass clarinet along side Jim Chris and Danny Critz. You were well liked and respected as I remember that you were our Drum Major in the marching band. I have enjoyed other messages you have posted on this site. Your creative side is showing in your humor. Thanks for writing. Jerry POff
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