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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Hello! - 11
07/24/01     Anne Gravely Shropshire  (1964)      starling46@aol.com
Hi, guys! What a great idea this is. Now all we need is for some of you old Bulldogs out there in the dark to let us hear from you. I know you're there.
07/28/01     Susan Strachan Giles  (1964)      ssgiles@aol.com
Re: Hello!
Hi Ann,

How is everyting going? Are you still in Richmond?
Do you by chance have an email address for Kitty Hay or Whit?

08/10/01     Ken Wilson  (1964)      juram@sitestar.net
Re: Hello!
Thanks for the reply...Hope all is going well
in Richmond. I'm still teaching, what about you?
08/17/01     Judy Crews  (1964)      jgcrews@us.ibm.com
Re: Hello!
Hey Anne! I saw your response to Mike Uram's survey questionnaire and want to ensure
you read my reply about why we were suspended...hope you're doing well and are
happy and healthy. What ever happened to our plans for the 2nd mini-reunion?
08/22/01     Douglas Finney  (1964)      finney@exis.net
Re: Hello!
Hey Anne!
It's me and Betty Sue!
We had lunch today with Susan Westfall and had much fun catching up with one another, only wish you had been with us!
Hope you will come to Nags Head for Labor Day!
09/04/01     Ann Carter & Dink Gardner  (1964)      agardner1@martinsville.k12.va.
Re: Hello!
Dear Anne, I was so excited to see that you wrote back! We had a great summer,
and look forward to Sept. 28, Dink's last day at work. I have printed out your message
re: his age at "39". That will make his day. We still have the cutest picture of you in
your formal gown when Dink took you to Edith Crosby's formal end-of-the-year dance.
I am still teaching and directing the MHS musical in the spring. Last year we did L'IL
ABNER with 80 students on stage and 30 behind the scenes. Miss Pace played the
piano for us along with another pianist. She is in her 70's but she is a wizard on the
piano. Our eldest daughter, Liz, now lives in London with her husband and 2 year old
son, David. He is precious. We have been to see them once, and they visit us right
after Xmas every year. How can I possibly be a grandmother? I am still only 16!
To soften the blow of grandmotherism, David calls me "Miss Ann", so I can still be in
denial. Mary Woodson is in Steamboat Sprgs. CO, selling real estate. Hopefully she
will me married within the next year. We have been to see her three times and I love
that country. Harrison is working, and taking classes at Patrick Henry. He is our
"house-sitter when we go out of town. I am excited about Jennifer and Jean heading
up the next reunion. I know it will be fun. Please write me and tell me what is going
on with you. I always think of you when I go by your house on Mulberry or when I
hear Harry Belafonte, or Ray Charles, or any of the popular songs when we were in
the eighth-tenth grades and used to listen to your dad's stereo. Take care, Anne and
please write back. My computer is at school so I have time during my planning hour to
enjoy visiting with whoever writes. Hope to see you soon. Love Ann Carter
09/21/01     Ann C. Gardner  (1964)      agardner1@martinsville.k12.va.
Re: Hello!
Dear Anne, It was so good to hear from you again. We are getting ready for Dink's
retirement party tonight. Because he has so many and varied ties, he is going to make
certain lawyers and judges wear the ties they made fun of when he wore them. Every
one will be wearing a tie but him. I think that will be really great fun. It will be a barbe-
cue at the Fireman's Cabin at the reservoir. Nothing fancy, but with a DJ after his co-
workers "roast" him for an hour. I miss you, but I love hearing from you. Regarding
"all" our grandchildren, we only have 1! Now that the airline travel is so tenuous, I
wonder when I will get to see him again. Anyway, Happy Birthday! I know it is coming
up near the end of September. Love, Ann Carter
02/26/02     Sally GRAVELY Parker      sgparker@hotmail.com
Hi Anne!
Hi Sis! Hi Guys!

... Little Sister!
03/14/02     Judy Crews  (1964)      jgcrews@us.ibm.com
Re: Hello!
Anne, Douglas says you may not come to our reunion. You can't be serious!! We
can't have it without you!! Please pull all stops to come and be part of what I am
sure will be the best one ever (?!) You have been so great to draw everyone into
this site and respond to everyone's postings so nicely, but we haven't heard from
you in awhile. Hope you are doing well and enjoying life and I hope you'll
reconsider coming to our reunion. We need to do some serious catching up!!
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