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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Old number 32 - 11
08/09/01     Mike Uram  (1964)      juram@sitestar.net
Class Quiz...
1. What was your locker number in 64?
2. What did Leon Zirkle teach?
3. Who was the band durm major in 64?
4. What was Martha Anthony's middle name?
5. Is Betty Crotty still MHS school secretary
6. What was the crossing guard's name?
7. What was the janitor's name?
8. What kind of car did Ken Wilson drive?
9. Name the cheerleaders in 64.
10. Nickname for students from Bassett High?
11. Which school had the smallest gym in town
12. Did Tom Hall really get laid in high sch?
13. How tall was Billy Cotty in 64?
14. Which football player ran into the coke
truck during practice?
15. Who drove a 57 chevy & dated mary Alice?
16. Who had the leading male role in "The
Mouse that Roared"?
17. Which girl had the most charms on her
18. Who was Harvey McGuire's girlfriend?
19. What were the first 6 words to the school
20 What was Nioka's last name???????????

08/12/01     Douglas Finney  (1964)      finney@exis.net
Re: Old number 32
Why did Judy Crews, Douglas Finney and Betty Hankins get suspended from school their Senior year?
08/13/01     Anne Gravely Shropshire  (1964)     
Re: Old number 32
Hi, Mike,
Are there extra points for knowing the answer to question # 20? Anne
08/14/01     Susan Strachan Giles  (1964)      ssgiles@aol.com
Re: Old number 32
Hi Mike,
Long time. How is everything doing? I can't answer most of your questions but here are a couple.
#1 - haven't a clue
#2 - Algebra
#16 - Johnny Myers?
08/17/01     Judy Crews  (1964)      jgcrews@us.ibm.com
Re: Old number 32
We were suspended because we were protesting the cruel
and inhumane treatment of students in and around Henry
County whot did not have the privilege and honor of attending
MHS. We were on a peace mission to invite those less fortunate
than ourselves to come join us and what did we get for it but
detention hall!! And just think, I probably would have graduated
with honors were it not for that incident.
08/18/01     Rita Lawrence  (1973)      reetah_wanchese@yahoo.com
Re: Old number 32
7. The janitor's name was Dalton Lampkin. He worked there for many years and was a friend to us all. The man seemed ageless, but sadly, he died just this week.

19. The alma mater "We hail the halls of honor..." or the fight song "We're loyal to you Mavahi, the ....."?

20. Was it Reeves????????????????

10. River Rats
08/19/01     Douglas Finney  (1964)      finney@exis.net
Re: Old number 32
# 16 Flora Rislow
#11 Fieldale?
#2 Algebra II(my only D in high school!),anyone else remember when he came in with a cardboard box over his head and said maybe now we would pay attention because he was a TV!

#13 5'6'' or 5'7", Billy and I dated a little the summer of '64 and had some good times.

What was the name of the Jr Play? I will never forget what was of my most terrifying moments when in that play I was having an on stage argument with Johhny Myers and I left our a page of dialogue and had to keep adlibing with Johnny until Jim Criss came out and saved the day! Thanks Jim!
08/22/01     Susan Strachan Giles  (1964)      ssgiles@aol.com
Re: Old number 32
Not only do I remember Zirkle coming in with the cardboard box on his head, I was just retelling that story the other day. That wasn't the same day he was throwing erasers at the back wall standing on top of his desk was it?
Was the Jr. play The Mouse that Roared"?
08/22/01     Douglas Finney  (1964)      finney@exis.net
Re: Old number 32
I have remembered the name of the Jr. Play, The Perfect Idiot! That describes me and many of my years at Mavahi!
Had lunch today with Susan Westfall and Betty Sue Copenhaver. We had a wondrful time with many reminiscences.
08/30/01     Richard Eames  (1964)      richardeames@earthlink.net
Re: Old number 32
Mike, why is it everytime I drive by Hargrave I think of you.I've gotten so old I can't remember why.Richard
09/03/01     Andy Geoghegan  (1964)      onewag@hotmail.com
Re: Old number 32
Mike, this quiz is too funny for words. I think I'm actually the answer for one of the questions. Oh, and for the last question, I believe it was Reeves. I'm embarassed to remember that, particularly since I can't remember some of the other things you asked! Its nice to see your sense of humor is unchanged.

Your Longtime Neighbor

P.S. What is Jeff up to these days?
11/22/01     Ken Oakes  (1964)      hotdawg_1@msn.com
Re: Old number 32
Hey Mike...how are you doing? Great I hope...and I love your test. Let me see if I can answer any of these:
1). Duhhhh
2). Oh man...he was a teacher. Crap, I thought he was a cradboard box.
3). Never did mess around with drum majors...how about majorettes?
4). "mean as hell"
5). uhmmm...don't know.
6). Help me Mike...was it a he or she?
7). Dalton ...."Doggie Dalton"
8). Who gave Wilson a permit to drive? We better go talk to them real quick.
9). Only can remember one...what was her name?
10). River Rats
11). ????
12). Now Mike...he swore to me that he did? I guess I have to believe him!!
13). Ole "Cotty" was about 5'
14). You got em on this one...don't know.
15). What was that guys name?
16). ?
17). Was that Ann Blunt?
18). She told me not to tell....o.k. I can't remember.
19). Come on man....it's been 37 years.
20). *7^%##@Reeves
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