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Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Which way were we taught? - 11
02/01/04     JERRY POFF  (1964)      JDPOFF@CHARTER.NET
Down here in Georgia there has been a proposal from the State School Superintendent to omit the word evolution from the classrooms when teaching about how we all got here. Is there any middle ground between Creationism and Evolution........ How were we taught in the last century, 1964?
02/03/04     Greg Norton  (1963)      sgnorton@hotmail.com
Re: Which way were we taught?
Jerry - it has been my observation that words like eveolution & creation, as well as many other words, are just descriptions of concepts or objects or activities - how we react to the use of any word (or gesture) is nothing but a statement of our own self estem and confidence. If we are confident in ourselves then we comfortable with different ideas and beliefs; we are comfortable with the idea that race and culture do not really make us different; that we are all in this world together struggling to provide for ourselves and families.

When I see proposals like the one you have pointed out, it just reinforces the fact that there are persons (in this case policians) who are more than willing to use the fears of others to further their own causes - I have never seen the case where the issue is raised because they themselves truly believe the issue.

How's that for a long winded answer?
Re: Which way were we taught?
thanks for the thought-provoking response. I agree in part, but one would think that something taught in school as fact could be scientifically proven. Will we ever know for sure if either creation or evolution is true? If evolution is still a theory, why is it being taught as fact? If something that is, has to come from something that was, then the very first thing must have come from nothing. Is that possible? Yikes!!! Did I just say that?????? Jerry
02/05/04     Greg Norton  (1963)      sgnorton@hotmail.com
Re: Which way were we taught?
I was taught that Eskimos (at least some Eskimos) build and live in igloos - when I worked in bush Alaska with the Eskimos I found out that even they are taught the same thing - all as fact - when in fact according to the Eskimos, they have never built or lived in an igloo - so much for facts.

I personally believe the universe is way too complex for us to understand much about it - most of what we "know" is speculation based on some facts and lots of guesses. Does there need to be an answer? I think that one of the greatest aspects of it all is that there are so many things that we do not know that challenge us to study and learn - makes it worth getting up in the morning and certainly makes our dreams at night interesting. Although statistics tell us that most folks are just trying to figure out how to pay all the bills each month and as a result don't spend alot of time thinking about much else.

One of the concepts we can not seem to get around is that of time - that there is always a beginning and an ending. You know the concept of time is something we created ourselves.
02/07/04     Richard Eames  (1964)      richardeames@earthlink.net
Re: Which way were we taught?
I sometimes think that we think toooo much. Where we came from is of little importance to me , as I feel that what we have done with our lives is what really matters. I had a close friend who passed away last year. This man was on 7 board of directors , CEO of a few corperations and a man with everything most people want in life. I, in turn ,have gone through these few years of our life trying to make ends meet but no matter what I always took time for children,older folks and sometimes people down on their luck. He told me befor he died, that he wished he could of had my life for he had no time for family or friends just be successful in his business endevors. I almos told him "do you want to trade" but stopped myself. Yes I do think it's what we do in life not where we came from. I know my mom and dad used to think I came from somewhere else so may be there is something to evolution. Be good and as an Old Hippy would say, peace, love take time to smell the roses. Richard
Re: Which way were we taught?
Richard, good to hear from you. Sounds like you may have followed what we learned in Sunday School--love thy neighbor as thyself--- or do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Mrs. Kesler , our relilgion teacher at Clearview, may have mentioned those to us. WHAT?????? In School?????? I , like you, did not excel in the corperate world, but I have enjoyed my short time here on earth. Maybe it is important to know where we are going from here. Jerry
02/08/04     Richard Eames  (1964)      richardeames@earthlink.net
Re: Which way were we taught?
Thanks for the reply. I guess going into the Army at 18 spending 3 years there and comming out feeling like 40 gave me a new outlook on life. I found out that giving back has greater rewards than just taking. Im no angel, far from it , as I have had some rough periods in my life but soomething may me change. I've spent time on Rescue squads and helping out at church and I guess working with scouts has given me a more beautiful outlook at life. I think this isn't for everyone but by the grace of God I have been truley blessed. Don't mean to sound like I'm preaching but I have found that happiness for me is doing this. Take care and I hope to be able to attend the reunion this summer. See ya soon. Richard
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