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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Let's hear some good news on this site! - 11
07/17/05     LaVerne Moore  (1964)      moorela2@comcast.net
Dear classmates,
We were all bummed out about Jean. After all, we are facing our own mortality.
Let's hear some good news on this website -
new relationships, new grandchildren, etc.
We have to focus on the future.
Hopefully, some of us will be at the Old Dawgs reunion in October.
Take care. I love you all.
07/17/05     Richard Eames  (1964)      richardeames@sitestar.net
Re: Let's hear some good news on this site!
LaVerne,I still remember picking on you during school, we won't get into those details but you are right. We all will meet our maker one day and we can't stop that but we can still say Hi every now an again, so heres' my HI to you olde Dawgs. Got to admit time has been good to me, 5 kids ,9 grandkids, 2 wives 4 dogs 2 cats and still have some of my hair left(Ha Ha)Lets hope I can make it this time my problem seems to be my wifes' birthday is 10/15 and thats about the time we have the get together.We try to get away by ourselves to rejuvinate our vows. Take care and stay in touch,it is bad when you have the obits. for M'vil on your favorites.. Luv to all, Richard
Re: Let's hear some good news on this site!
Thanks , Laverne, for encouraging us to write. I still see each of your as I remember from high school days. I have two sons and no grandchildren. I sold my Dry Cleaning business to them in April of this year. I am now going to see if I can use my Education degrees to find another job. You know we are still young at 59!! I remember so many of our classmates and would love to see them respond to your request so we can all enjoy together. Jerry Poff
07/21/05     jim rothrock      jarothrock@comcast.net
Re: Let's hear some good news on this site!
Hi Laverne.

Hope you may remember me. Was in Mville on business this week, and drove around often on Memory Lane.

Still have crush on you from our time in band--such great memories.

Do take care.

Jim Rothrock, Class of 67
07/25/05     Nell Rislow (Flora)  (1964)      ndr511@comcast.net
Re: Let's hear some good news on this site!
Hi, LaVerne:
Sorry to have just written another, fairly heavy message, but I haven't been on for months now and am responding to this news and sharng some other.
I've just become a Grand Aunt for the first time - saw him in May - he's gorgeous - complete Rislow genes, ha, ha.
Re: brother Vic. He is focused, strong, disciplined and he and all around him see this as a challenge, not an end.
I also look forward to my next adventure, wherever it may be - onward and upward for us all. As much as it might bring us all down, let it also underscore our need to live each moment each day.
Thanks for writing what you did.
08/14/05     Douglas Finney  (1964)      douglasfinney@cox.net
Re: Let's hear some good news on this site!
Hi Laverne!
I was in Martinsville several weeks ago and got to visit with Betty Sue, Jinky, Cary Cole and her husband Bill and Betsy Hamm. It was great to see everyone. My Mom will turn 88 in September and we are spending a week in Duck at the Beach to celebrate.
I have no children but Stan has a blended family of 6 and his oldest will marry in April and my youngest brother Fred has 2. His oldest daughter is in Canada studying humming birds and he and his wife and son are in Costa Rica having a wonderfull vacation.
Last summer my entire family: Mom, brothers and their families and two extra friends of my niece and nephew, all spent 10 days in Maui in Hawaii. It was wonderful so if anyone gets the opportunity go to Maui!
My husband Joe is an architect and I own my own psychotherapy practice so we both are still hard at work.(When one of my partners left and we were trying to rename the practice, LaVerne came up with the best name"Psychos Are Us" but we decided the patients would not like that).
We did have an opportunity to go to Italy May 2004 as an add on to a business trip for him. If you get a chance, go to Italy too!
For the week of Memorial Day Betty Sue, Anne Shropshire, my Mom, me and Joe plus two of my other women friends spent a week at the beach in Duck.Jinky sent down some wonderful food for us to enjoy. For those of you who do not know this, Jinky is a WONDERFUL COOK! Joe said "when I was in college staying in a girl's dorm was my dream; now it is sort of like a nightmare"! All of "us girls" reverted back to comparing what we ere going to wear out to dinner, comparing makeup and hair products, ect, you can imagine, I am sure!
YOu all will be happy to know that Betty Sue and I have a son, his name is Rusty and his 1st Mom is Anne. We had a suprise birthday party for him here in Norfolk last winter and announced to him he had 3 Moms. He was quite suprised, as was Anne!
Love to you all and I hope everyone will come to the All Class Reunion Oct 14-15 in M'ville
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