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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Update, New Address, and Shock - 11
07/25/05     Nell (Flora) Rislow  (1964)      ndr511@comcast.net
I am sorry that I couldn't attend the last reunion - the timing was off. I had such a great time seeing everyone at the 38th...and the beach weekend with some of the great women of '64.
I am stunned about Jean Branham Reid and deeply regret my absence from the message board during your prayers, thoughts, and notes to her. I really loved her razor-sharp wit and intelligence, and her great capacity to reach into others in a way that immediately accessed their ease. When she finally located me, she insisted that I stay with CJ and her prior to the 38th Reunion, as well as before the beach weekend later in the year. If someone would please let me know what happened, I'd appreciate it. I'll write to CJ.
I am in the midst of seeking employment away from Florida - finally. I've had very disappointing work experiences here, which I regret. I've made many friends and love the area, but I need to work,.. not for volunteer wages!
My brother, Victor(Vic)was just diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer and begins chemotherapy tomorrow. I'd really appreciate it if you could keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
All of the Rislow kids had a wonderful, lifelong foundation of experiences, education, and very special friends that began in Martinsville, VA, at Mavahi. I've never met friends since who remember high school experiences with such fondness and love. Must have been a special time and a special place.
I would love to hear from folks - I have a new email address: ndr511@comcast.net
Good thoughts your way,
08/01/05     John C. Knoop      knooper@bellsouth.net
Re: Update, New Address, and Shock

You probably don't remember me, but I was a close friend of your brother Kyle. I would have graduated with the class of 63' had my family not up and moved back to Florida. What part of Florida are you living in? I live in Winter Springs, Florida.

I couldn't agree with you more about Martinsville being a special place. It was the best two years of my young adult life.

Will keep Victor in our prayers.

John C. Knoop
08/11/05     John Exley  (1965)      joexley@erols.com
Re: Update, New Address, and Shock

In the movie STAND BY ME, the writer is writing an experience from his life as a boy..
.the last thing he types is, "You never have friends like you had when you were twelve years old...
" I guess that's why I keep coming back to the hometown... And while I know many towns
were like ours, I like to believe that Martinsville was something special...

Best regards and prayers to Victor and yourself from the Exley family "down the hill" on Jefferson circle...
08/24/05     Ann Wade Fugate  (1963)      cwfawf@naxs.net
Re: Update, New Address, and Shock
I hope you remember me. Skip was one of my favorite guy friends. I tried to get him to go out with me. In fact, I think I invited him to double date with me and my older brother, Harry Wade. Harry was dating Darlene Scott at the time. Skip marched to a different drum and he made me laugh. I would like to know what happen to him because I saw that he had passed away. I am so sorry about Vic and will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. All of my sibblings still live in Martinsville. I visit them as much as possible. Hope to see you at the reunion in October of all of the classes of Mavahi.

Ann Wade Fugate
09/03/05     Bruce Lupton  (1962)      Loopydade@cox.net
Re: Update, New Address, and Shock
Hi Nell, I hav ejust happened upon your note about Vic and the reply that included Skip's passing. Sorry to hear that. I had the pleasure of being in the band with both Vic and Skip. Vic played a beautiful trumpet and Skip the same on the clarinet. Does Vic still play and did Skip continue playing the clarinet. Our band had some great times together. Thanks for the message about Vic. I hope he has recoverd from his illness....
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