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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Northside - 11
01/29/06     Jerry Poff  (1964)      jdpoff@charter.net
Hear they are redesigning Northside at the bottom of the hill. I had to cross Jones' Creek and walk that hill to and from town. On occasion , I would stop in at Squirrels' Pool Room before going to work at Lee's Confectionery. I also just remembered the first car that I drove all by myself up that hill. It was my parents new 1959,white Chevrolet Impala. Those fins were something else. Anyway, let me know about changes at Jones' Creek. You might also tell us about the car in which you learned to drive. I remember my Dad was always wanting me to drive him to the mountains. He was from Floyd County next to Roanoke. I have spent quite some time on the Skyline Drive. How about you? Teaching school is very rewarding. Jerry Poff
02/13/06     C. Bruce Lupton  (1962)      Loopydade@cox.net
Re: Northside
Jerry: Some nice memories you've shared with us. I was from Southside and we always considered you guys for Northside (Jones Creek Gang) as being tough, so I for one, tried not to upset any of you guys...(basically, I was a chicken at heart)....
Anyway, I remember driving my dad's old Ford truck out Liberty St. to the Martinsville City Resevoir to fish. I had to pull Dad's homemade fishing/sailboat and back it to the ramp. Those were some good memories...I also drove that stretch of road a lot when going to night school at PHCC.

My first driving experience (before a license was obtained) was when I was about 13. Mom had an old '54 Dodge she used to deliver Sara Coventry Jewelry in and I would sit in the car. One night, while on Paul St., I pulled the car forward and backward until I actually burned the clutch out. That was when we had straight drive on most cars. Dad was furious with both Mom and me.
Anyway, thanks for joggling some memories loose, Jerry.

Bruce Lupton
02/14/06     Jerry Poff  (1964)      jdpoff@charter.net
Re: Northside
Bruce, thanks for the memories. By the way, I was not one of the northside tough guys. As as matter of fact, I hid from them too. I had several bad experiences in that regard. I have some very strong feelings against "bullying" to this day. Southside and Riverhill are always in fond memories of Martinsville...The Smith River and the waterfall coming in from the southside when I go home. And Ayers is down that way as well. How many times did we go from jDonald's Drive In and back toward's Ayers'? Did we ever find what we were looking for? Got to go. Will write again. Jerry
03/15/06     Nelson E. Smith  (1969)      fearless0351@aol.com
Re: Northside
Having grown up on Franklin St, I have some fond memories of "The Creek" as it was known by many. I still remember hanging out at Stadler's, the Midget Market (great hot dogs) and doing my fair share of shenanigans from the railroad trestle. I started attending Clearview Elementary in the 3rd grade after they closed North Martinsville School (2 doors from our house). Though I never got involved in the rivalry between Northside and Southside (though my brother, Melvin, may have), I consider still consider many from both areas as dear friends. I also remember Roselawn Cemetary providing a great escape route for many a Northside boy. The first car I drove besides the Driver Ed cars at school or "test drove" in Mitchell-Howell's basement was my dad's 1964 Ford. I remember Lee's quite well, Jerry, because my dad used to send me up there for crushed ice.
03/16/06     Jerry Poff  (1964)      jdpoff@charter.net
Re: Northside
Nelson, thanks for the reply. My grandmother lived what was then a dirt road called Dudley Street on the Creek. It is now replaced by the road running south from Roselawn up to the Hospital. Her house is still there on the left when you first get on that road. It is a dentist or doctors office now. Anyway, we could go from her house into the pasture toward the train track and could play in the creek. Quite a lot of good memories there. You were 4 years ahead of me, even at Clearview. I have a lot to tell , I just wish others would respond. Blessings to you, Jerry
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