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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1964 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Please help us find these folks - 11
10/25/01     MAVAHI64 Reunion  (1964)      friends@mavahi64.com
This is our updated list of people we have no addresses for. There are new names on the list because there were people who we thought we had addresses for, but their letters were returned to us. Please help us find these 'dogs. We want to try to get in touch with everyone.Thanks for your help.
Jennifer and Jean

Patsy Lynch Adams
Doug Alley
Sally Blaner
Paulette Bogus
James Brammer
Joanne Byrd
Betty Jo Campbell
Joy Clark
Judy Clark
Linda Stanley Conner
Martha Stone Cooper
Ocie Cook
William Cope
Teresa Cortez
Susan Culbertson
Neal Curry
Bill Davis
William Davis
Linda Divers
Glenda Joyce Draughan
Virginia Crigger Dudley
Janet Lois Durand
Richard Eames
Phyllis Ann Easter
Billy Joe Edwards
Jo Anne Edwards
Nancy English
Logan Esarey
Victoria Campbell Esarey
Sandra Bowles Fahey
Linda Fortner
Linda Via Geiges
Joseph Benjamin Gray
Judy Gregory
Iva Lou Harding
Erma Louise Haynes
Judy Helms
Bill Henry
Sharon Hoback
Freda Jeanette Hodges
Kenneth R. Horsely
Sharon Blackard Hubble
Judy Shilling Hurd
Willard Isley
Robert Lee Joyce
Jake Anthony Keller
Michael Alex Krieger
Rhett LaFon
Charles Corling Lewis
Carol Ann Locke
William Edward Marlowe
Jennifer Francine Martin
Shiela Martin
James (Bill) Wilbert Martin
William Martin
Robert McGhee
Harvey McGuire
Jennie Ann Merriman
Nathan Stewart Miller
Sandra Faye Moore
John Andrew Myers
James Nester
Kenneth Oakes
Janet Parsons
Talmadge Philpott
William Price
Joyce Pulliam
Edgar Walter Ratcliff
John Reed
Leon Reed
Noel Reed
Lewis Roberts
Tommy Sale
Michael Neale Scott
Alvin Segal
Berkley Serber
John V. Shenal
Bertie Smith
Bob Smith
Charlie Smith
James Ivan Sparks
Sherry Spencer
Fred Spencer
Elbert (Jody) E. Stone
Katherine Tilley
Margaret Townes
Charles Van Lear
Josephine Wasiluk
Frank West
Robert Whitlow
Sandra Fields Whitlow
Elizabeth Pulliam Wilbourne
Sam Williams
Brenda Wilson
Mike Wray
JoAnne Gibbs Yates
12/13/01     Jerry D. Poff  (1964)      poffjd@aol.com
Re: Please help us find these folks
Re: Please help us find these folks
James Nester and his wife live in Horsepasture and have a small grocery across from Captain Toms' Seafood Restaurant.
01/13/02     Richard Eames  (1964)      richardeames@earthlink.net
Re: Please help us find these folks
richardeames@earthlink.net. I lost the mailing address you sent so E-mail me and I know about a couple of other peoples' address Richard
01/22/02     sallie montgomery  (1964)      SallieMontgomery@msn.com
Re: Please help us find these folks
I know that James Nester lives in Horsepasture and he has a small market across from Captain Toms' restaurant in Martinsville - not sure of the name of the store but it's on the far right side of the little strip mall. Sorry, but that's the best that I can do. I stopped by his store when I was in Martinsville last.
02/15/02     Janice Boehm Williams  (1964)      janice.williams@bbandt.com
Re: Please help us find these folks
Hi, there! Sammy and Janice Boehm Williams still live at 2579 Dyers Store Road here in Martinsville; Sam's email address is sammy.williams@cpfilms.com and Janice's is janice.williams@bbandt.com.
03/24/07     cindy  (1979)     
Re: Please help us find these folks
Jo Wasiluk
12205 Mount Cross Rd
Dry Fork, VA 24549

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