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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Big retirement trip - 12
03/30/10     George Allison  (1965)      geo5920@yahoo.com
Hello All,
The wife and I are getting ready for our first big trip since retiring. We are traveling from home to San Antonio, TX and return. We will be pulling a travel trailer and have made plans to stay in KOA campgrounds in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee. We will spend two nights in each campground except for San Antonio and Dollywood, where we will stay three nights. Our final stay will be at Thermal City Gold Mine, NC for several days to pan for gold. The trip will start on the afternoon of April 4th and end when we return sometime at the end of April. Approximately 3500 miles.
We are looking forward to this trip and many more like it.
Retirement is great!!!!!!
03/30/10     Carlotta Spencer Aist  (1965)      caist101@cox.net
Re: Big retirement trip
You go for it, George. Now exactly where will you be in Arkansas? We live right off I40 you know. Give me a shout and let me know where you will be staying. Have a great time.
03/30/10     Susan Adams  (1965)      subrosa47@aol.com
Re: Big retirement trip
Have a safe trip and especially Good Luck! with the goldmining!
03/30/10     Frank(ie) Smith  (1965)      fhsvjs@juno.com
Re: Big retirement trip
As one who is still working, I am just a little jealous of your being able to decide what you want to do, and when and where you want to do it! Maybe one day I'll have that opportunity. As Susan said, have a safe trip, and Jenny and I will see you in October at the reunion where you can tell us all about it.
03/31/10     kathy mitchell  (1965)      katfos47@yahoo.com
Re: Big retirement trip
I'm envious but happy for you both. Have a great trip and many more, just don't plan one for October 8 and 9! Can't wait to hear about the adventure.
03/31/10     Archie Thomasson  (1965)      Archer1710@msn.com
Re: Big retirement trip
Sounds great, Clark....hope that the Griswald family has an excellent adventure to the west and back. Don't forget the small attractions, they're sometimes the best....The Thimble Museum, the largest twine ball in the World, and of course, the Scott's interactive 'World of Toilet Paper', which by coincidence, is next door to the 3M Sandpaper Museum. Have a great trip, and keep us posted....archie
04/10/10     townesy bowers  (1968)      townesyb@yahoo.com
Re: Big retirement trip
Congratulations to the Allisons on your retirement! I live in close to Knoxville TN & I just wanted to tell you about our newest attraction which just opened this week - its one of the 2 replica's of the Titanic & it looks fabulous. There is one more in the US and its in Branson. Built from the ground up check the website. I am going to check it out soon - programs we have seen locally have been excellent.. Be careful and check it out while you are on the 3 day break in Pigeon Forge! I remember seeing you at MHS
All of my classmates are turning 60 this year
We are close behind on this retirement life!!
Townesy Wood Bowers
Hi Kathy - Hi Archie (I used to live across the street from you on Mtn Road).
04/10/10     George  (1965)      geo5920@yahoo.com
Re: Big retirement trip
The trip has been very nice. We left early on the 4th and spent the night in a Walmart parking lot. Our first stop in Kingsland, GA gave us the opportunity to go to the St Augustine lighthouse. Very impressive.
In Mobile, AL., we went through a tunnel under the city. Been under water before, but never a city. In Louisana, we crossed a bridge that is about 20 miles long over swamps and rivers. Tonight, for dinner we had alligator bites for an appetizer and I had crawfish. A first for both. Looking forward to go to San Antonio tomorrow.
Thanks for all the comments on our trip.
04/17/10     George Allison  (1965)      geo5920@yahoo.com
Re: Big retirement trip
San Antonio is an awesome place. Visited the Alamo and rode a boat in the Riverwalk.
Left San Antonio and traveled to Marrieta, OK. Visited the Gene Autry Museum in Gene Autry, OK. The school he attended was converted into a museum for him and other cowboys from the 30s to the 70s. Room after room of displays. I even recognized some of the toys I had a long time ago.
We are now in Morrilton, AR. Going to visit an antique car museum tomorrow. Two nights here and hit the road again.
I cannot say much for the roads in Mississippi, Louisana, Texas or Oklahoma. Very rough and bouncy. Some items that we had laid on the bed were bounced off into the floor. The safety chain between the truck and trailer would drag on the road during these bouncing drives.
Oh, well, all part of a learning experience and something to laugh about later in life while sitting in the wheelchair at the nursing home. If only I could remember it all would the problem.
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