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Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Awesome Week End - 12
10/11/10     Kathy Mitchell Rice  (1965)      katfos47@yahoo.com
Thank you to those who joined us for the 45th class reunion. Words cannot express the joy and enthusiasm we shared this past week end. If you missed it, I'm truly sorry. Rusty was so generous to have us over and it was a wonderful night, beautiful weather and we were able to sit outside around the open fire, go in for a drink, come back out.....Wes Shumate had pictures from way back and took pictures at each event. He showed them on his laptop and we all enjoyed watching that presentation. Actually, it will be hard to top this year's reunion, and I don't know that we will even try. Whether it is the 45th or 50th, we should seize the moment. We don't know if we will be here for the next one. We have lost 20 classmates, the last one being Temp Smith who passed away on Saturday morning as we were gathered together...very fitting, I think. I pray that we are all here to get together in 5 years. Each day is a gift from God.
10/11/10     Wes Shumate  (1965)      ses2@optonline.net
Re: Awesome Week End
Kathy, thanks so much to you, the organizing committee, Rusty and Suzanne and all of the Old 'Dawgs for an incredible reunion weekend. It was great to see everyone again and the concert by Still Surfin was a special touch. They really did transport us back in time to the 60's. That was the best concert at MHS since The Three Blind Mice (Rusty, Will Franck, Andy Geoghegan) rocked the house. Our classmates were the real stars of the show and it was great fun dancing with the stars. Thank you to Jim Stegall for loaning me his dance partner -- the gorgeous Myra. Speaking of gorgeous, the Class of '65 was blessed with beautiful girls who still are. To those of you who were not able to make it this time, I hope to see you at the 50th -- if not before.

PS -- photos of the events will be posted soon.
10/12/10     Edward Moore  (1963)      edwgmoore@aol.com
Re: Awesome Week End
Thank you Kathy for all you and the organizing group have done for the last 10 years of Old Dawgs. My wife, Gloria, and I had a great time again....makes the trip from South Texas worthwhile. Thank you for all you and other ogranizers do for all the Classes of MAVAHI!!
10/13/10     B. A. Hall  (1965)      bettyallenhall@aol.com
Re: Awesome Week End
Thank you for joining in on your '65 reunion. I know so many here as I've lived here over half my life. My '65th is this weekend and I doubt it can top yours. Thank you from Tommy and B.A. Scott Hall
10/13/10     Janie Carter Vaughan  (1965)      janeacv@gmail.com
Re: Awesome Week End
Kathy,these reunions just keep getting better!! You and your committee did a fantastic job working on this one, as always!
Thank you for all of your time and efforts! Go Dawgs!
Love, Janie
10/14/10     Michelle Moorefield Ames  (1967)      mames6@cox.net
Re: Awesome Week End
Kathy, Thank-you Soooooo much for inviting my classmates of 1967 to join in on your reunion this year. Many, many memories flooded thru us as we sat in the auditorium and listened to the AWESOME songs of the "Beachboys",... and what a special touch to add standing while "Class of '65" marched in to take their seats.
Class of 1967 salutes you for a job "Fantastically" done...
Michelle (Moorefield)
Bo Lawrence
Judy (Ramsey)
Connie (Cumberledge)
Marha Jane (Barnes)
Jerry Moore
Lou (Carter)
Sue (Carter)
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