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Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
old pictures - 12
10/16/10     john Exley  (1965)      JOExley@Gmail.com
hello Folks - Well the class of '65, class of '60, and the OLD Dawgs had one fine weekend. I feel sure the walls of the old MHS auditorium are still ringing with good Beach Boy vibrations! I want to pass on what is going on with a dozen or more of us this week, we are having a feeding frenzy of finding old photographs from grade school and trying to identify ourselves. It is an Email wonder to figure out who is who. This is early, early preparation for our next reunion in five years or an OLD DAWG reunion not so far away. Keep this in mind and start the ball rolling for all the other schools besides Patrick Henry that fed into MHS. Class pictures, birthday parties, pictures from the Dupont BLENDER, Little League or any other team pictures, church Bible school or boy scouts,newspaper clips, anything that may have many faces that we all may remember. We hope you will want to join in because it's a blast! good hunting - john
10/17/10     Jenkie Willard  (1965)      Flwillard007@aol.com
Re: old pictures--Good idea
Hey John:

I read your post and thought about another method of discovering old pictures of ourselves. The next time you are in the Post Office check the display of photos there--just might be one of us!!

Just kiddin' buddy. Take care and it was
good to see you last week!!!!

10/17/10     john Exley  (1965)      JOExley@Gmail.com
Re: old pictures
I object!! Mr. Willard is clearly trying to impugn the integrity of this classmate! J. Frank, thanks for the reply, anybody that grew up on a thoroughfare named BIG JANE ST should be careful about wanted posters...just kidding, also. Dig around, work with some kids you grew up with [went to Northside? Liberty ST?]and see if you can find anything...and don't forget to share a little bit of it ... your old buddy, Mr. Exley
10/17/10     George Allison  (1965)      gallison@triad.rr.com
Re: old pictures
I kept track of the most wanted in the Federal Marshal system. Never did see anyone from Mavahi.
10/18/10     Sam Hedgecock  (1965)      fiveshrubs@sprynet.com
Re: old pictures
John: So, now that we have some of the humor over with, how do you propose collecting the photographs and images for this project? We should have a center repository for them, say as 300dpi .jpg files; then they can be assembled and catalogued. Sam
10/18/10     Sandy Young O'Malley  (1965)      sandyk4305@aol.com
Re: old pictures
I felt like I was back at Mavahi in the 60's reading your emails. The satirical banter between John and Jenkie(Frank??) was hysterical. And Sam, still the serious one. I miss all you guys.
10/18/10     john Exley  (1965)      JOExley@Gmail.com
Re: old pictures
Hi,Sandra! good to hear from you and sorry you were not able to partake of the reunion weekend...please try for the next one!!!
Yes, Jenky, is in reality the honorable J. Frank Willard [refer to the senior pictures].
I think everybody at the reunion suddenly grew a lot closer to one another, maybe age does that to us, but in any case many of us are having a good time trying to find pictures to share and identify. If you have any please join in...did you go to Northside school?
I got a kick out of your family connection with a Mistress Pirate of fame,and I'm glad you got to see her "wee" castle... we have one in our linage but not one of note.
Take care and stay in touch - john
10/19/10     Sandy Young O'Malley  (1965)      sandyk4305@aol.com
Re: old pictures
Yes, we to the old country on our honeymoon in 1980 and then again in 2000 when we did in fact, visit Grace O'Malley's "castle".
The picture idea is great..I am not sure my mother has not cleaned everything out but I will check when I return to M'ville.
I think it is the age that makes us so nostalgic because I was most upset about not being able to attend. If any of you are every close to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Keys, etc. be sure to email me.
10/19/10     Sandy Young O'Malley  (1965)      sandyk4305@aol.com
Re: old pictures
John, I did attend Clearview, along with Tuggle, Phil Sparks, Page Minter, Susan Adkins, Jenny Jennings, and the entire motley crew.
10/20/10     Phil Sparks  (1965)      PhilSparks@Kimbanet.com
Re: old pictures
I know everyone is joking about past deeds or should I say misdeeds of our classmates. However I feel compelled to warn everyone, that it is my understanding, in the Commonwealth of Virginia there is no Statute of Limitations on felonies. (this warning is not to be construed as my offering legal advice nor am I in anyway attempting to practice law as I do not possess a requisite credential in any state to perform at the level of a duly licensed barrister) As for Jenky and that uncalled for encouragement of classmates to peruse the Post Office bulletin boards for classmates photos...you may as well told them to tune in weekly to America's Most Wanted and Cops on the Fox Network. I feel relieved that having led such a stellar childhood and young adulthood that I do not have to personally worry about my past coming back to haunt me.
By the way Jenky, do you know of some way to obtain a "Blanket Pardon" from the Governor for the entire Class of 1965? That could serve to possibly increase attendance at our next get together.
10/20/10     john Exley  (1965)      JOExley@Gmail.com
Re: old pictures
Sandra - Motley Crew? But you heard/read Mr. Sparks reply that he was not of a motley nature... who am i to believe? Perhaps you are mistaken.
10/20/10     Jenkie Willard  (1965)      Flwillard007@aol.com
Re: old pictures
Hey Sandra Kay!

We all missed you at the Reunion.

In fact, your name did come up: I was talking with Teresa Moore and made the statement that "Miss Fugate hated me more than anyone in the Western Hemisphere", when Teresa reminded me of that unprovoked attack on you by Miss F. Wow!
10/20/10     john Exley  (1965)      JOExley@Gmail.com
Re: old pictures
OK, Jenkie, we need some details on this...let's not let this rest without the entire story. Was Miss Sandra acting...dare I say it... in a motley way?
10/21/10     Phil Sparks  (1965)      PhilSparks@Kimbanet.com
Re: old pictures
John I am contacting many of my relatives for any and all photographic evidence that I was in the words of that famous lady Aunt Loweezy Smif "Gooder than airy angel" and as soon as possible I'll be obtaining that photo of the seventh grades at Clearview. Seriously though Ed Moore told me that he had a vast amount of the things you're talking about like Barker's and all types of Newspaper clippings etc. I urge you to contact him and see what he has decided reference the items. I had suggested he maybe donate them to the Martinsville/Henry County Museum but maybe you could latch on to them first and gleen out some good stuff.
10/21/10     john Exley  (1965)      JOExley@Gmail.com
Re: old pictures
Thanks, Philip - I'll pass this on to Wes... I think it's good to put them in the museum, and it would be good to be able to put them on our website. I'm sure an arrangement can be made for the sharing of what comes our way. Didn't Mrs. Schenk teach at Clearview?
10/21/10     Sandy Young O'Malley  (1965)      sandyk4305@aol.com
Re: old pictures
I am so impressed with all our senior cognitive skills. It's amazing what is imprinted in our minds that we never forget. Yes, I think she told me to "get off my high horses"...I don't remember what I did to warrant that remark but as much as I could not stand her, I probably deserved it. I could, at times, be a smartass, and my husband always wondered where our son got that trait.
10/21/10     Sandy Young O'Malley  (1965)      sandyk4305@aol.com
Re: old pictures
John, I still have several issues of the Barker, I think, at my mom's house. Next time I visit M'ville I will check. What should I do with them then? I am really missing everybody with all this chatting and am more sorry that I had to miss the reunion. What a great class we had!
10/21/10     john Exley  (1965)      JOExley@Gmail.com
Re: old pictures
Sandra - As this website moves along and people start finding things that had saved, I'm guessing we will need to have a place to collect things people wish to donate. My first thought is to work out a partnership with the M/HC museum where we have a MHS "collection" that the museum could keep, we could access, and the website could post items from. Several people have told me that they have BARKERS and we may be able to come up with complete sets for some years. I would say hang on to them for the moment and we'll have to figure out what the system will be to collect and share this stuff...the way people keep jumping on the bandwagon is wonderful, just stay on the line and we'll see what happeens.
10/22/10     Phil Sparks  (1965)      PhilSparks@Kimbanet.com
Re: old pictures
Ms.Martin taught one of the seventh grade classes and the class I was in, first half of the year was taught by Mrs. Caffey and the last half was taught by Mrs. Cooper. What a class. One of the girls got married before the end of the school year (at the ripe old age of 13) and two of the girls served time in prison later in their lives for Murdering their husbands (separate events of course) Sandy is 100% correct we probably were a motley crew when all was said and done. I can honestly say that I went the entire year and never turned in even one homework assignment, opened even one textbook or took even one quiz or test. I did have a paper route and I owe my math skills to having to make all the change. I was too lazy to keep records so I improved my memory by keeping track of those who owed me for the paper. I learned all sorts of coping skills in the realm of interpersonal relationships as I had to figure out what intimidation tactics to use on the few deadbeats that tried to gyp me on the payments. 98 % of the customers were honest hardworking folks and they paid me promptly. Unfortunately there were a couple of deadbeats that were working overtime trying to figure out a way to cheat me out of 35 cents. There were a couple that from time to time would ask to pay the following week. They always had the money ready the next week.
During that school year I never missed a day of school and never missed a Scout meeting in spite of my otherwise bad behavior.

All in all our seventh grade class was anything but uneventful.
"There is one in every crowd, for crying out loud
Why was it always turning out be me" (From Billy Joe Shaver in his song Honky Tonk Heroes)
Of course my conduct would have been far better had it not been for some of those incorrigible people that led me astray at every opportunity. I will not indict them at this time because I am sure they are plenty remorseful for their indiscretions. All of it did prepare me for three tours of duty in Vietnam and 20 years of service. So I'll sum it all up with this chorus from the song "Georgia on a Fast Train"

I've been to Georgia on a fast train honey
I wouldn't born no yesterday
Got a good Christian raisin' and an eighth grade education
Ain't no need in y'all a treatin' me this way (Billy Joe Shaver)

Phil Sparks

10/22/10     Jenkie Willard  (1965)      Flwillard007@aol.com
Re: old pictures
Hey Phil (and everybody else),

Talkin' about old pictures, after the 2005
Reunion Jimmy Tuggle sent me an 8 by 10 7th
grade class picture of Ms. Cooper's class at
Clearview. I had been living in the County going to South Martinsville Elementaty and
transferred to Clearview in late September.
In fact, one time I went on your paper route
with you, but couldn't do the whole thing
'cause it was geting dark!
Oh, by the way, the two guys standing in
the back of the class picture were probation
officers! Remember Jerry Lusk and the infamous David Wayne Cagle? Those were the
days, huh? I will see if I can find the
picture or maybe Tuggle has more copies.
Finally, regarding your request for some legal advice: you know that I studied
law by watching Judge Judy reruns--so my
knowledge is somewhat limited!
10/22/10     Phil Sparks  (1965)      PhilSparks@Kimbanet.com
Re: old pictures
Hey Jenk,
Tug has the original of that Photo (Don't ask) But he is going to run another batch from it and I may even scan it in myself. There are several people from the class that wants one of them so we will have several copies in the near future. I am sure that somewhere here at my house I have several of them but can't find them. I know they weren't thrown out because the girl that cleans for me stopped throwing stuff away after she tossed out my 2004 tax records that cost me a bunch of time and money when I had to attempt reconstructing them for an audit. Tug suggested there should be some sort of an award for Mrs. Caffey and Mrs. Cooper for service above and beyond the call of duty as teachers. I used to talk with Mr. Cumberledge up at the Elks on steak nights before his passing and one night he confessed that our class had been the most diverse he had ever seen. He claimed most kids he had dealt with would have taken weeks to come up with the ideas for mischief that we were able to come up with just because the teacher turned her back. He also admitted that he sort of enjoyed that year because he had no idea what crazy insane thing he would be dealing with next. You would have been surprised though at the deep respect he held for so many of the parents he dealt with over there. I miss seeing him up at the Elks he was a helluva good guy and had an interesting perspective on education.
10/22/10     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: old pictures
Reading all of your messages about old pictures, MAVAHI class of '65, reunions, seventh grade at Clearview Elementary, and Mr. Harold Cumberledge brings back some memories of my own. From first to sixth grades at Joseph Martin and ninth to twelfth at MAVAHI, the years were not spectacular. My favorite two years of school were the seventh grade a Clearview in Mrs. Martin's class, and eighth grade at MAVAHI. As for Mr. Cumberledge, he personified the word pal in Principal. I will always remember his acts of kindness, care, and concern for this struggling student.

Phillip, I remember you in the seventh grade. The first time I read one of your articulate and intelligently written editorials that have appeared in our local newspaper in recent years, I had to look four times at the name to be sure I was seeing correctly. As the vernacular goes, “You have come a long way, Baby!� In addition, Phil and all those in our class who fought and died to defend our freedoms and keep the home fires burning bright so that our reunions could be held, thank you for your service to America and Her huddle masses (of one body).
10/25/10     Edward Moore  (1963)      edwgmoore@aol.com
Old Dawg Memorabilia
I have a box of copies of "The Barker" from '59 to '63....many editions. I also have other things, including a few "Blenders" from DuPont. Willing to contribute them to a good home where they can be enjoyed by other "Old Dawgs".
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