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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
William Temple Smith - 12
03/05/11     Beverly  (1956)      Lipford-Yeager@comcast.net
William T. Smith
Died Saturday, October 9, 2010
Oct 11, 2010
William Temple “Temp” Smith, 63, of Martinsville, died Oct. 9, 2010, at Memorial Hospital in Martinsville.
He was born in Martinsville on May 9, 1947, to Thelma Lipford Smith of Martinsville and Norris Franklin Smith. His father preceded him in death.
He graduated from Martinsville High School in 1965. He received a scholarship to participate in the Cooperative Training Program at Virginia Tech and graduated in 1970 with a civil engineering degree. He worked as a research associate and design engineer at DuPont for 29 years.
Smith was a member of the American Society of Engineers and a graduate of the Leadership Development Course given by the Martinsville Chamber of Commerce. He served as secretary, treasurer and president of the Ridgeway Lions Club.
Formerly, he was chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals of Henry County, president of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association of Martinsville and Henry County and a member of the local Corvette Club. He served in the National Guard for a number of years.
Surviving, in addition to his mother, are a son, Brandon Temple Smith of Vinton; a daughter, Whitney Leigh Smith Calloway of Collinsville; two brothers, Nelson Franklin Smith of Martinsville and Robert Hunter Smith of Richmond; one grandson; and several aunts, nieces and nephews.
The services will be private.
Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 3907, Martinsville, Va. 24115.
Collins-McKee-Stone Funeral Home, Martinsville, is in charge of the arrangements.
Source: http://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/obituaries.cfm
07/19/12     Archie Thomasson  (1965)      Archer1710@msn.com
Re: William Temple Smith
Life is finite, memories are bountiful….maybe we can honor a life by leaving personal reflections, of special people….

Remarks from Temp’s service….

Beverly, Temp's aunt, asked me to join them at the funeral service.
I sent this summary to Wes and several other classmates after the service. After much thought, I wanted to share with other Mavahi alumni….especially to honor a friend who wanted to come to the reunion, and actually died on the day of our ‘45th reunion.

Temp was cremated, and they buried his ashes beside his father, and eventually his mother. It was a short service which began with Rev. Fulcher (First Baptist) opening with a few statements about Temp and his family. He then read Wes Shumate's remarks, and remarked that Wes must have been a good and faithful friend….
'I knew Temp from elementary school, high school, college and DuPont. While students at Va Tech, we shared the same Co-op Student job as engineering interns at the DuPont Plant in Martinsville. When Temp was at DuPont for a quarter, I was on campus at Virginia Tech and we alternated. I never knew him as well as his close friends like Archie, but I always enjoyed being with Temp and his sense of humor. Throughout those years, Temp was well-liked and well-respected by all who knew him as friend, fellow student and co-worker. After Virginia Tech, our paths went separate ways. In 2005, I visited with him at Blue Ridge on Saturday morning before our Martinsville High School Class of 1965 Reunion gathering. Despite the pain and discomfort that he was dealing with, we shared some fond memories of growing up together and our friends in high school. I brought some photos from previous class reunions to show him. The subject he took most pride in was his children. Their photos (and of course that of his motorcycle) were prominently displayed in his room. As much as I enjoyed the reunion events that weekend, getting to see Temp again really made it special. I intended to see him again last weekend between our class reunion events, but didn't get there in time before Archie told me of his passing. While driving back home to New Jersey, I thought about that and it reminded me of how precious our time here is. I made a promise to myself to never delay visiting an old friend and telling him how special he is.'….Wes Shumate

Rev. Fulcher concluded the service with my remarks....
'The Temp Smith that I knew would not have wanted tears to be shed over his ashes. He would want us to remember the good, and treasure the moments, to let his grandson know that his grandfather loved him, and the proudest accomplishment of his life, was his two children. For with them, he will live on....He would want to thank everyone for their prayers, and assure them that their prayers, and his, were answered....God just decided to heal him in heaven’....archie

Then, a single bagpiper played 'Amazing Grace'....and at the end he marched off with the music fading into the distance....Temp would have been proud….
I am sure that Temp is better off....he didn't want to spend years in the confines of that room....and yes, Wes, we must make an effort to become better stewards of friendship....archie
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