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Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Warren Shaw's Death - 12
03/31/11     Will Franck  (1965)      wfranck@mindspring.com
Warren M. Shaw , Jr.
Died Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mar 29, 2011

ABINGDON — Warren Mitchell “Posey” Shaw Jr., 64, died Sunday, March 27, 2011, in Abingdon.

He was born in Martinsville to Warren and Katherine Shaw.
His parents preceded him in death.

A graveside service will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Roselawn Burial Park with the Rev. Dr. Ralph Kidd officiating. Farris Funeral Service in Abingdon is in charge of arrangements.
04/01/11     Archie Thomasson  (1965)      Archer1710@msn.com
Re: Warren Shaw's Death
Posey deserves a post in the ‘Class of 65’ website, as he was one of the most colorful members of the ‘Class of 65’….
Big, strong, intelligent, and sometimes intimidating, but underneath a ‘posey’….the only child of (I believe) the Commonwealth’s Attorney, and destined to become an Attorney also….He played football for Martinsville and went on to Hampden Sydney, where he excelled at everything that he attempted. But sadly, Posey left us one day, and never fully returned. I will never forget a day in ‘64, or maybe ’65, when there was a ‘Driving Rodeo’, in Martinsville. I think it was in Druid Hills, maybe in the parking lot of the elementary school. There were the ‘favorites’, as Martinsville has always coveted the ‘best driver’ designation….but Posey confidently told us that he would win….and he did win. Rusty Lacy placed Second….RIP Posey….
04/05/11     john Exley  (1965)      JOExley@Gmail.com
Re: Warren Shaw's Death
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong...didn't Posey win the safe driving award two years in a row but couldn't accept it the second year because he got a speeding ticket on Junior/Senior night [along with yours truly]...
To be sure, riding in that '56 Chevy wagon with him was the biggest thrill ride this side of the Lakeside Amusement Park. Right, Wes?!
A "thank you" to those classmates who made Posey's life a lot happier over the years.
04/05/11     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: Warren Shaw's Death
This is another example of misconceptions. I never knew Warren was nicknamed "Posey" until I read his obituary. In addition, I did not know much about him except that he was tall, quiet, and soft-spoken. He even appeared shy when he would only say "hello" or nod his head at me the few times our paths crossed during those five years (8th – 12th grades) in the halls of MAVAHI. Strange how I can still picture him in my mind’s eye.
04/05/11     Frank(ie) Smith  (1965)      fhsvsj@juno.com
Re: Warren Shaw's Death
It seems that Warren's driving prowess has generated a lot of comments. I also have a memory of riding with him in his station wagon and feeling more than a little uncomfortable as he wheeled that thing around while looking at me and asking "What's wrong, Mr. Smith?". I don't remember where we were going or when it happend, I just remember the "experience". Warren was very smart and seemed to relish in doing well on tests even though he quite often refused to do his homework. Miss Lillard tried, but she was no match for him in size or determination. We'll miss you, Posey!
04/05/11     Jenkie Willard  (1965)      Flwillard007@aol.com
Re: Warren Shaw's Death
I had the experience of riding with 'Warren'
one (1) single time in that Chevy station wagon; and he scared me (almost) to death.
Needless to say, I never rode with him again!!
Be that as it may: how about the origin of the nickname of "Posey":

I met 'Warren' in Miss Powell's eighth grade home room, English classes, etc. I recall that he told me that I was as "crazy" (imagine that) as a local used car salesman known for his advertising gimmicks, by the name of "Posey Mize" (or it might have been Myers). Anyway, Warren started calling ME "Posey". As I already had a famous nickname,
I started calling him "Posey" too! Later, I believe it was Will Franck who also started
calling him "Posey"; and the nickname stuck!
Posey, may you rest in peace!
04/11/11     Susan Adams  (1965)      Subrosa47@aol.com
Re: Warren Shaw's Death
Let me speak up on Warren's behalf. You weak-kneed guys must be imagining things. Warren and I had a date to see The Sound of Music in Roanoke. You can figure the year...1965, 66? He was a complete gentleman and drove with great care, never causing a moment of anxiety! Rest in peace, Warren.
04/14/11     Archie Thomasson  (1965)      Archer1710@msn.com
Re: Warren Shaw's Death
The Dukes of Hazard had nothing on the ‘guys from the ville’. I remember one night at Druid Lanes, probably in the fall of 1965 or spring of 1966. Someone had discovered that if you started out at about High’s Ice Cream and floored it, when you hit the intersection of Spruce and Parkview Street, you would be running fast enough to leave the ground, all-be-it for a very short time, as there was a slight curve in the road that required a ‘quick recovery’ (they have since redone the intersection). Most hit the intersection at 50 or maybe 60 miles per hour….but that night, Posey said, ‘I can do better!’ Posey was driving a Pontiac, maybe a 1963 or a l964, much better equipped than the station wagon, and if I were a betting man, I would bet he hit that intersection at 70-80 mph. Posey went by the bowling alley like a rocket….sitting up high in the cockpit, with his arm casually hanging out the window. We were all packing up to run home and establish an alibi, as we knew Posey had delivered the mail on the right side of Spruce Street, when Posey pulled through the lot, grinning, for one quick.…’Hi-Yo Silver a-wayyy!’….
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