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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Miss Marshall - 12
05/03/12     Mary  (1968)      schillereffmp@gmail.com
My entire life , I do believe, was grounded by 7th grade. Loved Miss Marshall's slides of her travels. Taking ten deep breaths so we wouldn't get tuberculosis, our desk/chair combo bolted to the floors. I wrote her twice in later years, and she wrote me back. Yes, I was scared still. Learned how to yawn without showing it. Would love to know more about her, we were only in Martinsville two years.
05/04/12     Carlotta Spencer Aist  (1965)      caist101@cox.net
Re: Miss Marshall
Oh, there were a lot of things about Miss Marshall. I remember crying when I found out I was in her class -- but we got along very well. She was, however, not the teacher I used as a mental image the 30 years I taught. I was strict but not in such a severe way.
05/04/12     Mary  (1968)      schillereffmp@gmail.com
Re: Miss Marshall
I taught also, as my career, 5th grade mostly. The only incident I can remember was some boy did something...I don't remember what...the class was as quiet as a church, then all of a sudden she took him down the hall to the teachers area and paddled him. We could hear the 'licks' all the way down the hall. How can I find out more about her life ? She was born in 1898, lived through some dramatic times in the US, must have been among the first women to vote. I also remember her telling us her Daddy took her to see a hanging when she was young.To instill respect for the law. Cannot imagine what living in her times must have been like. Thanks for responding.
05/06/12     Greg Norton  (1963)      sgnorton@hotmail.com
Re: Miss Marshall
How well we all must remember our days with Hilda Marshall - "it is not the Civil War, there was nothing civil about it, it is the War Between the States!!" - and the talks about the Daughters of the American Revolution - I was in her class with Ken Green and Margie Pannel, all top students and her favorites - what chance did the rest of us stand? - I remember once we were doing book reports to be illustrated with pictures cut out of other publications - she even brought in some old books to cut up - but she also that day brought in an original copy of a McGuffy's Reader (a real collectors item) with stern words about NOT cutting anything out of it! - well, you can guess that someone (I will mention no names) cut it up from end to end - needless to say we all got to witness that beating right in class.

Some how I passed her class and as I look back on the experiece have to believe it was good for us all - dicipline and high expectations seemed to be higher then than today and I believe we need more today.

Thanks Hilda Marshall for the memories.
05/15/12     Glenn Pingry  (1968)      gpingry@comcast.net
Re: Miss Marshall
I Know I'll never forger her , don't knowhow anyone who ever was in her class could ever forget her.
I remember the day I got her bad side don't remember what it was about but boy did I get it. I also remember the day that Will Gravely got the fool slapped out of him when she caught him standing in his chair "giging" her. Boy did he get it all the way down the hall and to the principals office! She was like no other, we need teachers like her now, there wouldn't be as much trouble in the schoolrooms as there is now!
12/02/12     Will Gravely  (1968)      wgravely@kimbanet.com
Re: Miss Marshall
I remember several fun times in Miss Marshall's class. I remember singing in the morning...her talking about her world travels...only driving for a few months her whole life...how she would tell us she wore a different outfit everyday. I knew I was going to have a ruff year when the first thing out of her mouth to me was "I taught your father Will!" Slap Happy Hilda was quite the teacher.
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