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Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
memories of marshall - 12
08/26/12     Kathy Mitchell Rice  (1965)      katfos47@yahoo.com
I just came across these posts and had to throw in my 2 cents worth...I also had her in 7th grade. I remember that she hated for anyone to be absent from school. My parents planned a vacation to Washington, DC during Easter (that was when we only got Friday and Monday). My daddy wanted to leave a day early so we could visit our representatives in congress. Now, you would think this would be a wonderful chance for a student to report on this very educational experience. Instead, she shamed me in front of the entire class by telling them they would not get a party because I had been absent and ruined the "perfect attendance" for the month. I was so upset I had my mon make cup cakes for the class and bring them over on the last day of the month. She was a piece of work!
08/27/12     Carlotta Spencer Aist  (1965)      caist101@cox.net
Re: memories of marshall
She was INDEED a piece of work. After I became a teacher I realized all the mistakes she made -- but it was the behavior of her day. She loved to ridicule.BTW our address has changed -- only the street: 2663 N Barcelona Ave
08/30/12     Susan Adams  (1965)      Subrosa47@aol.com
Re: memories of marshall
Yes, you'd better not be absent. Of course she practiced what she preached. Some may remember the day she announced to the class, "You can sing anything today, but not Teen Angel because my sister died this morning." How strange to say that to a bunch of 12 year olds. I think we just moved on and sang "Running Bear".
Also, you'd better not misspell her name. The first day, she made sure you knew it was Miss Marshall, not Marshell...no hell in that name!
MM was into health before it was fashionable. She'd tell us to drink 8 glasses of water a day and she walked 2 miles a day. Sydnor and I used to walk to school along the same route as she did, but we soon learned to hide in the bushes and wait for her to pass.
Our class used to give her fruit showers, each bringing her fruit (as she encouraged). One day the grapes fell on the floor and MM got down on her hands and knees and ate them!
My row next to the window had 5 girls. I think it was me, Sydnor, Kathy, Brenda Lewis, and Carolyn MacMasters. We all had the same plaid wool skirt (from Globman's, no doubt) and enjoyed wearing it on the same day. Pants weren't allowed in those days, especially in that class. One hot day, Brenda, a brave soul, wore Bermuda shorts. MM was reading from a book so precious she was holding it in tissues, but then she spotted the shorts. OMG, the hell in her sure broke loose at that moment as she slammed that book down and hauled Brenda off to the principal.
And to think of all the fun they were having over at Clearview, as described in earlier posts!
A tough cookie like MM should have been clawing her way to the top of the business world, but that avenue wasn't so open to her in those days. I do remember more from that class than any other---the fear probably riveted my attention. I also learned more than in any other class, especially about the Constitution and about writing a paragraph.
Well, we all survived, and now I'll leave these memories with you, and get back to living in the present!
08/30/12     Kathy Mitchell Rice  (1965)      katfos47@yahoo.com
Re: memories of marshall
Susan, I remember that day Brenda wore shorts!! I felt so sorry for her. You are right, however, I learned more from her class than any other. She is responsible for my love of English grammar. It became my favorite subject. Oh, Miss Hilda, you were one of a kind!!
09/02/12     Archie Thomasson  (1965)      Archer1710@msn.com
Re: memories of marshall
Kathy and Carlotta.... It is particularly ironic that we are talking about Miss Hilda, after the passing of Dick Hensley. He was the consummate teacher and coach....always positive, always stern, but with unquestionable intentions. He was my Senior Government teacher. He told me that I could do anything that I set out to do, but that I was a 'natural' politician. To this day, I do not know whether that was a compliment or an insult. Coming from Miss Hilda, it would have been an insult, much like calling you a 'yankee'. But somehow, I choose to believe that Dick was patting me on the back and saying 'whatever you do, give it your best, and it will be ok'....
09/02/12     Jenkie Willard  (1965)      Flwillard007@aol.com
Re: memories of marshall
After reading the above, I am sure glad that I had the privilege of relaxing and enjoying the 7th grade at
Clearview with my intellectual pals, instead of suffering at Patrick Henry Prison! If fate were different, I know that
Miss Marshell and I would have been the best of friends!!!!
09/13/12     Sandra Young O'Malley  (1965)      sandyk4305@aol.com
Re: memories of marshall
Jenkie, thanks for the compliment of intelligence. I enjoyed Clearview with Mrs. Martin. Thank god we didn't have a Mrs. Marshall although with all the juvenile delinquents we had, she might have been good for them. However, you and I had our Mrs Marshall in high school going by the name of Ms. Fugate.
09/14/12     Archie Thomasson  (1965)      Archer1710@msn.com
Re: memories of marshall
Jenkie, Sandy, and Phil Sparks....If you had been at Patrick Henry Elementary Penn., Miss Marshall would have met her match. Where were you when we needed you? 30 days with you guys and Miss Marshall would have hung up her cleats, and possibly run for Congress, or maybe married the oldest living Civil War Soldier, and lived out her final years on Monument Avenue in Richmond....archie
09/15/12     Sandra Young O'Malley  (1965)      sandyk4305@aol.com
Re: memories of marshall
Now Archie, it's not like we came with self-made tatoos and spiked chains around our necks. LOL
12/19/13     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: memories of marshall
About a month ago, I thought I got caught up on all of the '65 MAVAHI post on this Web site. Today, I am reading ones like these that I somehow missed. Can I jump in here at this late date to say I too enjoyed the 7th inning stretch at Clearview. It was the boost I needed after six years at Joseph Martin. So glad to learn I was not the only one to suffer from the antics of thoughtless teachers. I will say though,while there were some bad ones, there were also some great ones. When I do the math, I come up with more good than bad. However, it is the bizzare actions and callous deeds of the bad ones that are more fun to talk about today. Pay back time, perhaps?
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