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Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Prayers for Daughter - 12
12/17/13     George R Allison  (1965)      gallison@triad.rr.com
I know this is not the place to post family matters, but my daughter (she is 31) needs all the prayers that she can get. Her cervical cancer that was in remission for over a year has reared it's head again. She starts treatments tomorrow. All prayers from any source help and are appreciated. Thank everyone in advance for this small request. George and Judy.
12/18/13     Carlotta Spencer Aist  (1965)      caist101@cox.net
Re: Prayers for Daughter
George, this is definitely the place to seek prayer and encouragement. Your daughter is in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep your family close during this blessed time of the year.
12/19/13     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: Prayers for Daughter
George and Judy, will continue to remember your daughter, other family members and you in my prayers.
12/19/13     Jenkie Willard  (1965)      Flwillard007@aol.com
Re: Prayers for Daughter
Hopefully, this time around after the treatments, your young daughter will enjoy a permanent state of remission. She is very lucky to have super supportive parents--like you and Judy; and she is in our thoughts and prayers for a full and
complete recovery!
12/19/13     Ken Wilson  (1964)      kennwilson@embarqmail.com
Re: Prayers for Daughter
You, Judy, and daughter are in our prayers. I too have a daughter 31. There is always strength in family and prayer. God bless all of you.
12/22/13     George R Allison  (1965)      gallison@triad.rr.com
Re: Prayers for Daughter
Thanks for the prayers. She has had 2 treatments and only 14 more to go. She did not want to see her hair fall out so she shaved her head Wed night. It is sad the way people look at her when we go out when she wears a head scarf and mask. They look at her like she has the plague. I told her to go up to the person, lift the mask and breath on them and walk away after saying "Have a nice day". LOL Again, thanks for the prayers.
12/23/13     Jerry Poff  (1964)      jdpoff@charter.net
Re: Prayers for Daughter
Your request is most appropriate. My wife and I and our church will be praying.
01/04/14     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: Prayers for Daughter
The autoimmune decease Alopecia Areata causes hair loss. The daughter of a friend of mine has it. After the daughter adjusted mentally and accepted her condition, she stopped wearing any covering on her head. Now that she is no longer hiding behind a hat her real self shows more readily. What a wonderful woman she is with a fantastic personality. She can now laugh at herself and no longer allows the misguided stares of strangers to control how she feels about herself. Please tell your daughter to not let the misguided looks of strangers cause her to lose sight of her wonderful persona. I know she has one. She is your daughter and more importantly, she is a daughter of the King. Do you have an up date you would like to share with us on how your daughter and your family are? We are still keeping her, your family and you in our prayers.
01/04/14     George R Allison  (1965)      gallison@triad.rr.com
Re: Prayers for Daughter
Thank you, Jackie and everyone for the prayers and concern. Cathy has had 6 treatments and only 10 more to go. She does have a good outlook and can laugh at herself. With her eyebrows gone, she has tried to draw some on and came up with some great photos. In one, she looks like Spock's sister. Angry eyebrows and surprised eyebrows, also. She wears a scarf to keep her head warm. The last time she went through this, she wore wigs but decided not to this time. It just bothers her that people can be so ignorant and inconsiderate about someone's problem. She is strong and has the support of many people, In fact, there will be a benefit of her friends performing music sometime in Feb that will help raise money for the fight against cervical cancer. She is making tote bags and shirts to let people know that cervical cancer is still a problem and not only breast cancer. In support of her, she, her two brothers and myself, have cervical cancer tattoos on our left forearm. Thank you again for all the prayers. As a tattoo she has on her arm, "This too shall pass" with prayers and God's will through the doctors.
01/18/14     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: Prayers for Daughter
Thank you George for this update. So very glad to know Cathy, you and your family are walking through the fire to victory with smiles on your faces and love in your hearts. Continuing to pray. Please update us when you can.
02/24/14     kathy rice  (1965)      katfos47@yahoo.com
Re: Prayers for Daughter
George, I haven't been on here for quite a while and just saw your post. I am so sorry you and your family are going through this. I pray that Cathy heals and is able to enjoy many, many years of remission. Give my love to Judy and please keep me posted.
03/03/14     george R Allison  (1965)      gallison@triad.rr.com
Re: Prayers for Daughter
Good News. Our daughter had her scan today and everything looked clean. Just waiting on blood test results to confirm. Thank everyone for your concern and prayers.
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