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Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Jenkie Willard has passed away - 12
09/19/14     Jerry Gilbert  (1972)      hpjerry@embarqmail.com
My uncle Jenkie passed away on September 18 in Wilmington, NC. He was a wonderful uncle and I know he was a wonderful friend. We will miss him tremendously.

Altmeyer Funeral Home in Chesapeake, Va. will have his obituary posted on Monday, September 22 on its web page:

09/20/14     Phil Sparks  (1965)      PhilSparks@kimbanet.com
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
I knew Jenkie and his family for about 55 years. Delvered the Bulletin to his home on Liberty Street. Jenkie has always been a super good guy. I pray the comfort of our Lord will dwell with his family and his classmates as he completes this heavenly journey.
Phil Sparks
09/20/14     kathy rice  (1965)     
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
This makes my heart hurt. He and I had talked about our 50th reunion recently. We will miss having him with us.
09/22/14     Ken Wilson  (1964)     
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
I am very saddened at Jenkie's passing. We were in touch only a few weeks ago.He was a great guy and we shared that Northside mistique...I am at a loss for words. So many of our dear friends gone too soon. Farewell old friend
09/22/14     Jane Vaughan  (1965)      janeacv@gmail.com
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
This news is so sad. Jenkie was so much fun in our Spanish classes. "Paco" must have had 4 or 5 birthdays our senior year, which meant we got to sing the whole Mexican birthday song to him each time! I recall at our 10 yr reunion, Jenkie got the award for the male who had changed the most. Reason: He had a Northern accent! Next reunion it was gone. I asked why/how? He said he'd worked hard to stop sounding "corn pone." Then he decided to go back to being himself! So sorry that he is gone. Thank you, Jerry Gilbert, for letting us know. My sympathy to you and the rest of Jenkie's family--
Janie Carter Vaughan
09/25/14     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
What a unique person. To know him was to love him. Yes, he will be missed.
09/27/14     Archer Thomasson  (1965)      Archer1710@msn.com
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
I think that we all feel the loss of Jenkie….we lost an integral member of the ‘class of 65’. Jenkie was born to humble surroundings, never won ‘most likely to succeed’, but discovered after leaving Martinsville that he ‘could make a difference’. Jenkie went into the Air Force, flew missions over Viet Nam, and decided to ‘take a chance’ and use the benefits that he earned to break the ‘factory mentality’. I heard a quote once, but it resonated to me, and for some reason it reminds me of Jenkie. Jack Warden said it in a movie, but I can’t remember the name….’We came into this world naked and bare, to go out of this world, we know not where….but one thing we know, and one thing we swear, we were thoroughbreds here, we’ll be thoroughbreds there’….archie
09/30/14     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
Archie, so aptly written.
10/05/14     Jenkie Willard  (1965)      Flwillard007@aol.com
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
Thank you truly for all the kind words and memories. It would have meant a lot to him! He was really looking forward to coming to the 50th reunion. For all who did not know, he had been battling cancer since 2005. He was such a fighter and was not ready to leave his life here. He so enjoyed his retirement, planting flowers, trees, and just working in the yard and around the house. We had hoped to travel, be with family and friends but his retirement years were so short and often filled with radiation treatments, surgery visits to Duke… He never complained and most people would never even know he was in such pain. He had such a loving, kind and caring spirit. He loved life, his family and friends. The pain of losing him is more than I can endure right now. Please give a special shout out to Jenkie Willard at your next reunion! Thank you, Regina Willard, His Wife
10/05/14     Kathy Mitchell Rice  (1965)      katfos47@yahoo.com
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
Regina, our hearts go out to you and your family. I can assure you that each kind word was from the heart and sincere. We will surely miss him at the next reunion. I don't think he ever missed one. If you are so inclined, we would love to have you join us. I will notify you of the details.
10/05/14     George R Allison  (1965)      gallison@triad.rr.com
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
Hello Regina, Judy and I did not find out about Jenkie until the 20th as we were in the mountains with no wifi or phone service. We are very saddened with your loss but have the memories that you and Jenkie gave us during our visits. Judy would like to talk to you and can be reached at 336-329-2174. Thinking of you and sending prayers to you. George and Judy
10/05/14     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
George and Judy, I have no doubt that you two had a wonderful time visiting with Jenkie and Regina. Wish we could have been with the four of you. While I have never met Regina I have admiration for her because of the man she married and his love for her. The old saying, "If you love me you love my wife" rings true for the class of '65 towards Jenkie's wife Regina. Regina, please accept Kathy's sincere invitation to attend our Fiftieth Reunion if you can. We would like to give you a hug.
10/11/14     john Exley  (1965)      joexley@gmail.com
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
In the words of an old song from our times by the RainDrops:

"What a guy, he's sweet and gentle...

What a guy, he's sentimental...

What a guy!"
10/11/14     Jackie Sale Hurd  (1965)      jm-hurd@comcast.net
Re: Jenkie Willard has passed away
John, I just listened to that song and oh the good memories. I could see Jenkie with that big friendly smile walking mischiefly past me in the hall, tapping me on my right shoulder while passing me on my left, then winking at me as he moved in front of me, moving up to the next girl or girls walking in the hall. Never meaning any harm; just having fun, and making a girl(s) feel special.
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