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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1965 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
One of our classmates..... - 12
12/28/03     Archie Thomasson  (1965)      archer1710@msn.com
As I said in my earlier post, I have been bored, in pain, and looking for an outlet to vent my energy. But in my reaching out, I discovered something that many of you may know....I only wish that I had known...and I want to advise all of you. Temp Smith is in The Blue Ridge Healthcare Center in Martinsville. He has been there for over a year, having suffered a stroke, and being left partially disabled. I don't know his address, but his email is Temp Smith..... spyder2@kimbanet.com
I called him at (276) 638-3633...this is a private line to his room. I will always fondly think of Temp, as a friend, who was always a 'nice guy', a great pool shot, a little like me in the girl department (slow, not too confident), but a person that if I had to say two bad things about...I couldn't.
PLEASE send our old friend and classmate an email, or a call, to help him through the holidays.
12/28/03     Carlotta Spencer Aist  (1965)      caist101@cox-internet.com
Re: One of our classmates.....
Thanks for keeping us up on the news about Temp. Sorry you are "down and out for a while" but hope to see you at our next reunion. I have missed the "Ol Dawg" get-togethers because I just can't seem to stop working even after retirement. But I plan to really stop within a year. Get better soon and keep us informed.
12/31/03     Archie Thomasson  (1965)      archer1710@msn.com
Re: One of our classmates.....
Jackie....FIVE grandaughters...wow, that is wonderful. Maybe God made the perfect girl 56 years and ago, and he was so proud, he wants to duplicate her...Give Olaf and yourself a pat on the back.
12/31/03     Jassowyn Marie  (1965)      ojhurd@sitestar.net
Re: One of our classmates.....
Happy New Year, Archie,
Thank you so much for contacting me directly at ojhurd@sitestar.net to advise me about our classmate Temp Smith. Along with the telephone number that you listed above, please note his address: Blue Ridge Manor, P. O. Box 4904, Martinsville, VA 24115. When I recuperate from this virus, I will stop by to visit him.

Regret to read about your accident. What is your prognosis?

Aren't those grandchildren wonderful! We have three granddaughters and are expecting two more in 2004. Our daughter Faye and son-in-law Rob Koger are expecting their third daughter around February 22, 2004. Our son Ryan and daughter-in-law Olivia are expecting their second daughter around March 7, 2004.

I, too, Archie, have been blessed by God beyond measure. My 76 years young mother made her public profession of faith on August third and was baptized August thirtieth of this year!

Please let your lovely wife know that the 50th Miss Martinsville-Henry County Pageant is January 31, 2004 at Laurel Park High School. Amanda Redd, Miss Virginia 2003 (Miss Martinsville-Henry County 2003) will be there to crown her sucessor. Many of the former Miss Martinsville's will be there to celebrate the golden anniversary.

May you keep progressing towards the road to recovery, and, to you and your family I pray, may God the Father, Jesus His Son, and The Holy Spirit abide in your world eternally.

On His Wings,
Jackie Sale Hurd
01/04/04     JERRY POFF  (1964)      JDPOFF@CHARTER.NET
Re: One of our classmates.....
Archie, with your references to God and those of Jackie, I would say that, even tho' we enjoy the memories of high school, we are not spiritually the same as we were then. I have often thought that it would be good to include a time of sharing our spititual experiences at class reunions. Thanks to you and Jackie for expressing your faith. Jerry
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