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Class of 1967 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Class of '68 - 14
05/07/06     Marshall Pinkard      rmpinkard@aol.com

Class of 1968 Reply | Post Message | Message List

From the Office of the '68"Elected" President

05/07/06 Marshall Pinkard rmpinkard@aol.com

If you could/did not attend the '68 renunion this weekend you missed a truly wonderful time and we missed you all! (I, personally do not remember a more enjoyable time; my jaws still hurt for the laughter!)

A special thanks to:
Will: You always "spearhead" our renunions; thank you so much! ( On a personal note; whatever you are on get off of it and seek medical help! On the other hand, send me your med.; I could use your energy!)

Molly: Thanks you for keeping Will organized and off of his medication!

Beth: Thank you for your hard work from afar and for helping Molly keep Will off of his medication.

Sarah Jane's husband (Philip? Alonza? sorry, the beer was free....:)Great food!

The faculty: thanks for coming and wanting to be a part of our renunion!

Mrs. Richard Simmons (Cathy's Mom): Thank you so much for the wonderful cocktail party!!(Are we still on for Friday night?? Shoot me an e-mail...)

Jennifer:Thanks for get'n this started!

Chris:What the hell did you do anyway?

Cathy B. for correcting my grammar.......

Traveled the furtherest: Paul Ferrell/Wife; London, England

Enjoyed Reunion the Most: Kit Scales ( Led the Class in "YMCA" (I always had problems with the spelling...)

Marshall Pinkard: Still can "pick 'em up"
(unfortunately HE was only 21 and I only danced with him once!!!, I swear...)

Biggest Boobs: ED GOWER

And finally (Drum Roll Please.....)

CLASS MVP: Philip Jones: Many of us did not have the priviledge of knowing Philip, but he was on time to every function and stayed the entire duration!!! Thanks for your support of our Class, Philip!!! We wish all of us had your appreciation of our Classmates!!!

Great seeing you all; maybe next time we can do a "threesome" (we are so kinky) Can You handle it "67 and "69? '68 can "kick ass and take names and show you "wannabes" how to have a good time....

Bye now,
Marshall Pinkard,
"Elected" President 1968

05/09/06     Michelle Moorefield Ames  (1967)      michmar9@cox.net
Re: Class of '68
Hey Marshall, thanks soooooo.... much for sharing some of the details with `67 (guess "OUR" class taught you guys well,huh?!!!) Gotta love your "upper classmen!" Sounds like ya`ll had a GREAT time, can`t wait to see pictures.
P.S. We`ll accept your challenge for the 'threesome', (next summer, WE`RE there!!!!)
Luv ya, `67
05/27/06     Nelson E. Smith  (1969)      fearless0351@aol.com
Re: Class of '68
Ahem...."wannabes"? I would like to see some or more "wannabes" at this year's Ole Dawgs reunion, Oct 6-7, at the old school on Cleveland Ave. Some who were on the mailing list probably have already received their notices/registration form, however, if anyone needs a copy I can email them one.
06/16/06     Judi (Boyd) Whelan  (1967)      classof1967reunion@hotmail.com
Re: Class of '68
Hey Marshall! Your summary of events, 'sounds' just like you! Class of '67 will be reuniting next summer....you'll have to start taking your V8 Juice and Centrum Silver to keep up with us however.
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