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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1968 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Class of '68 members going to the reunion - 15
03/20/02     Anne Boaz Hardy  (1968)      anz_27025@yahoo.com
Thought it would be nice to get an idea of who amongst us is planning on going to the reunion May 4. If you plan to go, please post your name in this thread.
I plan to go and hope to see many of you there!
03/20/02     Sam Adams  (1968)      mayorsam@3rddoor.com
Would love to be there but have a meeting in Portland, OR. Can't wait to hear about the big bash.
04/04/02     Phillip M. Jones, C.E.T  (1968)      pjones@kimbanet.com
Re: Class of '68 members going to the reunion
Knock on wood. I plan to go. The last two times there was a reunion for 68 people I was involved in car accidents which either put me in hospital or was convelesing at home. The last time I was on a walker for a month after the last reunion.

If something happens agin I'll never plan ever to go to another.

Phillip Jones here. I was the fellow everyone teased no end. I was from Northside (the poor side of town). Anyone from northside was laughed at and made fun of. I was the son of a Flooring Machine operator at Lester's. IF your family wasn't rich or from the Bluebloods in Martinsville; you were made fun of.

I was the fellow who toted all my books to all my classes for fear of being tardy. Also I was the one that tried to make A's and B's where the power people rarely cracked a book, made c's and d's on test but yet received A's and B's because if "their boy, or their girl was flunked" it would be the end of the teacher's job.
04/05/02     Anne  (1968)     
Re: Class of '68 members going to the reunion
Phillip, glad to hear you're going to try again. I'll pray nothing bad stands in your way this time.
04/05/02     NELSON SMITH  (1969)      fearless0351@aol.com
Re: Class of '68 members going to the reunion
Wouldn't happen to hold a grudge or be prejudiced in any way are you, Phillip? I just so happen to have grown up on the same side of Martinsville as you in the area where the former Tultex plant stands. I treasure the memories of my youthful years there, regardless of financial status of my family. Yes, I may not have enjoyed having the luxuries others from the more affluent side of town had, but I accepted it, was thankful and more appreciative of what I did have, and developed friendships in spite of it, regardless if those friends were from Northside, Southside, Mulberry, etc. Nobody ever said life would ever be fair. Maybe being brought up in such humble surroundings prepared me for the future. Richness should not be judged solely on material worth. I hope my meager childhood and environment made me a better man for it.
04/08/02     Glenn Pingry  (1968)      gpingry@kimbanet.com
Re: Class of '68 members going to the reunion
Don't know right now if I'm going to be able to make it. Seems like the last few things that have been scheduled I've been traveling on the job and unable to get there. I'm not sure if I'll be around that weekend
04/08/02     Jennifer Strachan  (1968)      jstrachanassoc@att.net
Re: Class of '68 members going to the reunion
Bummer that they picked May 4th. I won't be there this time.
04/17/02     Larry Campbell  (1968)      lcampbell7@hotmail.com
Re: Class of '68 members going to the reunion
Hope to be there. Was not aware of it until I saw your message. What is the itinerary?
Sounds like we may need to dis-associate ourselves from the Mulberry crowd if Phillip shows up. Maybe City Sheriff's Deputy Gower can pat him down before he comes in. Just kidding, I hope.

04/17/02     Chuck Ramsey      cramsey44@yahoo.com
Re: Class of '68 members going to the reunion
I am trying to locate William Segraves from the class of 1968. We have found his class ring and would like to return it.
04/18/02     Phillip M. Jones, C.E.T  (1968)      pjones@kimbanet.com
Re: Class of '68 members going to the reunion
Hey Nelson,

I remember a littel about you. You eveidently were lucky. I went on to study Electronics at DCC. I worked a various Electroni Service Center (TV shops in those days. I ended up back in Martinsvile first a Harman Appliance as the Electronics Service tech until they went belly up. Then i went to work for the County School System. I was their Electronics And Audio-Visual Technician. My first accident I was walking into a TV shop to get parts for a Monitor i was working on for a school. A lady lost her brakes on spring street directly accross from it (beside of Moorefield Cleaners). She went across 5 lanes and i was the first thing hit. Then next time I was going between one school and another and got ran off the road. After that i was retired. They didn't want anyone handicapped working for them (especially if it required any type of medication). Anyway I've been disabled several years now.

I can't remember ever having any friends. So you may have made lemonade with your life, but I ended up with the spent lemons.

I think I remember you being a good kid though
05/01/02     Walker Pollard  (1968)      wpollard@usitc.gov
Re: Class of '68 members going to the reunion
Greetings to all the Old Dawgs! Sorry I won't be able to make it. I'm buying a condo and settlement is on Mon. 5/6. I had hoped to be able to make it and see all my old friends in other classes in addition to the ones I see at the '68 reunions.
My folks are still in Martinsville, so I visit several times a year. Pop is 98 and my mother is 95. They're still living in the house I grew up in, but they're having more and more problems. My mother has a computer and is semiproficient in e-mail. If you want to surprise her, send her a message at jpollard@sitestar.net.
Hope to read some commentary on the reunion on this site.
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