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Class of 1968 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
WOW . .we rock! :) - 15
05/09/06     Purnell Pettyjohn  (1968)      purn4@msn.com
THANK YOU Mollie, Beth and Will for working so hard to "pull off" the best reunion ever! AND....to Cathy and Mrs. Simmons, for treating us to such an elegant cocktail party Friday night. What a considerate gesture of love you showed all 55 of us, Mrs. Simmons!
I absolutely loved catching up with every single classmate! I couldn't wipe the grin off of my face when I tried to go to sleep Saturday night! Henri (Beth's husband) and Pete (Sarah Jane's husband) are officially classmates since they worked like dogs to help with the picnic! Great meal! We are indeed lucky to still have so much fun together. We missed you, Sue, Mike,Jack, John and Bob! Until the 40th!
05/09/06     Mike Witherow  (1968)      mwith@coastalnow.net
Re: WOW . .we rock! :)
Sue, Jack, John, Bob and I were in town for the reunion. We thought the party was at City Park....not Forest Park. I guess that explains why so few showed up at our reunion! Seriously, I am envious of all of you that made it to the reunion. Hope someone will share some pictures. Congratulations to Marshall for finally recognizing his orientation. Sounds as if Gower provided ample protection and entertainment. SEE YOU AT THE NEXT ONE.
05/09/06     Purnell Pettyjohn  (1968)      purn4@msn.com
Re: WOW . .we rock! :)
City Park??? Was Bun and Steve Lester with you too? By golly, you all had better get your acts together and be with us at the 40th! The CRAZY AWARD this year goes to Will and Chris! My sides hurt from laughing!
05/09/06     Bob White  (1968)      quailster@msn.com
Re: WOW . .we rock! :)
To boot, I was a nervous wreck the whole time we were waiting for everyone else at The City Park. I have never recovered from the day that tree fell on David Lewis' 57 Plymouth Stationwagon, creating a 57 Plymouth Stationwagon convertible. Purnell, I cannot being to tell you how much I enjoy your print of Mavahi back in the day. I will now officially start a 2 year countdown.
05/09/06     Bob White  (1968)      quailster@msn.com
Re: WOW . .we rock! :)
OK Will, I will let you know now that "beging" is not a new word. I am just spoiled by spellchecker.
05/10/06     Purnell Pettyjohn  (1968)      purn4@msn.com
Re: WOW . .we rock! :)
Where is spell check anyway?? Did I mention missing Lelia, Susie, Sally, Bun and Steve L.? I ran out of allowable space in my original message. Bob, I am thrilled that you like the print. I enjoyed painting it! Been fun reading all of your hilarious messages Bob! Take care.
05/11/06     Beth Hammill Byrnes  (1968)      bethbyrnes@bellsouth.net
Re: WOW . .we rock! :)
Henri is so honored to be called "one of us" although he's a few years older, which I continually rub in! I know that he had as much fun as any of us and is still recovering from a fun-filled weekend! I think the bowling did him in though, even if he found it hard to quit and impossible to beat Will!

We are so glad that so many attended and that everyone seems to have had a great time. Will, Molly & I had a ball putting it together, although as I said, Sat night, Will & Molly did the work, I just had fun talking to everyone! We are already working on #40 and need everyone's help to get ALL our classmates to attend that one!!

What a fabulous class we still are and we all look just marvelous!
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