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Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1968 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Idea for Next Reunion - 15
05/17/06     Bonnie Bolejack  (1968)      bcbolejack@aol.com
About music....Since we all were to the point of flipping off the so-called DJ's at this last one, here's what I volunteer: My son Chris would gladly put together music files of all our old favorites and we could just hook it up to some powerful speakers and save a bundle on paying someone to do a half-assed job! Just let me know in plenty of time and we'll start collecting recommended tunes via this website. Love to all!!!
05/17/06     Bob White  (1968)      quailster@msn.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
I Second That Emotion
I have found few of these "DJ's" that have a true comprehension of what John R. was saying when he was "...laying it down for Royal Crown and Ernie's Record Mart". Not wanting to overstate the importance of his WLAC show, but I always remember a prime duty of any passenger cruising from Druid Lanes to Ayers' to Rumley's to Jan's Dutchboy, was to keep the radio signal tuned to John R. Anyway, I think between all of us we could put together a collection with the likes of Otis, Wicked-Wicked Wilson Pickett, Right Rocking Retha Franklin, and Willie T. As well we must not forget our friends across the great ocean, so you would want some Fab Four, Stones, Cream, and of course Van the Man. Now mind you, these are just suggestions; but I have just finished putting my collection onto my CPU, and would be glad to assist this lad named Chris in the task.
As you can probably tell, my having missed this one has made me rather passionate about the next one.
05/18/06     Marshall Pinkard  (1968)      rmpinkard@aol.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
Great idea, Bonnie! I hope those "wanna be" DJ's did not give up their day jobs!! I knew we were in trouble when they did not know what"Motown" or "Beach Music" was! Otherwise the rest of the weekend was perfect!
05/18/06     Will  (1968)      wgravely@kimbanet.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
You Got It Girl! Just check out the Billboard Top 100 list of songs from 1964-1972 and we would almost be covered. Could market the CD collection to all MAVAHI graduates from that period. "MAVAHI 1968 Greatest Hits"
05/18/06     Bonnie Bolejack  (1968)      bcbolejack@aol.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
Will, You and I are on the same page! After I did the first email, I "got the notion" to market the cd--we could sell it and put the money into something useful and meaningful to us as a class. Bob--sure did miss you and can't wait "to put my loving arms around you"--gee, don't get me started on old lyrics, I have enuf ear worms from current music! P.S. Marshall, keep on keeping on, Bro..!xoxo
05/18/06     Beth Hammill Byrnes  (1968)      bethbyrnes@bellsouth.net
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
Fantastic idea, Bonnie! You never know what you're going to get when you hire a DJ - and, as you said, we could market the CD and put the proceeds to good use. Sounds like you & Bob White would be the perfect ones to get this together. We will definitely be looking for ways to save money next time around and correct any mistakes we made this time. That Bob White just better make it to the next reunion along with Sue Wade, Jim Barnes, Sam Adams, Gloria Holley, Ronnie Crouch, and on and on...we sure missed everyone who did not attend and you missed a weekend full of fun and old(and I mean that in the nicest way) friends.

We only have two years to get the 40th right so we better get started now!!


05/19/06     Will  (1968)      wgravely@kimbanet.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
Sounds like it will be a Multi-CD set. I will start working on the CD Cover designs.
May have to have at least 5-CD's.

Eighth Grade(1964), Freshman(1965), Sophmore(1966), Junior(1967), and Senior(1968)
05/19/06     Bob White  (1968)      quailster@msn.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
While I have enjoyed all the various postings since the reunion, I must say that I am disappointed that no one has chosen to put up the 20,000 word report which I recommended in my pre-reunion posting. I am sure it is just an oversight.

While I am certain that the study group went well at Forest Park, I have been thinking about this whole music thing. Maybe in conjunction with the creation of a CD, we could offer some for credit courses related to the topic. Some suggested sessions would include: "Thank You John to It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp--Changing Social Values And Their Impact On The Social Decision Process Of Street Entrepreneurs"or for Mr. Houchins' top minded science students, "The Progressive Aspects Of Osteoarthritis As A Result Of The Adolescent Decision To Shake A Tail Feather As Opposed To Performance Of The Cool Jerk" Finally, maybe we could entice young Johnny Bryant from Class of '70 to bring his knowledge from time on the road with Ray Charles' band to conduct, "I've Got A Woman Way Cross Town--Adolescent Cognitive Processing Models In Computing The Fastest Route From Rumley's To Ayers'"These are just suggestions, mind you , from a man who obviously has too much alone time on his daily commute.
05/23/06     townesy  (1968)      townesyb@yahoo.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
I've been having a great time reading all the comments about our DJ's- I knew we were in trouble when the wife/significant other started to dance. The music was a combination of many genres- I came home and bought 3 CD's Motown & 60's favorites. It let me know if you need any when the mixing begins. I am really excited about the next reunion - glad its only 2 yrs away! Thanks to all who worked so very hard w/ planning a
great weekend for all who attended - we missed you if you weren't there- esp. Bob White- I wish you could have attended - start
planning for 2008 now!!! We were very fortunate to have been teenagers during a time which was not so complicated as the present time. Sure glad I don't have to start over-
05/31/06     Will  (1968)      wgravely@kimbanet.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
Townesy, the mixing has already begun! I have accumulated over 100 Motown songs, over 80 Myrtle Beach Shag Music and now working on the top 100 songs of each year from 1963 thru 1972. Purnell's feet are going to look even worse after the next reunion!
05/31/06     Bob White  (1968)      quailster@msn.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
Will, send me your list, and I will do a structural and funkalistic analysis. I have a decent library of Stax/Volt, Atlantic and various New Orleans tunes if you need any help.
10/05/06     Dawn Chappell Shank  (1969)      dshank51@msn.com
Re: Idea for Next Reunion
At our last reunion, I brought my karoake machine and 60s Soul CDs and we even had some interesting vocals. It was a riot. Can't remember who the DJ we had was, but we brought him some of our stuff in case he didn't have any. There have been some suggestions that we combine a few classes together, but we can't convince Bushnell. Glad ya'll had such a good time. We've been blessed by the presence of members of the Class of 68 at our past reunions. Let us know if you want to work on one together in the future.
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