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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1969 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
40th Reunion - Let the Planning Begin - 16
08/07/08     Laura Graham  (1969)      lsgraham@bellsouth.net
There have been some initial discussions about when and where our 2009-40th reunion should take place. October worked great from a weather and scenery perspective, since most don't have school schedules to worry about any more, but Spring wouldn't be bad either. (We really don't want to do summer though, because Riggs will whine about the air conditioning. I'm just sayin.)

For location: although cruises and beaches and other exotic locations have been mentioned, as Brock recently noted, we'd probably have a better turnout in M'ville.

Plus, as I discussed with Dawn not long ago, you could put our class (particularly Mike Davis, Suzanne, Dawn and me) in a room at the Dutch Inn with rubberbands and Motown music, and we'd be endlessly entertained.

So, thoughts on time and location? Anyone? Anyone? Let the second-guessing begin.

By the way, since Dawn has volunteered to organize it (did you know that, Dawn?) her vote counts like a 100 times.
08/03/08     Debbie Saunders Garris  (1969)      jgarris829@aol.com
Re: 40th Reunion - Let the Planning Begin
If I have a vote, I would love around the first of May. October is great, but with university students everywhere, homecoming and the like, life gets pretty busy for me. But, then again, I will be there no matter what the time of the year -- less any more broken bones. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
08/12/08     Dawn Chappell Shank  (1969)      dshank51@msn.com
Re: 40th Reunion - Let the Planning Begin
OK, I'll volunteer to get things going. I'm now officially taking names of anyone who would like to help plan this thing....Bob Bushnell, Suzanne Martin Lacy, Randy and I got together to get things going last time. Who wants to be on the official planning committee? We should try to get together and kick some ideas around soon.

DATES: I hear a vote for either October or early May. Mother's Day is also college graduation time if there are still folks out there that are in that realm of the universe...but there may be people coming home to see their Mamas....let me know what you all think? My birthday is in October so I'm always up for a party then.

There are already plans formulating for a scavenger hunt that has the possibility of being very entertaining. Any ideas?

Location for the festivities? I'm thinking if people haven't visited Martinsville's latest jewell (not Richard Jewell), we might want to celebrate at the new Museum of Natural History. I think Suzanne is on the board. That might either help us or hurt us, since she knows how we act. We've had it at the Lynwood Club and Forest Park in the past and tried to plan for a different venue last time that didn't work out.

So...can you help?
Email ideas of where and when?
If you know any lost souls' emails and addresses forward them to me, too.

I'll start getting this party started!
08/20/08     Denny Wade  (1969)      dwwade4@msn.com
Re: 40th Reunion - Let the Planning Begin
If the reunion is to be in October, then it might be a good idea to coincide it with Old Dawgs reunion. It would be excellent support for Kathy Rice in her efforts with Old Dawgs. I have been to Old Dawgs reunion, and had a wonderful time.
09/15/08     Rittler Strachan  (1969)      rittler299@yahoo.com
Re: 40th Reunion - Let the Planning Begin
October is the best..the weather is more reliable and the autumn leaves!!! Something us S. Texans dont get to enjoy..Also its gets me out of here during hurricane season! A scavenger hunt..I'm pretty sure its against the law to shoot buzzards so its gonna have to be a variety of nocturnal mammals so bring plenty of flashlights..
11/16/08     Dawn Chappell Shank  (1969)      dshank51@msn.com
Re: 40th Reunion - Let the Planning Begin
Bob, Randy and I talked a little while on Halloween and Bob suggested we might have the reunion at the restaurant across from the Methodist Church in downtown Martinsville. I think that sounds good. I've called Suzanne but haven't heard back from her about dates to stay away from....so still trying to pin down a date. Sounds like a lot of folks favor October. Would mid or late Sept. also be in the running? I'll send out a survey to my email list as soon as I hear back from Suzanne. Time is flying right on by! 2009 will be here soon. Happy Thanksgiving!
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