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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1969 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Help find missing classmates - 16
09/10/04     Dawn Chappell Shank  (1969)      dshank51@msn.com
Missing ?69 Classmates ? no addresses
If you have addresses for any of the following folks, please email them to me so I can let them know about our November Reunion. I had old addresses for a few of these folks that were returned. Thanks.

Jerry Alderman
Glen Barrow
Lanita Benton Hodnett (Blairs, VA?)
Bill Boyd
Mildred Brim
Judy Brown
Michael Thomas Campbell
Sarah Lee Campbell
Wilson Eldridge Campbell
Lottie May Carson
Robert Carter
Cleo Chisholm
Tom Clark
Yvonne Cochran
Shirley Cox
Leonard Dalton
Tommy Dickerson
Doris Draper
Katherine Victoria Draper
Annie May Edwards
Deborah Fulcher
Ralph Fuller
Carlon Marie Galloway
Josephine Garrett Johnson
Faye Goins
Carolyn Goodspeed (Roanoke?)
Marshall Griffith
Curtis Hairston
James Hairston
Laura Hairston
Senora Weaver Hairston
Shirley Marie Hairston
Rhonda Elizabeth Hannah
Linda Susan Harris
Darlene Jeanette Herritt
Edwin Eugene Hill
Bonita Joyce Holt
Bonnie Stratzler Huddle
G.K. Huddle (Carolina Beach, NC?)
Geneva Velda Huff
Chris Huffman
Ella Wee Hughes
Martha Hunt (Collinsville?)
Bobby Jewell
Clifton Jones (Martinsville?)
Gail Antoinette Jones
Gail Marie Jones
Tara Kazee
Deborah (Dee Dee) Kellam
Olivia Jean Kent
Melissa Kirkland
Donnis Neale Lackey
Jean Lackey
David McMillan (Martinsville?)
Darnell Edwards Roberts
Cheryl Russell
James Thomas Scales
Henderson Carver Seay
Patrician Lee Sexton
Claudia Sherman (Raleigh, NC?)
Sandra Spangler
Wynona Elizabeth Stultz
Charles Houston Surber
Richard Bruce Sutton
Louis Turner (NY, NY?)
Robert Lane Turner
Jerry Lee Waller
Betty Sue Warren
Donnie Gene Watkins
Jim Luke Whisnant
Chauncey Williams
Joyce Marie Wilson

09/10/04     Dawn Chappell Shank  (1969)      dshank51@msn.com
Re: Help find missing classmates
A few more came back. I need updated addresses or emails for:
Dr. William Midkiff (Chesapeake)
Baynus Hairston
Pat Jones

Ray Moore let me know that Bonita Holt Bray is in M'ville. He's going to get her address and that Marshall Griffith passed away a few years ago. Thanks, Ray.
09/12/04     Dawn Chappell Shank  (1969)      dshank51@msn.com
Re: Help find missing classmates
Today's missing persons:
Wendy Stine Embree (last address Davidson, NC), Sylvia Brown Pingry (Graham, NC) and Debbie Taylor West (Columiana, AL)
Anybody know an address for these ladies?
09/14/04     Nelson E. Smith  (1969)      fearless0351@aol.com
Re: Help find missing classmates
Here's my input:

Linda Susan Harris is still in Martinsville to my knowledge (her Mom passed away I believe last year).

Marshall Griffith passed away a few years ago.

Was Jean Lackey related to Charlie Lackey (Class of '70)? If so, see below.

Contact my brother Kenny (knowa all/tells all) from Class of '70 about info on some of these, especially Susan and Jean. Did you post this same message on the boards for Classes of '64-'68 and '70-'73? I had previously posted a message to their boards requesting info on any of their siblings or other relatives who may have been in the Class of '69. Just copy/paste your message into those message boards if you haven't done so already...will save you some typing.
09/14/04     Nelson E. Smith  (1969)      fearless0351@aol.com
Re: Help find missing classmates

I will contact Bill Midkiff since he is in my area...he moved his dental office.
Debbie (Taylor) West moved back to Martinsville and was living in her parents house for awhile. I had heard they might have been building a house over in Roanoke area
09/20/04     Denny Wade  (1969)      dwcamper@yahoo.com
Re: Help find missing classmates
Carolyn Goodspeed can be reached at 540-989-9665
09/21/04     Diane Sonner Eberly  (1969)      dieberly1950@comcast.net
Re: Help find missing classmates
Address for Wendy Stine Embree - 21427 Harken Drive, Cornelius, NC 28031. No current e-mail address.
09/21/04     Dawn Chappell Shank  (1969)      dshank51@msn.com
Re: Help find missing classmates
Thanks, Diane.
Had a sad reply back from Robert Lovell's family. He passed away in March 2001 from pancreatic and liver cancer.
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