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Class of 1970 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
In Memory of Bobby Morse - 17
10/11/08     Pat Carpenito  (1970)      pcarpenito@comcast.net
Bobby Morse and I grew up together on Clark Road. Our parents were best friends, so needless to say, we spent many days together playing sports in the back yard, going to Snow's and Angelo's for hot dogs, and just hanging out.

I have many memories of Bobby, like the time that he, my brother, Tom and I sneaked out to go to Nancy Hoyt's slumber party on Corn Tassel Trail. Mr. Hoyt caught my brother and I, but Bobby managed to hide in the basement bathroom until he could escape unscathed.

Even though he didn't play many team sports, he was an athlete. He was a great golfer and the one thing that stands out in my mind from the back yard sports was the fact that Bobby could punt a football higher and farther than anyone I knew.

Bobby was also a music lover. I remember hanging out in his basement bedroom and listening to The Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed for the first time. Classic!

I saw Bobby 3 1/2 years ago in North Carolina. He had not yet been diagnosed but the doctors were running tests. He treated for a year or so and was given a clean bill of health. A year later the cancer came back with a vengence, but Bobby bravely went through the experimental treatments with dignity and hope.

Bobby is now safely home. I am sorry that I will not at the memorial service tomorrow, but he will be in my thoughts and Jean and Ellen will be in my prayers.

Godspeed, Bobby.

Love, Pat
11/20/08     Peka Wade  (1970)      pekaat4paws@aol.com
Re: In Memory of Bobby Morse
Also having grown up on Clarke Road, I remember Pat, Tommy Barker, Bobby, me and some others playing kickball in my front yard across from Sherwood Place. We all had such a good time. When it snowed we would ride our sleds down my backyard nearly to the creek. I just read where he passed away...I can hardly believe it...always full of life and smiling....
04/26/09     Jon Beeler  (1970)      jb4t5@aol.com
Re: In Memory of Bobby Morse
Hello 1970 Mavahi Classmates!!
For some reason - I have NO idea why - I decided to look at the Mavahi website today. I haven't done this is MANY years. I was terribly saddened to see the news about Bobby Morse. I really enjoyed him and remember as you do, how fun he was to be around. I wish I would have known about him before today. Anyway, for those of you who may see this, my fondest wishes go to you all, and get in touch with me if you want to re-connect.
On a different note, I enjoyed seeing the picture from Mrs. Cheshire's 2nd grade. Unbelievable that anyone even had that picture. I remmeber a lot about her and the fun I had at school.
I am living in Fort Myers Florida, working and enjoying the beauty here. It's a bit far away to work on a re-union in Martinsville, but if any of you see this and want to help organize a 2010 get together, I will help out. It would be great to see you.
Pat, I still brag on you, John Bryant, Tom Sawyer and Clift Mitchell as a band, not to mention how much fun we had at Tech with Mike Brown, Mike Gocey, Clift, etc. and Grace L Ferguson. My fingers have new calluses on them from playing guitar with some friends at a bar on Sanibel Island just yesterday. We were terrible but we had FUN.
08/09/09     Jim Bush  (1973)      bushzzz@hotmail.com
Re: In Memory of Bobby Morse
My brother David and I were the younger kids who grew up on Clarke Rd. with Bobby Morse and Tommy Barker and the Carpenito brothers. I remember Bobby always being nice to us "little kids" and we felt privileged when he and the other older guys would let us hang around. I was really sorry to hear that he had passed and will always have fond memories of him.
Jim Bush
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