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Class of 1970 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Missing Class Members - Latest List - 17
03/30/10     Gael Marshall Chaney  (1970)      mavahi1970@gmail.com
Here's the most recent list of still-missing class members. It has gotten shorter, but only by a little bit. Please send addresses to mavahi1970@gmail.com. Thanks!
Martha Gail Altice
Richard Manfore Amburn
Samuel Eugene Bennet
Jane Elizabeth Bevin
Prentis Robert Brady
Norma Jean Brandon
Charlie Leon Carter
Faye Andra Carter
Teresa Regina Carter
Kimberly Ann Chapplear
Ben Styles Clark
Harold James Clark, Jr.
Kay Wood Cooper
Margaret Davis
Carla Jane DeShazo
Michael Lewis DeShazo
Jennifer Jacqueline Dodson
Beverly Carolyn Doss, (Beverly Doss on FB NOT Mavahi 1970)
Kathy Lee Eanes
Willie Arnett Eccles, Jr.
John Raymond Finchem, Jr.
Joseph Edward Finley, Jr. (on FB, no other info)
John Hurley Fisher, Jr.
Lilian Veronica Foster
Joseph Lee France
Michael Lynn Franklin
Wanda Lee Galloway
Frances Ruth Garrison
Virginia Gayle Gauldin
Marshall Monroe Gravely
Patricia Vernell Greenfield
George Holdman Gregory, Jr.
Myra Faye Gregory
Alice Savannah Hairston
Anthony Necota Hairston
Brenda Faye Hairston
Cynda Ann Hairston
Deborah Aurelia Hairston
Frank Noel Hairston
Kenneth Wayne Hairston
Larry Darnell Hairston
Lester Bernard Hairston
Lillie Ruth Hairston
Regina Louise Hairston
Veronica Lake Hairston
Virginia Hairston
Robert Wayne Harding
George Carrol Harris
David Russell Haynes
Eva Hattie Hill
Willard Nelson Hilton
Otis Allen Hodge
Jesse James Hylton
Olvin Jackson
Cheryl Renee Jamison
Earnest Lawson Johnson
Bennie Marvin Jones
John Evans Keim
John Francis LaBonte
Thomas Cecil Lackey
Martha Sue Lawless
Bruce Coleman Lawrence
Linda Dell Lawrence
Molly Adele Leach
Carolyn Ann Lusk
Debra Louise Malloy
Michelene Elizabeth Markee
Victor Ricardo Marsh
Bertha Frances Martin
Beverly Ann Martin
Charity Grey Martin
Donald Ricardo Martin
Margaret Lardinia Martin
Regina Mae Martin
Wayne Douglas Martin
Martha Wampler McKee
Lynda Kay Miles
Curtiss Cecil Millner
Larry Bernard Millner
Lillian Bernard Millner
Evon Karen Mills
Frederick Leslie Mitchell
Patricia Ann Moore
Joel Donald Morgan
Cheryl Lynn Mort
Shannon Garnette Murphy
Cathy Jo Nickleston
Connie Thomas Pedigo
Richard Charles Penley
Sharon Mae Philpott
Sandra Kaye Plaster
Terry Boyd Pratt
Andrea Jan Prillaman
Joseph Wilson Pritchett
Rosa Elsie Pulliam
Robert Glenwood Rea
Teresa Gail Redman (Teresa Redman on FB not Mavahi 1970)
Constance Rene Reynolds
Paul Sebastian Ricard
Evelyn Marie Ricketts
Pamela Leigh Saunders
Thomas Fred Saunders
Deborah Evonne Scales
Gwenevere Lorraine Scott
Martha Jean Sigmon
Regina Sue Spencer
Ralph Eugene Spillman
Patricia Allyn St. Lawrence
Leroy Delona Stockton
Noreen Wilhemina Strong
Mildred Swanson
Paula Ephronia Travis
Janet Ellis Vernon
Carol Jean Wagoner
Marsha Ann Walker
Michael Eugene Wall
Daye Ann Wilkins
Denice Laverne Williams
Debra Jean Wood
Yonnie Marie Young
04/09/10     Gael Marshall Chaney  (1970)      mavahi1970@gmail.com
Re: Missing Class Members - Latest List
It is now too late to mail invitations, but if you know anyone who didn't get one, tell them to log on to this web site for all the details.
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