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Draper & Ferrell Clothiers - Martinsville, Virginia
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Class of 1970 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Remembering Snow's Sandwich Shop - 17
01/19/03     Peka A. Wade Wilson  (1970)      pekaat4paws@aol.com
Hey Larry!! I live in Richmond now. My cousin, Doug Chapel, still runs Snow's. It has not changed much. As a child, going to Snow's for a hotdog was a big night out. I remember everything about it. Doug has done a lot to preserve it. Hope you go by from time to time.

02/08/03     Bob Morse  (1970)      RSMorse100@webtv.net
Re: Remembering Snow's Sandwich Shop
Snows was the best hotdog in town. Now that I know it's still open I've got to go back.
02/08/03     George May  (1963)      rvgagolf@aol.com
Re: Remembering Snow's Sandwich Shop
I can remember when I took Driver's Ed. from Husky Hall- we would drive by Snow's to get him a few of the finest in town!Now that I know it is still open-is it still in the same place on southside- I will make a trip to get a bag full- George May class of 63.
02/08/03     Marsha Klaff  (1970)      williy1@rcn.com
Re: Remembering Snow's Sandwich Shop
Hey George, I also had Husky Hall for Driver's Ed., but he always made us stop by Krogers for Bit O' Honey (the small size). He said that as long as he kept on chewing the candies, he couldn't worry too much about the way we were driving.
03/03/03     Donna Cumberledge Miller  (1969)      dmill22451@aol.com
Re: Remembering Snow's Sandwich Shop
Two Thursday nights a month while Daddy was at Exchange Club, Mama, Connie, Sandy and I would go to Snow's for hot dogs. To feed the four of us on a couple dollars was great and the dogs were the best. I had no idea it was still open!
07/25/03     Rita Lawrence  (1973)      reetah_wanchese@yahoo.com
Re: Remembering Snow's Sandwich Shop
I was in Driver's ED a L-ooooo-nnng time, I had Coach Hall as an instructor because Coach Munsey refused to drive with me again after the first day. We did errands for Mrs. Hall and frequently went to Rumleys. Perhaps he was afraid for me to drive to Snow's.
08/22/03     Jo Clark  (1971)      JClark@gms.gcsd.k12.sc.us
Re: Remembering Snow's Sandwich Shop
I remember Snow's - wasn't long since I was there when I was in town.

This seems like more memories of Driver's Ed trips, though. We ALL had Coach Hall--who else WAS there?? Janet Hopkins, Doogie Wade and I usually went to Wimpie's in Danville, though! He was pretty determined that I'd get over my fear of passing 18-wheelers going down hill. I attribute my lead foot to him!!
10/18/04     Larry E. Mayhew  (1970)      lmayhew@sitestar.net
Re: Remembering Snow's Sandwich Shop
I remember a little about Snow's Sandwich Shop since my Dad opened it in the late 1940's. At Joseph Martin Elementary School, I was popular since I could take my friends to Snow's Sandwich Shop for lunch from school. Butch Freeland and Bob Riggs were my usual guests back then. I think I did take Jean Brock once though. My Dad loved all of the many young and old who came to see him. Ya'll were a very big part of his life. Thank you all for remembering my Dad and Snow's.
04/13/07     Bill Adams  (1970)      BillAdams@tripeds.com
Re: Remembering Snow's Sandwich Shop
They are on the web. What would that have meant 50 years ago. Google "Snow's Sandwich Shop" and it's the first hit.('Mavahi dot com' isn't allowing links up because of spam, but it's easy to find.)

"southern ham and grits, as well as other regional favorites". Who is that picture of?
Even Snow's health inspections are there. (Nearly perfect, by the way)
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