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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1973 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
holie molie - 18
08/28/05     mark stroud  (1973)      darstroud@adelphia.net
watsup class of "73"?? just wanted to say hey to everyone. Martinsville is still here and so am I. Ain't life grand!! God speed to all.
08/29/05     Terri Sawyer Calaman  (1973)      jbcwill1@yahoo.com
Re: holie molie
You always make me laugh! Still living in Virginia Beach and teaching the children for the 29th year! Looking forward to another reunion. Maybe I'll be retired by then! Take care.
09/03/05     Russ Herring  (1973)      russherring@adelphia.net
Re: holie molie
hey markus - wazzup witchoo main? so you are still kickin' a-- and takin' names down in Southside- cool, here's a big shout out to you and the rest of the class of'73 from up here in the Valley...on 9/25 remember Bonzo (John Bonham)- may he RIP. David Young, I know you can relate...

09/05/05     David Young  (1973)      BYoung1441@aol.com
Re: holie molie
Hey, Mark, Russell, and Terri! Hope everyone is OK! Mark, looking forward to you and your son's visit to Atlanta next month...it'll get me psyched up for my 8th Stones concert that weekend! Terri, glad you're still teaching. I finally finished my Ed.S. a year ago, can't tell you how happy I am to finally have grad school finished at the ripe old age of 50! Russell, thanks for mentioning Bonzo. I've been playing clubs here in Atlanta with a blues and rock trio called The Amazing Mongooses, featuring my oldest son, Mike, on bass (he's really a heck of a bass player). I also finished a CD with another band, The Fried Combo, and we're getting some nibbles from some small labels. Just a hobby now, really, but still fun! God bless everyone, and keep in touch, OK? :-)
Re: holie molie
Hey Hey Hey Mark and all. have not checked this site out lately. Good to hear all is well with all. How to you like being from the National Championship School Terri. You did know the Dukes were the current reigning Champs...... Divison II pretty good for a Old Girls school. GO DUKES!!!! all is well here in the Metropolis of Goose Creek South Carolina. The best news however Martinsvilles favorite son....Sorry Mark.. is going to be a Granddaddy in April. Sounds old but thats only in age, still young at heart like the rest of yall. Be good and be safe. Kimo
10/20/05     Russ Herring  (1973)      russherring@adelphia.net
Re: holie molie
Hey David Young -I saw the Stones up here in Hooville (UVA) on 10/6 -I was a little skeptical beforehand, but was offered a ticket gratis at the last minute. Well, they quickly removed all doubt. They were in Durham 2 nights later, and I think the next show was Hot'Lanta where you saw them, right? How did you like the show? I thought it was amazing, and Jagger looks awesome at 62 years young. He didn't stop moving for 2 hrs. The only thing missing was my buds (pun intended) from Mville;-)Rock 'till ya drop, and don't forget to get yer ya yas out.

11/04/05     David Young  (1973)      BYoung1441@aol.com
Re: holie molie
Russell....yeah, man, it was my 8th Stones concert (starting way back in '75 in Greensboro), and I have to rank it somewhere in the middle....GREAT show! May we ALL have that much energy when we get in our 60s! New album, "A Bigger Bang," is great. Hope you are doing well, come visit me in Atlanta some time!
11/10/05     Larry Meador      lmeador@ccfsm.com
Re: holie molie
Hello Russell and David,
I was at the Stone's concere in 1975. I found my ticket stub several weeks back. I had ticket number 512. The concert was at the Greensboro Coliseum July 31, 75 and the ticket cost $8.50. What a deal.
11/10/05     David Young  (1973)      BYoung1441@aol.com
Re: holie molie
Larry, I didn't know you were at that Greensboro show! You're right....those were the days on concert ticket prices. I remember seeing George Harrison here in Atlanta in 1974, and we were OUTRAGED that the ticket prices were $9.50! Hope you are doing well, have a great Thanksgiving!
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