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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1972 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Sad News - 2
05/15/07     Robin (Meyer) Frye  (1972)      robin@operandi.com
Just wanted to point out today's Obituary in the Bulletin:
John E. Wells
Died Sunday, May 13, 2007
May 15, 2007

John Emory Wells, 53, of Richmond, died Sunday, May 13, 2007. He was the son of the Rev. Lynwood Wells and Anna Bowe Wells of Meadowview Lane, Martinsville. Norris Funeral Services in Martinsville is in charge of arrangements

05/15/07     Anne Causey  (1972)      Adcinsc@aol.com
Re: Sad News
Hey Robin -

Just got a call from my brother, who had just spoken to my Dad and told me about Johnny. Johnny, Lynn and Pete lived across the street from us growing up. I can't believe this. 53??? So young.

RIP Johnny.

05/16/07     Robin (Meyer) Frye  (1972)      robin@operandi.com
Re: Sad News
I didn't realize you had lived across the street! My parents and Johnny's were longtime friends and continued to be after Johnny's parents separated. Johnny's dad perfromed the services at my dad's funeral.
I have to say that I was just stunned when I saw the obituary. I hope there is more information in the paper tomorrow.
05/16/07     Anne Dunn Causey  (1972)      Adcinsc@aol.com
Re: Sad News
Yeah -

It's really strange. My parents and Johnny's parents' were born in Danville. His parents moved to Martinsville, and strangely, when we moved years later, my Dad picked out the lot to have our home built, and who was our neighbor - his friend Lyndie, which is what my Dad called Mr. Wells. Small, small world.

My oldest brother and Lynwood (a year older than Johnny) spent more time getting in trouble . . . our respective parents had to "separate" them. LOL

Pete was a couple of years older than my little brother Jonathan . . . it was really strange we were all kinda' in the same age range, though.

A year or so ago, Johnny emailed me - just catching up on Corn Tassel news. I read the obituary in the Danville & Martinsville papers this morning. Johnny accomplished a lot in his young life. I'm just so shocked at his death. I know his Mom passed away (at a relatively young age - I think she was in her late 40's or early 50's) with a heart attack, so I'm wondering if Johnny did as well.

This is just heart wrenching for me. To find an old neighbor, catch up on old times - and then to get a call from my brother last night. It's just overwhelming.

RIP Johnny
05/21/07     David Young  (1973)      BYoung1441@aol.com
Re: Sad News
I am so sad to hear this news, and it is also a little strange. I haven't seen Johnny in many years, but, completely out of the blue, he e-mailed me several weeks ago. He had seen some of my postings about my band and had checked out our website, and just wanted to connect with me to say hello. We shared some memories of being in Thespian plays together at MHS, and wound up sending about four e-mails back and forth giving each other updates on the past years, what we've been up to lately, and so on.

Now, to suddenly hear of his death. It's so true, you have to treat each day as a very special gift from God. We are all much poorer to have lost this man, and my deepest sympathies to his family. Johnny was one of the good ones. RIP
07/20/07     russ nester  (1972)      russnester@msn.com
Re: Sad News
Same from me. I haven't been to the sight for a while, and I see this. This is so sad and what a hurt to know that someone that shared some of the same memories of childhood is no longer around to continue sharing. And only our age, 53. And yes, we should enjoy each bite of the sandwich. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
09/12/07     Terry Love  (1972)      terrylove@bellsouth.net
Re: Sad News
Shocked to see this. Johnny and I had been communicating via email for about a year and a half. I think we last talked in April and I was just getting ready to touch base again when I checked this site. Along with high school, we were in scouts together at First Baptist. In our conversations, he would tell me how much he enjoyed his work and loved living in Richmond. RIP
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