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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1975 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
First Grandchild - 20
05/30/04     Tommy Wilkens  (1975)      tommywilkens@yahoo.com
Hello agian former classmates,Just wanted to pass out the good news,My daughter Barbara and her husband Jason have just had my first Grandchild,Born on Mothers Day at Martinsville Hospital Grayson Michael Stout.
My wife and myself are so proud !!!! Just hope we can get him in a Bulldog uniform !!!!
05/22/04     George May  (1963)      rvgagolf@aol.com
Congratulations Tommy--to you and you family-you may not remember me but I remember you at MHS and the good times _ still teach math at Salem High in Salem,Va. Will have some surgery this summer but if possible will try to make the reunions-take care and God bless you and your famly George May
07/25/04     Jim Taylor  (1975)      jtstl@charter.net
Re: First Grandchild
Wilkens, you old dawg. Congrats on grandson. Drop a note an let me know how you and your family are. Remember, the 'Vette, Myrtle Beach and the Pavillion - it was all good.
08/14/04     Tommy Wilkens  (1975)      tommywilkens@yahoo.com
Re: First Grandchild
Jim Taylor is that really you ?? Thank you so much and it's great to hear from you.How have you been all these years ?? Do I remember the Vett, and the Beach you better believe I do,who could forget ?? Man we were party animals.Jim do you remember the time you hired me out to be your driver one night for one of your dates, you payed me with a 12 pack of beer,you had me drive us down to Chatham in your Grand Mothers 1969 Ford LTD to pick up some girl you new and my job was to just keep driving and don't look in the back seat,once when the action got rocken back there you had me put a tube sock over the rear view mirror cause you thought I was watching remember ?? Jim it was really all good sometimes to dog gone good !!!!! Gosh it's good to hear from you !!
Take care Tommy Wilkens
03/02/06     Renita Jenkins  (1975)      raj730@central.dss.state.va.us
Re: First Grandchild

Hi Tommy;
Congrats!!!! on the new grand I to have a grand baby asked about you durning the reunion. where are you now?
Re: First Grandchild
Congrats Tommy on your first grand child! That is fantastic! Babies are so cute!
Hope all is doing well with your family.

Mary Hairston Johnson
Class of '76
04/20/06     Tommy Wilkens  (1975)      tmw565656@yahoo.com
Re: First Grandchild
Thank you Renita.Hope you and your family are well.I couldn't make it to our class reunion I was soken up the sun down in Florida.Look me up some time I'll be out by the pool !!!
04/20/06     Tommy Wilkens  (1975)      tmw565656@yahoo.com
Re: First Grandchild
Well hello Mary Hairston and thank you very much for thinking about me and my family.Hope your well and your family is doing good.
04/29/06     Mary Hairston (Johnson)  (1976)      MJOH795905@AOL.com
Re: First Grandchild
My family is doing great. I can't complain. Life is too great and time is too short. I don't think you remember me. I was in class of 76. But I remember you from Junior high when I was in the 7th and you were in the 8th. Thereafter, when you went to the ninth grade, I didn't see you anymore. Anyway, I'm in Northern Va. Been in this area since 1985. Prior to that, I was living and teaching school in Norfolk, VA. Other than that, everything is fine. I remember your wife but I haven't seen here in years either. I bet you all are really enjoying the grand baby. I don't have any yet but I do look forward to them in the near future. Best Regards to you and your family.
05/01/06     Tommy Wilkens  (1976)      tmw565656@yahoo.com
Re: First Grandchild
Well Mary I most certainly do remember you.It sounds as though you have certainly done very well for yourself.May God bless you and your family.Thank you agian !!
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