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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1976 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Great Dog's - 21
12/04/05     John Hall  (1982)      oldmankid10@yahoo.com
Just wanted to add a few to the list of Greats from Mavahi..
Lee J. Vernon-Football (Guarded Ralph Sampson in the 1979 State basketball semi's)
Cecil France- Football
"Lil Pete Carter-Football
Gary Dalton-Basketball (Could 360 dunk from a standing still position and he was 6'3!...ate up 7'0 Warren Martin of Tunstall several times)
Bobby Dalton-Football (This guy could run like a sprinter but was linebacker sized)
Mark Cooke-Basketball/Football..Great hands and could dunk with authority!
Agree with you guys about Dennis Mahan, Lou Whitaker,Shawn Moore,Kimbo Clark,Bryce Robertson,Jeff Adkins,Tony Dallas....what about JoJo Holt?...Silver Williams?....Rex Varn?.....Nikki Fisher?....

12/05/05     Darrell Moore  (1983)      nascarnut032003@yahoo.com
Re: Great Dog's
How about Danny Winn? Doug Law (RIP) David Collins.
12/21/05     Jeff Belcher  (1976)      jrb@lee-mcshane.com
Re: Great Dog's
I'll still take Jamie Mason over all of them and I don't discount how good any of them were. I think if you were to ask all the great atheletes that were listed, who had the chance to play with Jamie Mason, people like Rex Varn, Dennis Mahan, Doug Law, etc., I think they would all agree Jamie was the best at what he did. Remember, Jamie did it in wrestling, track, and of course, football. He and Dennis Mahan were the most dominating two players I ever saw. There is a great picture of Jamie leading the way with Dennis Mahan glued to his butt following Jamie while he plowed through people. I watched most every Mavaha games from 1968 through 1976. They were the two best I saw.
12/24/05     Tim Grant  (1976)      tagrant13@aol.com
Re: Great Dog's
Dennis Mahan was the greatest athlete that I ever saw at Mavahi. People forget that he started as a freshman on the football and basketball teams while starring on the track team. Dennis did things on the football field that became common place. He ran over, around, and by other players as through he was playing against kids. What about Keith Burgess, Anthony "Maddog" Hairston, Jesse Lee Martin, Lou Whitaker, Ricky Scales, and others. What are we talking about here? Are we looking at the best all-around athlete or the best at their sports? I will say that Mavahi has put out some great athletes and some great teams. How about the best teams? I would put the 76 VHSL State Champion basketball up against anybody.
12/25/05     John Hall  (1982)      oldmankid10@yahoo.com
Re: Great Dog's
Greatest Mavahi Teams ever? How about the 1981 State Champion Basketball Bulldogs or the 1986 Basketball team that played against Oak Hill, Flint Hill, and was ranked as high as #8 in the nation? 1981 Football team wasn't bad either (State Runner-Up) but I would have to say the 1975 Football Bulldogs were awesome as they put it on Southampton...anybody have anymore input on great teams or athletes from Mavahi?...great debate here..by the way...I forgot about Keith Burgess...he was a fantastic athlete
12/29/05     LLOYD DOUGLAS CARTER "BUSTER"  (1980)      lloyddcarter@msn.com
Re: Great Dog's
12/29/05     Jeff Belcher  (1976)      jrb@lee-mcshane.com
Re: Great Dog's
I graduated in 1976 and cannot speak about too many teams after that. However, the State Champion Football Team that year was the best I had ever seen. Look how many players got college rides. Mason, Varn, Taylor, Mahan, Law, Vincent Hairston, and on and on. I know that had some great teams afterwards, especially in basketball and I wish I would have seen that. One thing for sure, you don't win as many State Championships as Mavahi has without loads of great players, Silver, Al Carter (awesome), Ricky Scales, Mad Man, Jamie Mason, Keith Burgess (for sure), Dennis Mahan (maybe the best), Kaline, Mark Cartwright (player of year in AA and AAA), Taylor Edwards (he was awesome in football and basketball), Carl Hairston, Doug Law, Eddie Jones, Bill Lavendar, Sonny Wade, Lou Whitaker, Jeff Adkins, Keith Decker (best golfer in the State for the last 15 years and still going strong), Roy Clark, Mike Swartz, Tim Grant (should have played all sports), Jesse Martin, the list is endless. Mavahi had its share of good ones, no doubt.
12/29/05     John Hall  (1982)      oldmankid10@yahoo.com
Re: Great Dog's
Speaking of Tim Grant....I was just barely in Jr. High when he was playing ball....and I am assuming this is the same Tim Grant who has been posting on here recently....but if memory serves me....wasn't this the Tim Grant who was outstanding playing the drums?....I think I remember him playing drums for the Mavahi Jazz Band and they did a concert for us....he was great.
07/27/07     Bryan Keith Hairston  (1989)      bryan_hairston@yahoo.com
Re: Great Dog's
What about the run the Martinsville High School football made, from 1986-1988. Those were some great years also. I was on the 1988 State Championship team, I dont think we were a match for the 75 State Champs. Martinsville Football has not been the same since the 88 State Champs!!!!
06/06/08     Mikee Mike  (1977)      mshaw@consumersource.com
Re: Great Dog's
Mahan was the best I ever saw. Ran like a deer. A thing of beauty. Mark Cartwright was the most fun for me to watch. His hands were magic. He was sort of a Magic Johnson before anyone knew what a Magic Johnson was. Also loved his 'tude. I heard a story about Silver Williams (a bad dude himself) crawling out of a bathroom window in the old dawghouse locker room to get away from a furious Cartright after practice one day. Of course Sweet Lou is the best baseball player ever out of the area (apologies to Randy Hundley). But the best team I ever saw was the AAU team that was made up of mostly Mavahi players around 88, I think. Mark Cooke, Beamer, a kid from Carver and others. I was living in Va Beach and heard they were coming to town to play the a highly touted AAU team from Hampton Roads. This was supposed to be the best AAU team in the country: J.R. Reid, Alonzo Mourning and some other VERY good AAA players from the area. I will never forget Beamer coming swaggering into the gym - just off the 5 hour bus ride - with a gym bag in one hand and a ball tucked under the other arm. As he walked across the Hampton U. court towards the locker room, he casually tossed the ball high in the air towards the basket, dropped his gym bag, casually jogged towards the basket, effortlessly launch towards the rim, catch the ball after its one high bounce in one hand and slam it through the rim. Landed like a butterfly, went to pick up his bag then swaggered on into the locker room with the team behind him. Hampton Roads was about to learn what Martinsville basketball was all about. During one out of bounds play, J.R Reid (Consensus All-American, National H.S. player of the year headed for UNC the next year) was inbounding the ball. Beamer got right up in his face and slapped the ball while it was still in his hands and yelled to everyone in the crowd: "boy, you ain't the best player in America". He then pointed over to Mark Cooke (guarding Alonzo Mourning) and said: " there's the best player in America". What a display of basketball that day. One play brought the house down. Beamer back door alley oop to Mark Cooke over Alonzo and J.R. Beamer smiled ear to ear scooting down the sideline like a kid who just stole a tootsie roll and pointed to the Navy coach sitting near the scorer's table.
By the way F-C grad here, but couldn't help admirin all the Bulldog teams over the years.
02/08/14     j     
Re: Great Dog's
what a great description of those guys. Realistically, probably never a high school team better. The focus and leadership of a Shawn Moore the street ball of J Hunt the raw talent of Cook and the intangible of a kevin Beamer. They were the fab five before the fab five had diapers.
02/08/14     j     
Re: Great Dog's
what a great description of those guys. Realistically, probably never a high school team better. The focus and leadership of a Shawn Moore the street ball of J Hunt the raw talent of Cook and the intangible of a kevin Beamer. They were the fab five before the fab five had diapers.
06/06/15     Nikki Fisher  (1988)      uvawahoo4u@aol.com
Re: Great Dog's
Thanks for the shout out! Nikki Fisher. Much love.
08/02/15     charles ingram  (1975)      ingram.charles@stripes.com
Re: Great Dog's
Charles Ingram
07/26/16     Jason baxter  (1995)     
Great Dogs
What about Michael Martin as in individual player. Maybe not on one of the best teams of all time but I can't think of anyone who could stop him.
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