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Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1976 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely - 21
03/15/06     Mary Hairston (Johnson)  (1976)      MJOH795905@AOL.com
It was brought to my attention that a classmate of ours passed away this week. I wanted to share this information with all of my fellow classmates so they'll say a prayer for Mary's family. For those of you who didn't know Mary, she was a beautiful person, inside as well as outside. She always had a pleasant smile on her face. If you attended the 25 year reunion, she's the person in the front row with the green pants suite on (I think).

It is very important that we reach out and communicate with one another while we can because we don't know what tomorrow holds for any of us. So I'm taking this moment to reach out to all of my classmate and rekindle a long forgotten friendship just to touch bases and say hello from time to time. We're only a keystroke away. So make someone's day by reaching out and saying hello.
05/09/06     linda mccain  (1976)      babygirl57va@yahoo.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
I too was sad to hear the news about Mary I hadn't seen her in a while but I knew her well we grew up on the same street. I didn't know jamie but I looked his picture up in the yearbook and i recognized him. I live in Norfolk so I don't run into much of our classsmates although I do come home every year to spend my vacation with my sister. always good to talk to a fellow classmate. maybe we'll run into each other next time i'm home
05/10/06     Mary Hairston (Johnson)  (1976)      MJOH795905@AOL.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
Hey Linda! Good to hear from you. I went to Norfolk State and I was there from 1976-1983. Taught school there for three years then I moved to Fairfax County...to be specific...Herndon,VA. I've been in Herndon since 1983. I haven't been to Martinsville since two years ago. Since my parents are both decease, I don't come home often because my daughter is very active with Basketball year around. Therefore, I spend most of my weekends going to tournaments in the area and out of town. If we have a reunion, it would be great to see you and your twin sister since I haven't seen you all since graduation. Does Regina Wright still live in Martinsvile? I know you all lived somewhere in the same vicinity.
05/13/06     linda mcCain  (1976)      babygirl57va@yahoo.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
How Are You Mary. It Is Also good to touch base with long lost friends. I have been here in Norfolk since 92. I still go home at least once a year. And I did run into reginia on a couple on occasions. I also ran into Niesey Penn last year when i was there. sorry to hear about your parents. i can relate we lost our mother.my dad is doing fine. Brinda is doing good. she comes up here on her vacation and i go there. she says to tell you hi. i haven't been to any of the reunion yet, but i would love to go to one just to hang out. maybe i'll see you there.
05/13/06     Mary Hairston (Johnson)  (1976)      MJOH795905@AOL.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
Linda, say hi to Brinda too. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I know the pain. Anyway, I tend to go to Norfolk on homecoming to see the Spartan show down. I was there last year at least 3xs. Went to the homecoming then I went back twice to see my son's band competition at NSU. He plays in the band at Hampton University so I came to show my support to him plus NSU. How do you like Norfolk? It's a nice area. I love Herndon, VA. It's so much to do and so many places to SHOP.

Do you have any kids? If so, how many and how are they doing? Believe it or not, I have you and your sister mixed up. I'm trying to figure out which is which. One of you were taller than the other one.

Is Niessy still living in Martinsville? How about Regina?

Well the next time that we have our reunion, try to make it back home just to say hello to old high school mates. By now, lots of us have forgotten one another. I knew people from one end of the spectrum all the way to the other end of the spectrum and I look forward to seeing everyone and ACKNOWLEDGING everyone but tomorrow is never promised for none of us.

Be Blessed and take care.
05/14/06     linda mcCain  (1976)      babygirl57va@yahoo.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
Hi Mary I told brinda you said hi and she sends you her best. Brinda is the skinny one. she was and still is smaller than me.she is maybe about an inch taller. brinda has 3 kids and 4 grandbabies. I HAD 3 2 GIRLS And a boy but i lost my one daughter, a very painful situation . she has 2 beautiful children and I have them both. i have a total of 7 grands. i like norfolk i have been here so long. and martinsville just isn't the same anymore although i do love to go there and be with my family. brinda is there and i have 2 more sisters there. nisey and reginia both still live in martinsville. is your son the only child you have or do you have others.next time you come to norfolk give me a call. and hopefully if there is a reunion. i'll see you there. good talking to you
05/14/06     Mary Hairston (Johnson)  (1976)      MJOH795905@AOL.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. I send you my belated DEEPEST heart-felt condolences and may God continue to comfort your heart and burden the pain. My heart goes out to her children as well.

I have 3 children. Two boys and one daughter. My daughter is 14 and my middle son is 19 and attends Hampton University and my oldest is 23 and graduated from FAMU in Tallahassee, Florida. I don't have any grand children yet but I do welcome them where ever they come but I'm not in a rush until my sons are situated and my daughter has graduated from college and has worked a while...if you know what I mean.

Yes, when I do make it to Norfolk, I will look you up. I will definitely email you to forwarn you. Smile... Believe it or not, I get lost when I'm in the vicinity of NSU. It has changed so much since I attend there.

Be Blessed

05/17/06     Mary Hairston (Johnson)  (1976)      MJOH795905@AOL.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
Were Mike and Mary twins? Please answer this for me. Someone told me they were not twins and I always thought they were. Please confirm...
05/17/06     Mary Hairston (Johnson)  (1976)      MJOH795905@AOL.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
Thanks so much for confirming that for me Brinda! I thought they were twins and after all of these years of not seeing them or communicating with them, you forget after 30 years. Take Care!
05/22/06     linda mcCain  (1976)      babygirl57va@yahoo.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
Hi mary. hope you had a wonderful Mothers' day. Mine was good I worked that morning but we had a family dinner afterwards. thanks for your condolences. I wanted to let you know that the message you sent to the class of 76 as a whole was very inspiring. and also true. we should acknowledge all of our classmates that we have lost. we are all family in that respect,even thou we may not have seen them in a while. they will not be forgotten
05/23/06     Mary Hairston (Johnson)  (1976)      MJOH795905@AOL.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
Hi Linda! My Mother's Day was fantastic! Hope you had a great one in spite of the loss of your love one. She was looking down on you and smiling upon the earth at you with a radiant glow. She'll always be a radiant star in your heart so never let grieve over burden your heart. Think of the pleasant and fond moments you all had together and that memory of joy with her will never be forgotten. Words cannot express my heart-felt sadness that I have in my heart for you but my message to you is a message of sincerity and compassion. I know GOD has a destiny for all of us and we do not know when he will call upon us to be amongst his angels. So keep the faith and cherish to fond memories because it will always uplift the burden and remove the pain from your heart. Sincerely and Truly! Mary
05/30/06     linda mccain howard  (1976)      babygirl57va@yahoo.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
thanks Mary for your words of comfort. they really do mean a lot. i know that she is here with us all the time, and she will never be forgotten. she has been gone for 9 years and the pain is as real as if it was yesterday, but I do Thank God for the time I had with her, thou it wasn't enough, and I will cherish those memories.
06/10/06     Brinda Mccain  (1976)      akabrin@yahoo.com
Re: Gone But NOT Forgotten : Mary Gravely
Hey Mary, sure, they were twins . We called him Doug . My son told me he seen him the other day .He chiling . know he miss his sister . She will be greatly missed .she was really nice ,
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