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Class of 1978 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Can you guess who coined this phrase? - 23
10/01/01     Bob Smith  (1978)      bob@earworks.com
Shoot it Tootie!
10/01/01     Bob Smith      bob@earworks.com
Re: Can you guess who coined this phrase?
I don't even remember what Tootie's real name is, but we used to shout this out when he got the ball in the morning basketball games in the gym. I'm up for a City Limits reunion. I for one will never forget how to play "It Don't come Easy".
10/01/01     John Ran Smith  (1978)      jrsmith@bigimagegraphics.com
Re: Can you guess who coined this phrase?
Alberta, are you out there?!?

And where is "Tootie" today?

Hope all's well with you, Bob. Let's work on a City Limits reunion tour. Let's see, all we'd need are a pick-up truck, a flatbed trailer, Dave with a sack over his head, and six guys to lift Richie's keyboards! "...you know it don't come easy, Ringo!"

10/05/01     Bob Smith      bob@earworks.com
City Limits Reunuion
I'll stop by Hop In before the reunion gig and get some bevarages. At least now I won't have to worry about getting carded.

PS. My doctor said I can't play "Stairway to Heaven" ever again. I'll go into convulsions.
10/05/01     Dave Hare  (1978)      dhare@centura.com
Re: The Unknown Lead Singer
Hey, the Rolling Stones are still doing reunion tours in their 50's, so it should be no problem for us. In fact, I still have some paint residue left on my chest outlining the "78" we tatooed on it before our Senior Assembly gig. I'll start refreshing my memory for the lyrics to some City Limits "classics": It Don't Come Easy, Taking Care of Business, Feel Like Makin' Love, Stairway To Heaven,etc.(I'll make up what I can't remember, just like in the old days)
10/24/01     Bob Smith      bob@earworks.com
We should do a reunion gig.
Richie! What's up with you man! I consider it an absolute travesty that you allowed your rig to be destroyed....wait, on second thought, it fits your rock n' roll personna. I've got a recording studio in Va. Beach that I started in 1989. We do commercials (not bands) but we also do custom music for radio and TV spots. Its been a good gig, although the early days were rough. I still play a decent amount. I've been blessed that I can do what I love for a living. JR still plays also. Where and what are you doing?
10/24/01     Richie  (1977)      rlawrenc@neocom.net
Re: City Limits Reunion
Maybe by now, they'll let us back in the Presbyterian church for rehearsals. My keyboards were regrettabley (or gratefully?)destroyed and abandoned after a rather raucous "El-Rays" practice late one night at the former "Bernard" estate in Boones Mill; post JR guitar. Trying to keep the nimbleness, I'm playing mostly guitar now and would welcome the opportunity to re-jam. I had the great fortune of performing at a party in Axton last weekend with our favorite home-town dentist and saxophonist extraordinare. What a blast that was! Hope to see you all sometime in the near future.
10/28/01     Richie  (1977)      rlawrenc@neocom.net
Re: We should do a reunion gig
I've been at Smith Mountain Lake since '83; married since '86. No kids. I've been selling telecom equipment for various companies around the world and have had the great fortune of visiting some fascinating, fun places, and some not so fun. I'm not traveling too much these days and am sort of "between gigs". But things are going well for Mary and me. I'm still playing both guitar and piano as much as possible, usually daily, and am definitely up for a jam whenever you guys want to get together.
04/03/02     Greg Ingram  (1978)      Theerulers@aol.com
Re: Can you guess who coined this phrase?
I don't know who coined the phrase, but I do know that Tootie couldn't shoot!!!! LOL!!!

Ex-B-ball player, Greg Ingram
04/05/02     Bob Smith      bob@earworks.com
Re: Can you guess who coined this phrase?
Wassup? Where are you these days? Do you know what Tootie's real name was?
04/08/02     Bob Smith      bob@earworks.com
Re: Can you guess who coined this phrase?
Manasas, what are you doing these days...some cloak and dagger gov't gig? I had a blast at the reunion too. Next time DJ only, or a good old schhol funk band. So you've solved the puzzle...John Ramie is Tootie gentlemen. So we need a new thread. Someone start a new one.
04/08/02     Greg Ingram  (1978)      Theerulers@aol.com
Re: Can you guess who coined this phrase?
Hey Bob, I am up here in Manassas, VA. I know Tootie's last name is Ramey, but I am not sure what his first name is, I think it is John, but we all called him Tootie! Ain't nothing up though, just waiting on the next reunion. Hopefully even more people will come to this one! Tell my boy Jimmy J. to come up with a new dance for this reunion, no more ROBOT!!!! LOL!

Peace, Greg
04/24/02     Bob Smith      bob@earworks.com
Riddle Solved!
Way to go Greg. Man, how motivated to look him up in the yearbook. I'm not even sure where mine is anymore. Hope all is well with you and yours. I'm looking forward to the next reunion too. It was really fun!
04/24/02     Greg Ingram  (1978)      Theerulers@aol.com
Re: Can you guess who coined this phrase?
Bob, I got it, Tootie's real name is Ronald Ramey! It is in our yearbook, he is in the juniors section.

Greg Out!
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