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Class of 1982 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Great Dogs in Sports - 27
12/29/05     John Hall  (1982)      oldmankid10@yahoo.com
Come on '82...I have been bragging about some of our classmates (and others) on the 1976 message board. Somebody post on there and help us keep up the great discussion about who the Best Bulldog Sports Stars were and also opinions on the Best Bulldog teams ever.
12/06/06     Carey "Lil Pete" Carter  (1981)      carerc@cna.org
Re: Great Dogs in Sports

This is Pete Carter (1981). You know we all are bias towards the teams we played on. Here my opinions: Basketball - The team that won it all in 1980 would be my choice. We had Pete Gravely and Cecil France at guards. Bryce Robertson and Jeff Adkins at forwards and Gary Dalton at center. We would have an edge against almost any other team because of the guard play. Cecil and Pete were tough!! Bryce was a monster on the boards - Jeff could shoot the 15-20 footer - and Gary could jump out the gym. Turk Dallas and James Hairston were super subs. Turk was a great shooter and ball handler and James had a great fundamental game. Me and Nathaniel Hairston were "enforcers" in practice. Everyone knew that our jobs were to make the team mentally and physically tough! The real battles were in practice! That's why we cruised through the districts and regionals. I just don't think any other MHS bastetball team was mentally or physically tough enough to beat us - in a championship type setting. Here's one that may be a first. Tony Beamer played on our 1981 basketball team that won the title - his son played on the 2006 team. That may be the first father/son combination to have played on championship teams. Football What was the best MHS Football Team? It's really hard for me to say that there was a team out there that could have beat a team I played on - but i have toi be honest. The 1975 team that had Jamie Mason, Rex Varn, Dennis Mahan, Roy Clark, Keith Burgess, Vincent Dandridge, Doug Law, would be my choice. That team was hands down - the greatest football in the history of MHS. What other team could have matched up with the speed of Mahan - the strength of Mason, the agility of Rex Varn at QB, and the throwing accuracy of the left handed QB Collins? Too many weapons! Plus that team was tailor made for Coach Hensley's style of football. Smash Mouth - in your face - I dare you to stop me! The 1980 football team we played on was the "unofficial state champs". Peopel forget that we actually beat the state champions on their home field - but we didn't make the playoffs because we had to play mostly AAA teams. Remember that they kicked us out of the district in football those three years because we had won it so many times. We had the heart - we didn't have the size. Greatest Athlete - When you talk about greatest athlete to ever play at MHS three names come to mind - Cecil France, Dennis Mahan, Shawn Moore. Dennis won championships in football and basketball. I think Shawn won titles in both. Cecil had two rings in basketball. Again - my bias is with the guy I played with. Cecil was in my mind the best all around athlete. Remember he played football, basketball - and - baseball. He lead his teams in all three sports and - if you recall - the baseball made a run for the title while Cecil was playing. Cecil often played hurt with casts on his wrists, sprains, etc. He would still get the job done. I remember his junior year he needed almost 300 yards to go over 1,000 for the year going into the last game - he ran for over 250 against AAA team Cave Springs to break the 1,000 yard mark! Alot of folks may not remember that Cecil hit a basketball shot - from almost half court - in 79 that would have beat Ralph Sampson's team. As the crowd celebrated - the referee called the shot no good! (How can we have beaten Ralp Sampson in UVA during his senior year in high school after he had just signed to play at UVA :-). I never saw Shawn play - but -heard he was really good. I did see Dennis Mahan. I remember him running the long TD's down the sidelines! I think his scoring record stood until about 2002. With all the great runs Dennis had - I still pick Cecil France as being the greatest athlete to play at MHS - when you consider all sports.

12/06/06     John Hall  (1982)      oldmankid10@yahoo.com
Re: Great Dogs in Sports
Lil Pete,
I have to say the 1980 Bulldog Basketball team stands out in my mind as a great basketball team because of everything you said and plus, I was the manager for you guys so of course my heart is with that team. As I recall, practices were fierce and guys like you, Cecil France, and Nat Hairston brought that element of ferociousness to an already talented team. The 1982 team was probably the team that did the most with less talent by winning the State title after losing powerhouse players from the previous title years. I always knew, and I bet you agree, Coach Troy Wells knew winning basketball then as an assistant coach and he knows how to win now. He is a great basketball mind just like Coach Hall is and Coach Cartwright was. Speaking of coaches, I hate to see Coach Edwards leaving the helm of the 'Dogs. Thanks for many many great years to all the past Bulldog coaches.
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