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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1983 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
I'm Still Laughing.... - 28
10/07/03     Tracy Hairston  (1983)      tracy83@msn.com
Where do I begin? Let me first start by saying it was da bomb!! I loved seeing all of the "crew". Sitting back laughing at all of the good times was something that will be forever etched in my heart. I cannot believe that we all look so good. Except for a few (want mention names). I tell you, that Electric Slide got me. These bones can't boogie like they used to. I was especially happy to see Marsha Ingram. It really amazes me how some people can remember the oddest things. Tonya Pitzer-Goins: I'm still tripping about the trip to Norfolk that we took. What was the name of that ship?? John Jackman: I loved seeing you again and I will be coming to California. By the way, are you voting in the recall election? Kathy Sims--You Are a Trip!! I enjoyed meeting Turk. I hope he survived that night. Tonya & Marsha---I'll Hollar!! Thanks to all members of the class that put the reunion together. Kathy is right, we should honor our lost classmates
(Add Pateryon Dillard and Lisa Dallas to the list).
It was a truly blessing to see everyone again!!
10/07/03     Kathy Sims  (1983)      preciousangel906@yahoo.com
Re: I'm Still Laughing....
Thank you, Tracy; I resemble that remark! lol You, Tonya and Marsha need to hop in the car and ride to G'boro one Sat. I'm always home and doing nothing special! I'll give you a holla while I'm up this weekend.

Take care!
10/08/03     John Jackman  (1983)      jjackman@AFI.com
LA's a'waitin...

Come on out to California...I'd love to tour you around. Think of the trouble we could get into...and yes, I'll try to set up a meeting with you and Spielberg...or at least Spielberg's pool guy's niece's best friend.
10/12/03     Tonya Pitzer-Goins  (1983)      fullfiguredgal@hotmail.com
Re: I'm Still Laughing....
Girl, I'm tellin' you da troof!!!! I'm still hooting! I haven't had a good time like that in years. I'm soooooooo glad I left my hubby at home! Everyone did look wonderful (especially Lee, Bill, Hutch, and Boo----GAWD!). Anyhow, it's a shame how we live right across town from each other and don't communicate more than we do. I'm going to make a special effort to break that cycle. I'd forgotten how crazy we act when we're together. We even got our little conservative Kathy up and runnin'! I'm already looking forward to our 25th with imperceptible eagerness! Speaking of our deceased classmates, does no one remember Renee Lemmons and Lisa Williams? They're both gone to their rewards as well. Tracy, the name of that ship was the U. S. S. Emory S. Land. Remember: The power of Christ compels you...the power of Christ compels you! LOL Marsha Ingram--keep the faith, girl--God is blessing! LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLL!
10/13/03     Cindy Abercrombie Burdette  (1983)      cindyburdette@earthlink.net
Re: I'm Still Laughing....
Miss Tonya - my mind is really going here, I don't remember Lisa Williams or the Lemmons girl. They are not in our senior pictures in the year book, you sure they were '83 class mates - or older/younger classes that hung out with us? By the way, you look fabulous these days - you go Miss T!!!
10/14/03     Tonya Pitzer-Goins  (1983)      fullfiguredgal@hotmail.com
Re: I'm Still Laughing....
Hey, Cindy Abbie!
Yeah, I remember Lisa and Renee being in our class, but if I'm not mistaken, they both quit before we graduated. They were nice girls...Renee was a dirty blonde with freckles...very quiet and subdued. Lisa was a girl who was very comparable in size to me AT THE PRESENT. Y'all remember now? Anyhow, thanks for the compliment....finally, the day has come when BIG GIRLS are in to a certain extent! So, BIG MAMA be tryina hit it, ya know? LOL And you, Cindy.....you look marrrrrrrrrvelous! Much love!
10/14/03     Cindy Abercrombie Burdette  (1983)      cindyburdette@earthlink.net
Re: I'm Still Laughing....
I think I remember them now....Thanks for the help....glad to know that I'm not totally out of it!!!!
Keep in touch all!
10/21/03     Lucretia Dillard Hairston  (1982)      hairstl@ccf1.ftmeade.army.mil
Re: I'm Still Laughing....
Tracy, you probably don't remember me but I am Pate's sister and I just want to thank you for remembering her. I know that if she was here, she would have had a great time at the reunion also.
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