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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1983 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Mini May 5th & 6th???? - 28
01/24/06     Cindy  (1983)      cindyburdette@earthlink.net
Hello gang! We have been discussing having a mini reunion now for about 2 years now. Boo, looking at the calendar, Easter is usually when folks are with families or on vacations so I picked the weekend before Mother's day as a possibility. Kerry, you still willing to host at your house? What if we did a pig pickin and everybody brought a side dish. Have outdoor games with the kids, etc. If Sandy Tudor Athey reads this, does our class budget have enough to pay for the pig? If not, would folks be willing to pitch in for the cost? It doesn't have to be at Kerry's house, we could rent a space at one of the parks to meet. Doesn't even have to be a pig pickin. We can all bring our own to grill. If we have it at a park, then maybe we can have an afternoon family softball/football whatever game. All of this of cours I am thinking of taking place on Saturday. Friday night just the grown ups can meet at somewhere out to hang out and catch up.
These are some ideas I'm tossing out. We will really need a couple of folks in Martinsville to help get a plan set and I know there are several of us that would help organize it, it won't have to be 1 person doing all the work, which I know is a huge concern.
Oh yea, I have one more version of our class directory to send to you guys. Apparently some of the information that I thought I had saved didn't save afterall. I will double check that this week and send you guys one last updated copy. I never heard from the webmaster on posting it on line. Let me follow up with him as well.

Ok, there is my say on the mini. Let's hope that we hear from more folks to share their opinions on this!

love ya'll mean it!
01/25/06     Kathy Smith Sims  (1983)      preciousangel906@yahoo.com
Re: Mini May 5th & 6th????
My birthday weekend! What a nice present for me! :) Keep me posted!
01/31/06     Wanda Howard Stone  (1983)      wandastone3@yahoo.com
Re: Mini May 5th & 6th????
I would love to see something like this since I have not been able to make it to any of our reunions.
02/01/06     James warner  (1983)      dawnflightus@yahoo.com
Re: Mini May 5th & 6th????
That would be great!!WE can get togather ,eat,have a good time &tell lies about how good we were (haha).I am always up for a reunion mini or full with one of the greatest group of people i have ever had the HONOR of being a part of.LOVE YA ALL James (fUDD) Warner
02/09/06     James warner  (1983)      dawnflightus@yahoo.com
Re: Mini May 5th & 6th????
HI CINDY Ihave a buddy of mine who runs&owns a catering company.If you can let me know within the next few weeks how many people will be there i can get us a good price onthe food and such if that is the way you care to go. take care James
02/10/06     Cindy  (1983)      cindyburdette@earthlink.net
Re: Mini May 5th & 6th????
James, that is an awesome offer! Classmates, let's make this happen! James, if anyone shows ANY interest I'll keep you posted! The hard thing to accomplish is getting folks to commit. We'll see how this goes! love, cindy
02/10/06     Tonya Pitzer  (1983)      fullfiguredgal@hotmail.com
Re: Mini May 5th & 6th????
Put me on the docket......I'm there!
02/10/06     Tonya Pitzer  (1983)      fullfiguredgal@hotmail.com
Re: Mini May 5th & 6th????
P. S.--I'm also up for helping with any arrangements that need to be made and any work that needs to be done. Just call me.
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