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Class of 1956 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Good Ole Days! - 3
06/21/01     Esther Sparks Powell      rspowell@kimbanet.com
Hello All. Ann and Ralph put me on the right track to get to this site. What a great way to get the occasional needed shot of nostalgia. Who remembers heading to Floyd's for lunch instead of to the cafeteria for the nutritional meal that our parents had intended us to have? Are any of you people out there that I use to see at Ayers' Skating Rink on Tuesday bargain nights? What about those Wednesday night specials at the National Theater where you not only got in for a quarter but got to see a double feature as well? There was also the Saturday night "Midnight Movie" at the Rives. Mr. Keyser,history teacher, ran the projectors for that. Well, I don't want to be responsible for anyone O.D.'ing my first visit here, so I will just end by saying that I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our 45th reunion on August 11th. Love, Esther
07/02/01     Ralph E. Pruitt  (1956)      rpru@earthlink.net
Re: Good Ole Days!
Yes - I recall the days of eating at "Floyds", if that was the little store
that sit on the corner near the Armory.
I ate more than my share of the great
tasting peanutbutter/banana sandwiches
they sold there.
07/12/01     JIm Tuggle  (1965)      Jtuggle5oo@aol.com
Re: Good Ole Days!
Ester, you forgot to mention Liberty heights swimming pool.
07/15/01     Ralph E. Pruitt  (1956)      rpru@earthlink.net
Re: Good Ole Days!
The comments about the Liberty Heights
pool was "right on". I spent a lot of time
there myself swimming with Paul "Whitey"
Kilby (now deceased) and my many friends
from Jones Creek. Lifeguards like Alvin
Murphy, David Stone and Jack Stultz - not
to forget Morton Lester - will always be
in my memory.
07/17/01     Esther Sparks Powell  (1956)      rspowell@kimbanet.com
Re: Good Ole Days!
Well, Ralph, Jim and everybody, I guess I'll just have to plead temporary insanity, 'cause no one in their right mind could ever forget Liberty Heights Swimming Pool and all the good times that were had there. Isn't it hilarious to recall how all those blonde heads would turn green for the summer? I think maybe Paul Kilby probably deserved the title of the "greenest", but Pete Lawrence, Jimmy Tuggle, Titus, David and Anna Sparks weren't too far behind. Because of our dark hair, people like Ralph and I escaped sharing that "green heads of summer" distinction which seemed to belong exclusively to any blonde in our "swimming pool" bunch. Good ole days....for sure.
07/17/01     Ralph E. Pruitt  (1956)      rpru@earthlink.net
Re: Good Ole Days!
Jeepers - I forgot about the "green hair"
problem. Yes - old Paul Kilby sure looked
like "the boy with the green hair" because
he spent so much time (every day) there. It
was at Liberty Heights Pool that Paul Kilby
became known as "Whitey". Either Alvin
Murphy or David Stone gave him that nick-
name - or, maybe both.
07/18/01     Jimmy Tuggle      Jtuggle500@aol.com
Re: Good Ole Days!
Yes, and i remember another life guard.....Billy Pruitt (chew) Ester what ever became of Chew??? i HAVE NOT HEARD OF HIM FOR YRS!
07/18/01     Jimmy Tuggle      Jtuggle500@aol.com
Re: Good Ole Days!
Yes, and i remember another life guard.....Billy Pruitt (chew) Ester what ever became of Chew??? i HAVE NOT HEARD OF HIM FOR YRS!
07/27/01     Ralph E. Pruitt  (1956)      rpru@earthlink.net
Re: Good Ole Days!
Billy "Chew" Pruitt lost a 3 year battle
with cancer and passed on at age 37. He
is buried in Winston Salem, NC.
10/31/02     Barbara Guthrie Cobb  (1957)      bcobb@charter.net
Re: Good Ole Days!
Hi Ester, I'm not sure we knew each other in high school, but I was one of those with green hair, and I remember Jack Stultz well. He was a neighbor of mine on Jefferson Circle and I had a mega-crush on him from the time I was about 8 or 9.

Remember the first time we went off the high board? Remember how many days, weeks, maybe years, it took us to get up the courage?

Floyds was my grammar and junior high version of high school's Spooky Hollow --- I always felt "wicked" when I went there and knew Mama was bound to be waiting outside to catch me!

I was in town for our 45th class reunion last weekend and saw that Ayer's drive-in is now a Mexican restaurant, and the old skating rink is in the process of re-emerging as a brick mexican restaurant. I was in a Saturday skating group called the "Rinky Dinks" formed by Stella Spencer. I was so proud when I learned to skate backwards!

Hello to all in your class, some I knew and some I didn't --- but it seems we share a lot of the same memories.
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