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Class of 1956 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Melody Boys of the 1950's - 3
07/24/04     Rick Shultz  (1959)      Rick@BocaPrime.com
Hello MHS Class of 1956! Over the last year or so, and thanks in part to Jimmy Hodnett (Class of 1955), I have compiled a CD of the sounds of The Melody Boys. This group you should remember quite well since Johnny Crews and Benny Eanes were in your class! The rest of the group included Jim, Terry Mitchell, Jerry Prillaman, Billy Kirk and Reed Stone Moore from the Class of 1955 and me...oops...from 1958!
Anyway, the CD is now completed. There are 39 cuts in all. I am extremely happy with the results! To me, it is FABULOUS! I am only waiting to hear back from Jim to see if he has any additional photos of the group that I can use for the CD cover. Meanwhile, if anyone has a photo they could share with me that they might have of the group, please email me ASAP to Rick@BocaPrime.com. And, if anyone other than members of the group would like a copy of these CD's, please let me know. If just a couple of people reply, I'll send them to you gratis. If a couple hundred reply ... then I'll have to figure out a charge of some kind.
Thanks Very Much!!!!!!
Rick (Warwick) Shultz
Boca Raton, Florida
07/24/04     Esther Sparks Powell  (1956)      powellrs@kimbanet.com
Re: Melody Boys of the 1950's
WOW, Rick!! You better stand back, because
I have a feeling you are going to be bombarded with requests for that CD. I know
that I for one would love to have it. What
a wonderful blast from the mid-fifties that is going to be. I'll gladly pay for my copy,
07/24/04     Frank Moore  (1957)      frankilamoore@earthlink.net
Re: Melody Boys of the 1950's
Hi Rick,
My name is Frank Moore and would love to
have a copy of the Melody Boys..
P. O. Box 837 Clewiston, Fla. 33440
e-mail frankilamoore@earthlink.net
Any charges,I'll be glad to pay.
Thank You,
Frank Moore class of '57
07/24/04     Judy Crews  (1964)      jcrews@kw.com
Re: Melody Boys of the 1950's
I, too, would love a copy of the CD since my big brother John was a member of the Melody Boys. I'll gladly pay, as well. My address is 10804 Cokesbury Lane, Raleigh NC 27614; email jcrews@kw.com.
08/01/04     Dr. David Sparks  (1962)      cdsparks@rjia.net
Re: Melody Boys of the 1950's
Dear Rick,

I would love to receive the Melody Boys CD, and would be more than glad to pay for it.

My address is:

David Sparks
166 Pentecostal Ch. Rd.
Mount Airy, NC 27030

I remember your Father, who began the WHEE Radio Station in M'ville 'way back when. It was a powerful voice in news, music, and sports. No doubt, the Melody Boys were featured on air from time to time.

My memories are "tree-top tall" about the late 50's and the wonderful music you guys contributed during those days.

Looking forward to a journey back over the years as I listen to the CD.

David Sparks
08/19/04     Ralph Pruitt  (1956)      crow4u@earthlink.net
Re: Melody Boys of the 1950's
Rick .... although I am now deaf and would
be unable to hear the music .... my wife,
daughter and grandkids would certain ap-
preciate it. Like everyone else that is
replying to this offer .... I stand ready
and willing to reimburse you for any costs.
My email address is below. My mailing ad-
dress is Ralph Pruitt
205 Mowery St, P O Box 241
Mifflin, PA 17058
Many regards and thanks to you ..... I list
myself as a member of the Class of '56 ....
but actually I am a "dropout". The Class of
'56 - thanks to Esther Sparks Powell - more
or less adopted me into their class.
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