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Class of 1956 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Saturday's - 3
10/19/05     Esther Sparks Powell  (1956)      powellrs@kimbanet.com
Remember when we use to ridicule a slowpoke by saying, "Grandma's slow....But she's old" ? Well, I don't feel so
smart-alecky, about that, now. Oh, I am very proud of the grandma part, but Lordy, I do believe I am qualifying more
and more each day for the "OLD" tag, too.

I had intended to be the first to make a report on here, but I let Judy Crews and Nelson E Smith, "The Admiral" get
the jump on me. You may enjoy reading their posts. (Judy '64 and Nelson '69)

It was a great get-together. The committee did a fantastic job of getting things organized and making everyone feel so very welcome once we got there.

Titus Sparks catered again this year, and from the nice comments that I was asked to pass along to him, I'd say that everyone
enjoyed the food.

It was good to see John Redd Smith from class of 1943 there, also there was a lady-teacher who taught around 1942. I enjoyed seeing Christine Bennett from class of '45. There were definitely more than just three at those tables, but since they were permitted to go through the foodline first, I got side-tracked and by the time a lot of us finished eating, several of the older classes had left.

Most of the rest of those names that I can remember are from the fifties and sixties. If I leave out anyone, I apologize and hope that someone else will add a post to include them. Here they are in no particular order.

Good ole (that's ole, not olD) Merle Brigman Duffy and Yyonne Martin Turner were both there, right in the middle of things and helping. "Sweet" Sue and Roger Love, those "wascally" Smith brothers (Nelson and Melvin), Mollie Tyson Williams, Marilyn Walker Turner, Jan and Carol Pratt, and at least three other nice ladies, were right on top of things, too. I believe one other name was Jo Ann. Oh, yeah, and Dot Martin Coleman. Never quite sure if Dot is one of the "on tops" or just finds herself one of the "in the middles." (Dot shared some great albums from past "Old Dawgs.")

Some others, who attended and weren't listed by Judy and Nelson were A.J. Dillon and his wife, Judy, and daughter, Tawny. Norman Meeks and his cutie-pie friend, Yolanda Donley, Nina Long Hall, Jim Lusk, and Charles Foley were there. We were especially pleased to see the Fields twins, Jay (Galax, Va.) and Ray. Also,W.L.Potter was up from Florida. There were three more of "them Sparkses".....David (Mount Airy), Anna, and Philip. (Some of you may recognize all these folks as being good ole JONES CREEKEANS.) Ralph Pruitt and Lloyd Lawrence were remembered and sadly missed by many of us.

Billy and Barbara Wade (from Tennessee). Randolph and Ruth Wade. Ann Wade Fugate (from Duffield, Va.) and there were at least two more Wades there. (Possibly Ann's brothers?) Irvin Painter, Jean Flora Hinchee, Glen Rhodes and his pretty lady (from Cornelius, N.C.). It was good to see Mary Lou Adkins Davis and meet her husband (from Charlotte, N.C.). Pat Stanley brought a nice scrapbook. I saw Jerry Nance, Tommy Swain, Gloria Hawkins Weaver, as well as, Dee Dee Dudley. Greg Norton came all the way here from Punta Gorda, Florida. That handsome Lonnie Carter was there...gentleman to the end by helping carry out boxes for the ladies. Maybe he can talk his sisters, Joyce and Brenda into coming next year.

There were a few young "whipper-snapper boys" that I knew their last names, but not their first.....two were Sanders, and another was Coulson. A friendly Sowers girl from '66 and her friend were there and another friendly person, a Cochran girl.
Christine Bennett's son was also there.

Someone said that Roscoe Reynolds stopped by. If so, I missed him, but I did enjoy getting to talk to his brother, Dave and lovely wife.

Lucy Tyson Lemons didn't make it this year, since she is visiting in New Mexico, but her husband, Rodney, dropped by.

Our class of '56 wasn't as well represented as previous years, but it was good to see those who did attend. I think that "Puddin", Carol, Glenn, Jim and I were about it, though.

The "Sock Hop" was really great.....so were the Domino's pizzas. The crowd was larger and hungrier this year. Sue had to send back for more.

Well, I hope someone will follow lead and get on here to fill in the missing. Better still, start thinking about attending next year to see for yourself what a fun time old fogies can still have.