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Class of 1985 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
20th REUNION - 30
01/04/03     BRAD SMART  (1985)      tsmart@adelphia.net
Hello everyone! I was just informed of this site yesterday. Regarding the reunion, I will be happy to take charge and head the 20th reunion. Hopefully, everyone was happy with the 10th. Those of you that never got any information, I apoligize. It became very difficult to track everyone and, for whatever reason, some people simply "slipped through the cracks". I definitely will need alot of help locating our classmates and making sure everyone gets the information. Also, I have been thinking about ideas. For instance, maybe a trip this time? Suggestions? Hope this find everyone doing well and would love to hear from you.
01/04/03     Sara Lipman  (1985)      lipmans@fiu.edu
Re: 20th REUNION
Hey Brad. Nice to see you on here. What have you been up to since the days of UNCW? Anyway, how about a trip to Miami??? Just kidding. I will be more than happy to handle anything I can from long distance (mailing lists, invitations, etc.). I've never been involved in any of the reunions so I would need to know how it goes. Regardless, count me in to help.

01/06/03     Charme Pace (Tuttle)  (1985)      cpace@henry.k12.va.us
Re: 20th REUNION
Whatever I can do to help, just let me know!
01/27/03     Cheryl Walton Stephens  (1985)      cherylws@ntelos.net
Re: 20th REUNION
Brad, I must say that it would be a pleasure and honor to work with you again for the next reunion. Glad you finally were informed re: the site. It's cool , isn't it? I'm still at Dr. Aaron's. So, let me know if you need any help. Try to inform everyone about this site, it is so much fun. Take care and stay out of trouble. (smile)
02/04/03     Kara Valley Bestler  (1986)      fivebestlers @yahoo.com
Re: 20th REUNION
Brad - Since I missed the 10th I guess I should do double my share for the 20th! Let me know what I can do from NC or on my visits to M'ville. Hope all is well!
03/07/03     Lynn Knight Stuchel  (1985)      lstuchel@aol.com
Re: 20th REUNION
Hey Jason Bradley! You know I would be happy to do anything to help coordinate the 20 year reunion! You did a great job with the 10th but I know it was a ton of work. Just let me know how I can help. Mom loves to work on finding folks who have "dropped through the cracks" so give her a call if you need anything as well.
Glad to have your email. I will let you know when we come to "the 'ville" next for a visit and would love to see you guys! Hope all is well!
03/07/03     Emily Simms  (1985)      GoodGreenNRG@aol.com
Re: 20th REUNION
I'd like to suggest a trip to Green River for our reunion!YEEEOWZAAAA!!!!
06/03/03     Frankie Wooten  (1985)      frank.wooten@qwest.com
Re: 20th REUNION
Hello Brad. I'm looking forward to the 20th year class reunion. Unfortunately I missed our 10 year. Hope all is well with you.

Frankie Wooten
07/27/03     Dickie Campbell  (1985)      fishharder@earthlink.net
Re: 20th REUNION

I'll be in charge of the punch, and Hancock can bring the bitches!! Yeah Baby!!
09/24/03     Sandra Lawrence Funderburk  (1985)      tfunderburk@multipro.com
Re: 20th REUNION
Thanks for taking the lead on the reunion. If possible, I could help from miles away...let me know! A trip would be neat, but maybe not "doable" with kids, etc. (I have three of my own). So hanging around the 'Ville would suit me better...you know built-in grandparent babysitters, etc! My sisters' class (and husband Tim) is having their 20th reunion this year...next weekend in fact. Personally, I don't think the planning was that great. But they tend to do it around a Fall Football Game which I think is a great idea! Then the reunion can begin at the Football game (possibly homecoming) then maybe a party somewhere or at a bar afterwards. Then Saturday night could be a more formal occasion. At their 15th I think they even had a golf tournament in conjunction with the reunion...but that really sounds like a lot of work to me!!!
Does Forest Park still rent out for reunions??? That was a decent place last time, I thought!!! Or Chatmoss?
Anyway, it's fun to think about it, isn't it?
I hope all is well with you...could to see your name!!! I take it you still live in M'ville...right? I'm in Cookeville, TN!

05/30/04     Cheryl Walton Stephens  (1985)      cheryl1014@adelphia.net
Re: 20th REUNION
hello again,
Brad, you know I am ready to get to work. I just moved back to Martinsville so I'm at your beckon call. HAHA! Call me , because time is pushing up on us re: the reunion. (276)806-3378(cell)
10/12/04     Sally Conard-White  (1985)      Sally.White@Xerox.com
Re: 20th REUNION
Hey Brad,
Please email me any necessary details pertaining to the reunion. I must have missed the 10th reunion somehow (one of those who slipped through the cracks). Thanks,
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