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Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1987 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
How did we get so old? - 32
02/14/02     LeAnne Middleton  (1987)      north@gssm.k12.sc.us
Hello everyone. Thanks to Jenn (Randall/Ruebush) for this link. I live in rural South Carolina where I work at a school for gifted teens--I'm a professional counselor. I'm divorced and I have a delightful almost-three-year-old named Emma. That's my life, send me an e-mail.
02/15/02     Jenn (Randall) Ruebush  (1987)      jambush@bellatlantic.net
Re: How did we get so old?
Hey LeAnne! Thanks for posting. I sent you a long e-mail, but thought I'd reply here, too. Wouldn't it be fun to hear what others are doing? Hint, hint. I know you're out there.
02/26/02     Dan Rhett      dan@infodog.com
Re: How did we get so old?
Does anyone want to know what I'm doing?

btw, LeAnne - how did you get so old?
02/27/02     LeAnne Middleton  (1987)      north@gssm.k12.sc.us
Clean living, my friend, clean living
Sure Dan, everyone wants to know what you are doing. Dan used to be the front man for the punk band Black Flag. After that band broke up, he self-published a book of poetry. He then released a solo album, Hot Animal Machine, which was well-received and included the songs "Drive-By Shooting" and "Men Are Pigs." Dan formed a better band and released many more albums, which although have not seen commercial success, have quite a cult following. Problems with his vocal cords caused by years of punk "singing" caused Dan to change his vocal style considerably. He did break into MTV with 1995's "Liar", which he performed that year at the Grammys. Since then the band has been releasing albums of consistently high quality, and they are very popular in Australia. (Dan also releases solo spoken-word albums each year.) While "Life Time" is considered their best album, my personal favorite is "Get Some Go Again." If you are interested in exploring this excellent, though little-known band, I'd recommend the album "Weight", which contains the hit song "Liar." We wish Dan luck in his future musical and spoken-word ventures. Keep it real, man.
02/27/02     Dan Rhett      dan@infodog.com
the old get older...
LA -

That all sounds pretty accurate - but I have to wonder - who is the 'we' you are referencing? Have you developed an actual alternate personality, or are you still just pretending?

You forgot to mention my weightlifting endevours. I know - its tough trying to sum up a counter couture icon.

- Dan R

02/27/02     LeAnne Middleton  (1987)      north@gssm.k12.sc.us
and the strange get stranger...
We are Borg. Resistance is futile. This message board will be assimilated.

Gee, Dan, I had kind of hoped everyone had forgotten about that year I was taken over by an alien intelligence. Thanks for reminding the world about that. Is "counter-couture" something like "against fashion"?
02/27/02     Jenn (Randall) Ruebush  (1987)     
Re: How did we get so old?
Capella Auriga signing in. Wish I could remember more of the language, but I keep getting it confused with my sorority rituals. Hah. Wonder what part of my life now will blur with the rest of it.

By the way, I think I just threw out that furry button thing last fall.
02/28/02     Dan Rhett      dan@infodog.com
Re: How did we get so old?
Jennifer - What is the 'fuzzy thing'? What is the 'language'? What is this 'ritual'? What is...

LA - How is Queen Chingba doing? Yes I introduced wearing a flag tied on your head to the world.

Borg - wheres 7of9 when you need her...

- Mr.Dan

02/28/02     Jenn (Randall) Ruebush  (1987)     
who? what? huh?
I guess that was 8th grade, huh LeAnne? Or were you taken over by an alien intelligence more than once? Oh man. And to think adolescence was hard enough without being weird. I am so glad I don't have to be a teenager again.
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