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Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1987 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Time for tha S-Dog to give a West Coast shout out - 32
07/11/02     Scott Bryner  (1987)      sab@FOEentertainment.com
OMG, this site is a trip. I don't know if anyone remembers me or not, I transferred out just after our sophomore year and ended up graduating from a high school in Richmond.

It's funny, I can't keep it straight which friends went to which schools. I see names and I'm like, "didn't I go to school with them in Richmond?"

What's also funny is the only memories I have of everyone is from the 10th grade. And now everyone's all grown up (sniff, sniff). It's great to see what everyone's been up to. I love hearing the stories of the different directions everyone's taken, keep them coming.

Anyway, after I graduated in Richmond, I went to VCU and got my bachelor's (after seven yrs) in Comp Sci. I've been living in LA for the past four years or so. No wife, no kids, just me and The Osbournes.

Did you guys have a 5 or 10 yr reunion? Since I didn't actually graduate there, I'm not on any lists.

BTW, I spoke with the webmaster of this site about getting the pictures posted for class of '87. He said the problem is that he can't scan anything in since he doesn't have a yearbook (and neither do I since I didn't graduate from Mavahi). So, if anyone out there has a yearbook and is willing to part with it for a week or so, you can either contact me or the webmaster (John, mailto:webmaster@chatmoss.com) and one of us will get it done. That is, if you want your picture posted .... muahahahaha .....

Hope all is well with everyone and I wish you all the best!

07/19/02     Alicia (Mincey) Rodites  (1987)     
Re: Time for tha S-Dog to give a West Coast shout out
Not a lot of traffic on the website lately, is there?
FYI...there was a 10-year reunion. I didn't make it, but I heard it was fun.
09/10/02     Scott Bryner      sab@FOEentertainment.com
Re: Time for tha S-Dog to give a West Coast shout out
OMG, I DO remember that. Mostly, I remember your amazing drawings ... and Mike uncontrollably spraying milk through his nose when someone (don't remember who) made a joke ... or maybe it was on purpose... hehe....

Ah, the memories.
09/10/02     Dan Rhett  (1987)      dan@infodog.com
remember the d20
Hey Scott - remember playing D&D at your house with Mike M running the game?

I didnt go to the reunion either....

- DR

09/30/02     John Kiser  (1987)      jkiser@pobox.upenn.edu
Re: Time for tha S-Dog to give a West Coast shout out
Hey Scott,

How'd you wind up in LA? Job-related move? That's way the hell out there.

I can't figure out if I should perceive any significance in this fact, but it seems that this discussion board has been favored by a lot of us St. Joe's "veterans" (or would that be "survivors"? Doh! Watch out for that lightning bolt!) ... Alas, I remain a heretic.

I didn't make it to the reunion either. It just seemed such a foreign concept for us '87ers. I recalled--perhaps unfairly--that we as a class by and large lacked that sense of cohesion and identity. But I'm probably just projecting again! ;p

Is your brother still playing guitar? I'm always curious to hear who's stuck with it. Both my brother and I play only rarely these days, tho we both swear we're going to "get back into it."

10/07/02     Scott Bryner  (1987)      sab@FOEentertainment.com
Re: Heretics Unite!
Kiser! Good to hear from you. Did I read something about you moving to Philly and becoming a professor or something? Why Philly? "Hey, how's that cheese-steak?" (You don't have to answer that.) Is your Dad still handing down the judgments?

Ah, yes, the lazy Sunday mornings at St Joe's in the fog after a good 'ole mountain party. I remember them well. Sort of our own repeating version of the Breakfast Club, if you will ... will you? Maybe the next reunion should be at St Joes. Hahaha.

Yes, my bro is still w/ the guitar. Over 20 years now. I've told him to get into therapy about it, but he insists it's just a phase. He has, though, become quite the accomplished musician. You can check out some of his stuff at:

We ocassionally play (him on guitar, me on bass/drums) when I'm up at his house which is in Portland, OR. It's tough, though, because I was always the musical runt of the family. ;)

As for me, I actually moved out to LA on a whim -- part adventure and part search for identity. LA seemed like a good place for a knock-down, drag-out duel with the ego. It's interesting you bring up 'identity.' I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it is.

On the practical side, I moved out here to get out of the computer industry and start a career as a writer. That, and I seemed to be one of the only one's living in Richmond who understood the irony (or is it just denial) of Monument Avenue -- "the ave of second place trophies..."

LA is not without its ironies, though. An east-coast friend of mine dubbed LA "the land of the soft, orange people." That is, people who don't react well to climactic changes, and relentlessly subject themselves to the fake-n-bake.

"What a long, strange trip it's been."

Rock on!

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