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Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1987 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Boyd Robinson - 32
04/24/03     John Kiser  (1987)      jkiser@pobox.upenn.edu
Hi all,

I felt I should pass along the unhappy news that Boyd Robinson passed away Tuesday 4/4. His death was caused by problems stemming from diabetes, which he had struggled with since about 10th grade.

His family has asked that memorials be directed to:
American Diabetes Association
P.O. Box 2680
North Canton, OH 44720

This can also be done online at

Boyd and I stayed close over the years, and whenever either of us was down and out about whatever, we'd just talk about the wild days of high school. Sharing stories and remembering people would always get us to laughing about stuff we did and wondering what happened to people. When I discovered this discussion board last year and began catching up with people, I'd always tell him about it, and he got a big kick out of it all. (He'd never managed to get internet wired ... but you can bet that if he had, the '87 board would be a heap livlier!)

Boyd was remarkably talented, gentle and complex, and I'm going to miss him terribly. I'll carry the effects of his influence on my life and remember all the fun we had--and the trouble we got into--for the rest of my days.

I've posted just a couple of pix on my site--one from my wedding in Ontario this past summer and another from the basement of my parents house in '88. http://pobox.upenn.edu/~jkiser/br-jk.html

I invite anyone so moved to share any memories you have of Boyd.

04/15/03     Pannill Carter (Will)  (1986)      will@ponypasture.com
Re: Boyd Robinson
Hey Kiser,

This is Pannill. What a heart breaker! Man, I wish I had specific memories to share, but I can say that in the colorful blur of what I retained, those involving Boyd are rife with laughter and good times. I stayed in touch with no one, yet am still somehow diminished by his loss. Good memories of you too, bro. Hope you and yours are well.

My lame, rarely updated website :)

04/21/03     rives coleman  (1988)      rcoleman@sitestar.net
Re: Boyd Robinson
John: I am sorry I missed the funeral, I was tied up with work...which is no excuse...Thanks for sharing your memories of Boyd....I'll escape now I know a carlisle guy has to stay off the bulldog boards!
04/21/03     Missy Peterson Jessup  (1986)      dmowjessup@aol.com
Re: Boyd Robinson
Hey John,
So sorry about Boyd. Karen Helms told me about his death. Boyd was a good guy. I will always have wonderful memories (or as much as I can recall) of the summer nights we all speant jammin' to the heavy hittin' tunes of Subliminal Death. Oh, how I long for the days of old. Good luck with your nuptuals! I've been married for 7 years with 2 kids (1yr old Son, Wyatt and 5yr old daughter, Olivia). Hope you are doing well.
04/29/03     Pannill  (1986)      will@ponypasture.com
Re: Boyd Robinson
Kiser, damnit,

You have to write back now; you don't actually have to find me a job - just score me a bag.
Just kidding, I'm cool!

But, you need to write! Write in this board -- even better -- even though the '87 board kicks the shit out of the '86 board, it is still fucking lame. Needs all the help it can get. My heart still breaks over a guy I only "partly" knew -- every grain of consciousness I manage to eek out of my trivial existense lends import, compassion, and blood to the moments I have and will live. I got high with Boyd, learned F# and other shit with you and him, and I stumbled on, not looking back until the moment looking back was looking forward. Hey, I could be playing Eve right now, but would rather focus my weak beam on you, Boyd, and so many kind souls I rubbed parts with in the 80's. (sorry, hehe) Doesn't it trip you out how many fine girls there were?! WELL< IT does me. Man, I had no clue. Still don't obviously! I think my Grandma's nephew started this site -- local guy, real dorky. Just kidding, cousin! =) But anyway, free speech, you frekain mutes! No one's here but us chickens!
05/25/03     Brian Hundley  (1987)      Christyandb@aol.com
Re: Boyd Robinson
My best memory of Boyd.. We were in computer class together and I had no clue. We just started hanging around together and he wrote all the programs and showed me a great deal about what was going on. He saved me in that class and helped me pass the class. We were partners because the class was broken down into two person groups. I cant remember the teacher but he was so generous with his knowledge and his time. Boyd was very very bright fella. Boyd helped me through that class and I will never forget him for that plus many other things. Thats my favorite Boyd story. I know its not the most fun or entertaining story but no matter how many great times and stories I can tell that will always stick in my head and be part of my greatest thoughts of him. I loved boyd as a brother. I wish I would have spent more time with him. The next reunion.. we should give alot of thanks and a shoutout to Boyd, Chris, and Cathy. They were all awesome people.
09/05/03     Sherry Felts Hahn  (1987)      sf_hahn@earthlink.net
Re: Boyd Robinson

In just discovering this website and reviewing the messages, I was saddened to here of the loss of Boyd. He was a very charismatic individual with a good heart and soul. He treated everyone with kindness and always had a happy and carefree sprit about him.
It was a pleasure to read how close the two of you remained.
It seems our class has had it share of losses in just a short period of time. I have great memories of Boyd, Chris and Cathy, just to name a few.

On a happier note, congrats on your marriage and a bright future.

With warm regards,

03/10/04     Cammie Smith-Morrow  (1990)     
Re: Boyd Robinson
Hey John,

I am so sorry to hear about Boyd's passing. I remember the basement photo all too well when it was taken. So many memories. He was such a unique person and a talented guitar player. Congrats on your wedding! Hope Beth and the family are doing well too-All my best.
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