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  Martinsville High School Alumni
Class of 1989 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Greetings to my former students - 34
08/04/05     Jim McGinnis      rlwjam@comcast.net
Hey everybody...former MHS choir members!

It's Jim McGinnis, former choir director @ MHS from '83-'93. I now live in Redmond. WA..( just outside Seattle)...I am a middle school media specialist, still singing in a local church choir ..but alas no longer teaching music. Daughter Beth, got her Masters from Oregon State and lives 2 hours from me in Vancouver, WA. Please e-mail me and let me know how you are doing...I think about all of you quite often since we were together from 7-12 grades in choir at MJHS and MHS...

BTW, I saw where Steve Tinch was in car wreck ...does anyone know anything? Steve had one of the mellowest tenor voices I have ever had the pleasure of traing...so many of you kids were so exceptionally talented..
I can wait to hear form some of you...


jim Mcginnis
01/07/06     Don Williams  (1989)      dtwillyumz@hotmail.com
Re: Greetings to my former students
Hi Jim, this is Donald Williams, class of '89, big red hair, played guitar in "Grease"...I'm sure it will come to you. Glad to hear you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that Steve Tinch is, to my knowledge, in great health. He is currently a minister at a church in Ridgeway, VA. Sorry to hear that you aren't teaching anymore, sadly it doesn't seem as though music is a priority in our school system anymore. Maybe it will help to know that you did have an impact on several of our lives. Great to know that you're doing well. Don Williams
04/12/06     Laurel H. Powell  (1989)      laurelpbsc@yahoo.com
Re: Greetings to my former students
Hey Jim!!!

It's Laurel Hornsby!! I have thought about you alot, and have wondered how you have been. Good to hear everything is fine with you. I have an 11 year old daughter, that has a huge music intrest. She is playing the sax, and her choir director at the church wants to work with her so she can sing some solos.

It's hard to believe that Beth is old enough to get her Masters. I am sure you are very proud of here.

Take care!! Great to know you are doing Great.

09/14/07     Rita Etheridge  (1989)      deannrita2002@yahoo.com
Re: Greetings to my former students
Hi Mr. Mc Ginnis!

How are you? I have been living in a little place called Beaverdam for the past twelve years. I have a son who is fourteen and a daughter who just turned two. Needless to say Emily keeps me quite busy so, I'm not online much. We really enjoyed our years in your class. What is Beth up to? I remember her having strong leadership qualities. They grow up so fast.

God bless,

Rita Etheridge
(I used to be Rita Brown)
05/12/08     Joseph Paddenburg  (1989)      jpaddenb@greenville.k12.sc.us
Re: Greetings to my former students
Joseph Paddenburg here...
I am glad to hear you are doing well. I apologize for being lax on keeping in touch. I am in Mauldin, SC just outside of Greenville. I am married with two kids. Michelle and I will be celebrating 13 yrs on the 24th of June. Sara is 5 and Aaron is 3. I teach in Southside High School's IB program and have AP World History and IB/H Government and Economics. John is now in Austin, married with 1 year old Julia in tow. Kathryn is outside of Memphis, married with Teddy and Rachel following her around. Mom and Dad are bikers now.... three Harley's, an F350 and a trailer. They live outside of Cincy....
Have a great one!
God bless,
Say hello to Beth!
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