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Class of 1991 Reply  |   Post Message  |   Message List
Let's get it together! - 36
07/26/01     Kim Redman Horton  (1991)      horton@triad.rr.com
I agree with Bryan. It would be a shame if we are the first class in forever not to have a reunion. I am certain we are not the only ones still interested in getting together. I have contacted the people Ross and I still keep in touch with and will continue to try to contact others.

There are approximately 65 people from our class registered on Classmates.com. However, the only way to contact those people is to pay the $30 membership fee. I am willing to pay the fee if that is what it will take to find enough interest. Or if there is someone out there who has paid the membership already and is willing to allow one of us to use it for the sole purpose of organinzing this reunion, we would be very thankful. I will personally email or call everyone on the list.

Also, if anyone is a member of any other alumni site please post a message, or contact as many people as you can.

I would love to hear from any of you! Come on class, let's get it together!!!
08/01/01     Will Stone  (1991)      wfstones@peoplepc.com
Re: Let's get it together!
Glad to here I wasn't the only one disappointed at the cancelation. I agree with all centiments expressed to date on this board. I am willing to help pull something together. Does anyone have the address list that Mrs. Gendron & Mrs. Hite were using? If so, I'd be glad to draft and send out a letter explaining that there is a "grass roots" movement to breathe a little life into our reunion. Another goal of sending a letter would be to list current email addresses and request that interested people use email in order to quicken communication.

I think it would be unfortunate if we didn't have a 10 year, and I don't think there would be much likelyhood in having a 15 or 20 year if this one doesn't fly. Here's hoping we can pull something together.
08/22/01     Holly Young Richardson  (1991)      holly_richardson@hotmail.com
Re: Let's get it together!
Well this will tell you what I know but I didn't even know it was canceled. Let me know what you can get together because I would love to see everyone!
09/08/01     Kathy ('Gilbert') Stone  (1991)      kstone@cstone.net
Re: Let's get it together!
Hey guys.
I'm tutoring my mom on computer stuff right now in Mville! Bought plane tix
to come to reunion from California and couldn't cancel them by the time I got the
cancellation note(took a month from postmark to get to my address
-gotta love the US Mail sometimes.) Anyway enjoying spending the weekend with my
folks but would still like to see everyone! I have about 20 email addresses for our
class. I was hoping to meet up at Christmas time and do an 'informal' reunion. I know alot
of folks who can't make it to VA any other time and might be here the week of Xmas.
Just an idea...If that doesn't work out, maybe if we pitched in, we could team up with
'92 and do a joint reunion next year. Well let me know what you think...
11/06/01     Heather Minniear  (1995)      dolphinfc01@hotmail.com
Re: Let's get it together!
This is Heather, Heath Minniear's younger sister. I know that Heath wanted to come to the reunion and finances prevented him from coming. I hope that something can be put together so he will be able to get together with all his high school buds. Just to let everyone know....Heath is in Atlanta and is bartending, which he's done since he was 21. He's thinking of moving to Orlando soon and is still single...hasn't found that mrs. right yet. You can contact Heath at baratla@aol.com. This is the only email address I have for him right now. I know he wouldn't mind hearing from some of you guys! Thanks!
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